PTA Unveils Redressal of Consumer Grievances Mechanism

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) launched Redressal of Consumer Grievances Mechanism which would ensure proper resolution to the problems being faced by the telecom sector consumers.

Addressing a press conference here at PTA headquarters, Chairman PTA Dr. Mohammed Yaseen unveiled the details of the package, saying that the consumers would have a complaint with the respective telecom operator and if the issue is not resolved, the consumer should file the complaint with the PTA Consumer Protection Directorate. “The consumers can make a free-of-cost call to PTA at 080055055 if their complaint is not resolved within given timeframe by the concerned telecom operator,” he said and added the PTA would take up the matter with the concerned authorities and would get it resolved amicably.

He said Pakistan’s telecom sector has seen phenomenal growth patterns during the past decade. This phenomenal progress has brought huge benefits to the people of Pakistan in terms of network expansion, scope of services, reduction in tariffs and availability of an array of telecom operators with regard to choice of their service provider.

“Telecom sector maintains handsome inflow of money to the government exchequer. The vision of telecom growth coupled with consumer protection as envisaged in the `Pakistan Telecom Act, 1996’ has been realized through a teledensity of 61.8 percent and number of an expanding cellular mobile subscriber base that today stands at 94.34 million,” he added. In the last one year, he said, PTA have come a long way towards achieving a number of measures that have strengthened the industry and benefitted the consumers at large.

“Our mechanism of checks and balances will only add to healthy competition and will promote good business in the sector. At the same time, as a guarantor of telecom consumer protection, Authority believes that the issues pertaining to consumer interest and grievances shall be tackled in a broader but more focused manner,” he added. He said the same has been the vision behind the revamping of Consumer Complaint Handling and Redressal Mechanisms at the operators as well as Regulators’ end. In this regard, we took a number of important steps including establishment of CPD, which comprises of a dedicated Complaint Cell to which the consumers have access through Toll Free Number, telephone, fax, e-mail, PTA’s ebsite, post and in person visitation.

“Moreover, consumers can also access PTA’s Zonal offices across the provincial capitals for redressal of their complaints. Consumers can lodge their grievances with the said setups, the contact details of which have been made available to general public and the redressal is achieved by taking up the said matters with the concerned operator to the satisfaction of the complainants,” he added.