Telcos Hitting Limits in TVCs

We know that telcos have been advertising aggressively by hitting competitors’ products and services. In very recent example, Ufone did the wonders by touching the ethical boundaries. In its latest TVC, that has hit almost every inbox in telecom industry till now, is something like this

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Through inside sources at Ufone, we are told that people with-in Ufone are not happy too, with this ad, especially the concept plus the ad copy (word selection). I my personal view too, Ufone has gone personal in this battle, which could have been avoided as for getting profits and managing image in the market – does not mean to become hostile in your words.

Frankly telling, if this advert was to put on TV in some other country, Ufone could have seen the court by anyone who is not on Ufone, as the advert apparently claims that only Ufone customers are not Pagal.

Other day, while discussing with a friend, we came to a conclusion that Ufone failed to draw attention of corporate customer, unlink Mobilink and Telenor, due to these funny ads. They need to bring some innovation in a decent manner, rather than just putting jokes in their adverts.

Now Zong should show responsibility by welcoming competitor’s opinion and should not take it Personal. In fact Zong can counter attack with some friendship AD that can work other way around.

Update: (Comment by Ali Imran): This ad is not aired so far. It has only circulated through emails and posted on blogs, i think this is also Ufone marketing gimmick or a desperate reply in anger but they have crossed the ethical boundries.

  • Absolutely absurd on Ufone part. Dirty ad.. shame on you guyz..

    Don’t be so cheap Ufone.. look at your service quality.. just give your marketing revenue to network optimization. you may get more customers. Pathetic!!!

  • simply despicable,they cant comeup with an intelligent reply so ufone responds like small kids in a playground by pathetically resorting to name calling.ufone has damaged its own image by this ad which casts them in a mean and menacing light.

  • Assalaamualaikum;

    If Zong started it then why compalain? Why did not you write about Zong’s ad? I do not say it is right to do this but it is happening every where there is competition. For example Microsoft vs Apple ads.

  • Shameful, absurd and reeks of desperation. The Chinese seem to be gaining ground against an offshoot of the incumbent… you know what I mean.

  • You mentioned that mobilink and telenor somehow make good ads. I’m sorry if i come off as a bit rude but that is down right loony talk. All mobilink and telenor do is get a bunch of guys and girls to dance around for a minute and then film them. Ufone is the one being innovative here. I’ll agree that this ad you posted is a bit bad in taste but seeing as how ive seen the stupid zong ads so many times during the T20 matches this somehow seems funny.

    • Correct. Well if you look at the ads by telenor in that looks like the add of Ali Zafa instead of Talkshak. In mobilink’s add there is a dance party as in Indian cinema. And above Zong is making MNP as theie own innovation or product. This is basically a service provided by PTA and not ZONG who have made us mad by showing the add repeatedly during T20.

  • UFONE was the company which first created this cut throat competition and a poor man started thinking to buy it and was fully owned by Pakistani management who were not so aggresive but corrupt in nature and wanted to take benefit due to Government support at the back. It helped a lot to terrorists to stay in touch without any legal belonging to their names…

    But since its acquisition by a foreign group it has gone corrupt to wild to attract customers, some ADS are funny but some are not and are a source of headache due to frequent appearance on TVs…

  • Come on guys nothing wrong with the ad, at least we get to c something different ever week or so, zong/telenor ad make me sick same crap over and over

    • i agree with u this is only add i thing ufone marketing managers are coming with new innovative ideas keep it up ufone. Best of luck ufone.

  • further this web site is more in favour of telenor and always presents telenor as best
    i think telenor is also have some marketing share with

  • This ad is not aired so far it has only circulated through emails and posted on blogs, i think this is also Ufone marketing gimmick or a desperate reply in anger but they have crossed the ethical boundries.

    Competition and even competetive advertising is good for any industry, take example of Coke and Pepsi but there is fine line between making fun and insulting.

    After watching this ad the impression of Ufone marketing / management has changed, this created bitter in taste.

