Telcos Hitting Limits in TVCs

We know that telcos have been advertising aggressively by hitting competitors’ products and services. In very recent example, Ufone did the wonders by touching the ethical boundaries. In its latest TVC, that has hit almost every inbox in telecom industry till now, is something like this

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Through inside sources at Ufone, we are told that people with-in Ufone are not happy too, with this ad, especially the concept plus the ad copy (word selection). I my personal view too, Ufone has gone personal in this battle, which could have been avoided as for getting profits and managing image in the market – does not mean to become hostile in your words.

Frankly telling, if this advert was to put on TV in some other country, Ufone could have seen the court by anyone who is not on Ufone, as the advert apparently claims that only Ufone customers are not Pagal.

Other day, while discussing with a friend, we came to a conclusion that Ufone failed to draw attention of corporate customer, unlink Mobilink and Telenor, due to these funny ads. They need to bring some innovation in a decent manner, rather than just putting jokes in their adverts.

Now Zong should show responsibility by welcoming competitor’s opinion and should not take it Personal. In fact Zong can counter attack with some friendship AD that can work other way around.

Update: (Comment by Ali Imran): This ad is not aired so far. It has only circulated through emails and posted on blogs, i think this is also Ufone marketing gimmick or a desperate reply in anger but they have crossed the ethical boundries.