Telenor Pakistan launches ‘Facebook SMS Service’


Following Warid, Telenor launches this new service called FaceBook SMS Service, for Telenor subscribers to update their facebook status from their cell phones through SMS. This service actually does more than just updating status, through different commands, you can manage your profile, wall posts, friends’ walls and other functions through text messages.

How to Register:

To get started, firstly login to FACEBOOK and go to your profile page there. Go to setting and then on the mobile tab.

Click on Register for Facebook SMS Texts and follow the steps involved to setup this service.

Now that you are registered, utilizing the FACEBOOK SMS service is easy.

Set your FACEBOOK status:

Set your Facebook Status by sending a SMS “<status>” e.g. “Am at work” to 32665

Subscribe to your Friend’s Status Updates:

Stay updated to your friends’ statuses by sending a SMS “subscribe <name>” e.g. “subscribe Khurram Rasheed” to 32665. You will be informed of Taimur’s latest status updates by SMS.

Send a Message to a Friend:

Just send a SMS “wall <content>” e.g. “wall Hello. How are you?” to 32665. Your message will be posted.

Pokes Galore!:

Can’t resist poking your friends? By sending a SMS “poke” to 32665, your friends wont be safe from your pokes.

Add a Friend:

Just send a SMS “add <name>” e.g. “add Khurram Rasheed” to 32665.

Find a Friend’s Information:

What to know more about your friend? No problem. Just send a SMS “find <name>” e.g. “find Khurram Rasheed” to 32665. Your friend’s complete profile will be sent to you via SMS.

Find a Friend’s E-mail Address:

This is no biggie. Just send a SMS “email <name>” e.g. “email Khurram Rasheed” to 32665. The needed email address will be sent to you via SMS.

Find a Friend’s Address:

Cant remember your pal’s address? No problem. Send a SMS “address <name>” “address Khurram Rasheed” to 32665. Your friend’s mailing address will be sent to you via SMS.

A complete list of commands will be sent to you by sending a SMS “help” to 32665.

As you use the FACEBOOK SMS services, your friends will be notified via SMS.

How to Deactivate the Service:

FACEBOOK SMS Alerts can be turned off by sending a SMS “OFF” to 32665.

The Price:

Rs 1+ tax per SMS.

Following is Press Release for the service

Telenor Pakistan, in keeping with its commitment to add more value to its services, has now introduced the Facebook SMS Service. Looking at the ever-growing popularity of Facebook, which is a social networking service and connects over 250 million users, Telenor Pakistan has become the first operator in Pakistan to offer SMS-based Facebook interactivity to its subscribers. Through this innovative service, Telenor Pakistan subscribers will be able to hook up their Facebook accounts with their mobile numbers.

Commenting on the SMS based Facebook Service, the Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan, Lars Christian Iuel said, “Telenor Pakistan are proud to announce, that we were the first to integrate with Facebook on Facebook MMS, that introduced subscribers to the unique concept of uploading their pictures directly on Facebook via MMS. In keeping with the tradition, Telenor Pakistan has once again, become the first operator to offer SMS based interactivity to its subscribers. We are committed to bring pioneering, interactive activities and services to our subscribers, and will continue to add better, custom designed value added services (VAS) for all segments of Telenor Pakistan subscribers.

All Telenor Pakistan subscribers can register for the SMS based Facebook Service by logging into Facebook and selecting the ‘Register for Facebook SMS Texts’ option in the ‘Settings’ tab, available on the profile page. Subscribers can then, perform a host of services on Facebook by sending SMS messages to the Facebook short-code 32665 (“Fbook”).

Facebook SMS Service will make it possible for Telenor Pakistan subscribers to update status changes, post on friends walls, add friends, send messages to friends, poke friends, find information about friends, find their email address as well as their address by just sending an SMS to short-code 32665. A complete list of commands, that would be needed to perform the above-mentioned functions would be available to Telenor Pakistan subscribers and can be obtained by sending a SMS “help” to 32665.  As the Facebook service, is used, friends will be notified via SMS. The service can be easily deactivated by sending a sms “OFF” to 32665.

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  • Exchange Money

    Wooh it is great.
    Thanks pro pakistani for sharing this

  • Rehan


    How to Deactivate the Service:

    FACEBOOK SMS Alerts can be turned off by sending a SMS “stop” to 32665.

    Its not off, its stop

  • Sameer

    This servive has been launched before Warid I am using this service from last 2 months but I think Telenor has started this service in the month of April/May. This service is very nice and its a great effort from Telenor.

  • Amanullah

    Thats not new. I am using this service since 2 months with djuice.
    When I registered my number on facebook, Telenor was the only operator from Pakistan there.

  • Jamil Arif

    yes its a great service that keep us connected. can anyone tell me that is their anyway that i get news feed?

  • Valentine Aaqil Mahmood

    At first Zong launched , then Warid , and now the looteri company telenor.

    • Rehan

      Zong haven’t launched it yet. And Telenor is the best as far as VAS services are concerned and this topic is about a VAS.

      • Rehmat

        Zong Launched it first

        • Rehan

          How can you say that?? Only Telenor and Warid are in the list on

  • EB

    Yeah I’ve been using it for over two months now too so don’t know how people say Warid was first?

  • Erslan Malik

    m using this service since two months

    • Abbas

      I am too using this service since two months (1st June to be specific)

  • Nabeel

    TELENOR was the first one in Pakistan to launch this service MMS Picture Uploading to Facebook! It was back in August 2008…it’s being one Year TELENOR is associated with Faccebook in this service
    Facebook SMS Service was launched this year by TELENOR on 4th June 2009…
    I hope this info will be more helpful in terms of deciding who launched first these services in Pakistan…..

  • its really an awesome news for FB fans :) now they can use it on the go.

  • And the rather sad thing is that one of the bloggers on ProPakistani said that they verify the facts before stating that Warid launched it first.

    Which is completely wrong. Just because a company issues a press release later on doesn’t mean that they launched it late. I saw this facility on Telenor’s services site for quite a long while now.

  • are the notifications sent by facebook also charged?
    or only our sent messages to 32665 are charged?

  • Wes

    Its sad that Ufone didnt offer this yet! Im kinda pissed

  • hamza butt

    Telenor just show them the path to use Fbook with basic texting thats it its not telenors effort this mobile option is present in Fbook mobile page already and @Wes u can use it with ufone too just by setting up ur mobile in facebook

  • javaid

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  • MBilal

    i didnt get any msg from facebook.
    pehla mill rai tha
    but mana unregistrd kra k dubara registr krya tu nai ho raha plz help me out

  • yamna khan

    yar yai kia hai mujhay to facebook walay mobile lana tha :p

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