  • Ufone sucks. They only know how to make ads and waste all of their money on ads. Just have a look at their call rates. 99 paisas per 30 Sec. Hhahahaha they are the same since last year. Only stupid teenagers have Ufone for texting as Ufone only have something better in SMS packages. Nothing else…..

    • i think ufone is better than other connections and it has great voice connectivity and it has great reputation than other networks zong connects people in cities only but ufone has wide coverage area. ufone is great…………..


  • Though I’m not in favor of this ad. I also believe that ZONG ads are also hitting to some extent … and they are also unethical

  • First it was started by ZONG in their ad where a slim guy is lying openly and giving impression that 75 paisa call, Free Numbers & etc are on all ZONG numbers. In fact ZONG was trying to be very smart in that ad. These features are on different packages in fact.

    Ufone ad is weird & insult to users of other telecoms.

    • 0.75 paisa at that time was only at Zong. Zong was first one to start that, It was then copied by others.

  • I am in fever of this ad. At least it should be aired on PTVs or ATV. Bcz it is against one of Zong’s ad. in which people are showing their numbers and claiming that our network is Zong where as their numbers are from other networks. So what is this? I also agree with one of the guy who says this website is more in fever of Telenor, but I will also add Zong to his claim.

    • ZoNG claimed those numbers to be their because those numbers are ported into ZoNG and ZoNG is providing service to those numbers without changing their network code and number.

  • I dont know why these 4 5 cellular companies are fighting with each other and encounter each others with TVCs ………. well i think that all ZONG’s fault because he’s the first one who start to humiliate other operators patent prefixs….. and this TVC of Ufone is like the 3rd ed law of motion …. every action there is a equal and opposite reaction.

    Zong must stop taunting others operators.


    • My dear, every network shows others code numbers when advertising Mobile Number Portability.
      It is what Mobile number Portability all about i.e., Every network’s code can be used by others and Zong wasn’t wrong in doing that.
      But, Ufone came with Roadside Cheap advertisement showing their mediocre mental level.

  • whole world has competitive advertising going on. only in pakistan we used to lack it. apple showed microsoft people as zombies. no one sued them.
    We only see some great advertising from ufone. atleast one can enjoy a moment or so in the middle of the boring commercial breaks.
    Plus havent seen this on tv. perhaps they didnt run it just because of decency. zongs ad were much more stupid and indecent when they said “jhoot dhitai say bola jai…” etc. hitting mobilink.

  • This is advertising evolution coming to Pakistan my friends.

    Abu Asma Bhai, you said if this ad was aired in other countries……. well if it was, it would have been a super hit. Go through you tube or goggle and you will find renowned names like Coke, Pepsi, Audi, Cadbury, etc etc doing such work. This is called advertising at its best.

    Audi made this ad where they showed logos of 4 famous car manufacturers, each having one popular element and then they showed logo of Audi which had all of the four elements. That was certainly not taken in court but was consider one of the best ads ever made. Go to

    Coke & Pepsi have been boldly hitting each other on advertisements; the Pepsi ad where Jackie Chan uses Coke as a stunt double ( OR the kid which uses Coke cans to climb on and take a Pepsi Can out ( OR the Pepsi ad where a Pepsi worker meets a Coke worker and they exchange their cola drinks with each other to have the other person taste the flavor and the coke worker likes Pepsi so much that he doesn’t give the drink back so the Pepsi worker through him out of the café (

    How many examples do you want my friend.

    I think what Ufone has done is a great job; an eleven second ad just killed an entire campaign. Way to go Ufone.

    By the way; i also have a 0333 number and mera network bhi Ufone hay; whether i am PAGAL or not. :)

  • Man, that was one funny Ad! I didn’t agree with the wording but that’s probably why it hasn’t aired yet; but that was hilarious :)

  • Are you guys stupid or what??? There is nothing wrong with the ad. And no, Ufone would not have been to a court for this ad….had this been aired in some other country. Maybe you need to see some (more) ads of other countries too.

