Using Facebook From Mobile Phone – Poll Concluded!

Last week’s poll was “Do you use Face Book on Mobile Phone”

For almost one week, the participants were allowed to vote by opting one of following options:

  • No – I don’t use
  • Yes – Through Ufone
  • Yes – Through Zong
  • Yes – Through Mobilink
  • Yes – Through Telenor
  • Yes – Through Warid

1,111 participants voted in this poll and gave us their choice of using specific network for using Face Book client on their mobile phones. Though in Pakistan, trend of Face Book is on its peak and it is the most frequent website visited by Pakistanis on daily basis for mobilizing their selves for e-networking.

Generation Y, feels bit easy to use such applications because of mobility and other features offered by these services. I have many of my friends who met me just because of the Face Book and for me Face Book has become addition now.

Better late than never, every mobile operator offer face book services via special clients or via GPRS /EDGE service utilization as medium. Thought still there is no such advertisement by any mobile operator for the usage of such services via their mobile phone.

Poll Statistics & Analysis



28% participants voted for option “No-I don’t use”. At this point of time I believe 28% is less then expectation – we had predicted higher number of votes for those who don’t use Face Book from their cell phones. Despite fewer votes, celcos should sense this opportunity, and should offer/advertise applications for Face Book.

Out of these 28 percent participants, could also be those who are 24/7 addicted to their laptops and make use of their face book via pc browsers instead on mobile phones’ small screens with limited features.

18% participants voted for option “Yes-Thorough Ufone”. Ufone unlimited GPRS / Edge packages and face book status update services could be the major reasons. However, we also cannot ignore that Ufone has also expanded its GPRS/EDGE services to maximum metropolitan cities and BlackBerry services could also be a reason for such turn out.

15% participants voted for option “Yes-Thorough Zong” – Zong’s recent per minute billing for GPRS /EDGE usage and from start unlimited packages and GPRS Ghanta offer could be reasons for the usage of face book client via ZONG EDGE / GPRS.

Mobilink & Telenor got 14% votes for their client usage; the reason to such low tenure of vote could be network issues and charging. As both mobile operators are terribly suffering from network congestion issues and also high rates of Rs.15/MB keep people away from using such services via these networks.

However, these mobile operators also offers face book services, but possibility of getting ignored because of high charges for using EDGE services and network congestion.

Warid voting tenure was too low and only 12% people opted for “Yes-Thorough Warid” . This is an alarming condition for warid that people are less interested in using their GPRS / Edge services.


This is quite above average that 72% people are using GPRS / EDGE services for using face book client on different mobile networks. However, we also cannot ignore the “BlackBerry” user friendly face book client that is now a days “IN” in the market for purchasing blackberry. However, Symbian devices’ Face Book client also provide proper functionality, but I think push based service could be an edge for BlackBerry users so far.

Moreover, mobile operators need to bring advertisement of such services on the board in massive scale as trend shows usage of such websites will be a habit after couple of years in Pakistan especially while on the GO.

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