    PS I am not a Ufone subscriber…but i like their ads.

  • Salam…Zong is responsible for it..he started this type of adds since its launch.

    For example.. ‘koi kisi uthe or kahe k 75 paise ma call kro’.

    All such adds should banned.

  • For example i am a customer of telenor and then port out to zong then i am a customer of zong and not of telenor , so my number 0345******** belongs to zong not to telenor, zong is correct in their word because they are telling the people that how people has ported so you can also port with giving a reason for porting . Is Ufone has given any reason? despite we are pagal? Go Ufone Go

    • This is what I also think. Ufone does not give any reason in their ads that why their service is better than others. They just make funny ads

  • ZoNG is really using the Ad very wisely,
    When showing Mobilink number in their Ad, they give reason of Daily SMS/MMS Package.
    When showing Ufone, they give reason of their 10 F’n’F, which Ufone(and every operator lacks) lacks.
    Do listen the Ads carefully and you will know how they tackled Warid and Telenor to lured their customers for PORTABILITY.

    • Oooops Sorry. That 10 F’n’F was used for Warid.
      For Ufone they used One Free Number at 16.67 per day, i.e., the tariff Ufone lacks-lol!
      ZoNG-ers are clever like Fox-lol!

  • Guys cant you see it… its zongs publicity people writing all these comments here. Great ad by Ufone as usual.

  • I don’t get it…when Zong does it then its ok, when Ufone does it…why you have to make a big deal out of it??? Grow up guys…i think Ufone has probably the best ads out there and would rank Zong as second (i use neither of two connections regularly…but i like their ads).

  • The ad simply shows the loyalty of a Ufone Customer that he says that his number is issued by Ufone and he is Still on ufone because he likes ufone and he is not mad to port in to Zong…!
    i dnt see any Hitting Limits…
    Do you Abu Asma?

  • All the networks in Pakistan sucks.
    Anyway i feel warid is somehow better bcz they are cheap in a way, although their network is baykaar… specially their customer support. but much better then ZONG.

  • Stupid Ad against Zong’s Briliant Ad. I do agree with Omer. Zong Marketing is becoming wise day by day. Do recall their theme song which was a truely amazing one, touching soft corner of our society. Where as UFONE is really disturbed all because of growth rate of Zong. In thier Ad, Ufone has claimed only their customers as the only AKALMAND users. So indirect Slap to rest users :-)

  • This ad is as a result of great depression of Ufone caused by new ZoNG ads. This is my advise to Ufone: Just look at your stupid funny ads insulting Mobilink, Telenor, Warid, ZoNG. Now, other cellular companies have also the right to teach some lesson to you!

  • although I do agree that the particular add in discussion is a bit absurd as far as the selection of wrods is concerned, but are extremely wrong in your impression that if this ad was aired in another country, then ufone would’ve faced court. in the west, this has been a very old practice by companies to counter attack the ad campaigns of their comepetitors in far more personal grounds than this. For those who want a prove on this should browse Google regarding the AD WAR between Coke and Pepsi. Another perfect example is when Audi won an award, the response by other automobile manufacturers was extremely rude and quite obscene infact. (browse for it too and you’ll be amazed by the continutaion of this war)

    so dear writer, do analyze and criticise, but there is no need at all to put the blame on Pakistani market by saying that such unethical thing can only be done over here. why do we own and exagarate every bad thing as if we are the only culprits as a nation. this is not an offence at all, rather its a request if you know what i mean.

  • I have no idea what the author of this post and other commentators on this post are thinking but this is what I call as “REAL” advertising.

    Gone are the days when you used to advertise your service or product based on your services.

    The new market now competes and thats the only way to compete.

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  • Hi…
    actually as a human we have a nature that we don’t like same thing for long .. in order to avoid this we need change that is Y we get new ads every week … this is the reason we see some good and bad ads so i personally feels …. let it be as it is going.

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