Wateen Launching USB Dongle, Soon

We are just told by reliable sources that Wateen is launching its USB Dongle for WiMAX in Pakistan.  Earlier Wi-Tribe has already introduced their WiMAX USB Dongle, with their commercial launch.

However, Wateen will get added benefit of its larger coverage, as USB Dongle is being launched for all covered areas of Wateen WiMAX (in 22 cities to be exact).

After the re-launch of Wateen’s packages, USB dongle will be another hit on new entrants including Wi-Tribe and upcoming WiMAX players.

No words yet on pricing of USB Dongle and its availability yet – but keeping in view that Wi-Tribe is offering USB Dongle at same price, let’s expect competitive price for Wateen’s USB Dongle as well.

On a side note, do you remember there was a company called Mobilink Infinity, any news about it? Do share with us

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  • Saeed

    pehlay jO services day rahay hein,, wO tO sahe ker lein,, bUnch Of stUpid ppl rUnning the wateen telecOme

    • Someone

      I second you saeed! Absolutely a waste of money!

    • The One

      Agreed… Wateen’s managments another ShahKar !!! Pakistanis Eientiens at work :)

      • Actually jis ko use karna pata na ho to wo is tarha ky comments likhta ha.jo persons is sevices se satisfy han un k somments are under.so agar kise ko use ns karna ata ho to us ko is tarhan k somments likhnay nahe chahiyen.so pehlay internet use karna seekho bad me use ksro.kyun k browser me yahoo.com likhna wala he internet ka expert nahe hota.

        • Ali

          Sunny kisi ko bura nai khte.may be us k signel theek nai aate honge.

        • Wateen blood suckers. 3rd class service.

    • TAK

      but i am also a wateen customer and very satisfied by their service. i am using their indoor modem for internet and is giving me really nice speed, even i watch online movies and online gaming without D/loading. now i am going to buy this USB, the rates which they’ve offered are the competitive and lowest in the market. thx.

    • ahmad

      U say absolutely right

      • Ali

        kia right.nashta kia tha aaj

  • imran

    O Wateen walo pehley apna network to stable ker lo. Fixed connection per to speed aati nahi, chaley USB launch kerne…

    anyways, Amir Atta! you share a nice joke. Keep it up.

    • ahmad

      Imran Bhai u say 100%

    • Ali

      imran yaar pir kia howa agr unhon ne usb lounch kr li hy.pakistan main sab kuj chalta hy.

  • Yasir

    Wah g wah…

    Wateen walo pehle apna network to stable ker lo, fixed connections per to sahi se service detey nahi ho chaley USB nikalney.

    • Ali

      yasir jani wateen walea no tang na kro.j ona di usb na chali te ona ne tenu kaar aa k kutna ae.

    • Faisal Muneer

      jo wateen se satisfy nahi he us ko mera no 0301-2009006 de do un ko mobilink infinity de doon ga in sha allah as soon mobilink USB launch kr de ga mobilink ki to covrage bhi achi he

  • Nauman

    wateen will be a flop after the final launch of QuBee wimax, as it is now on testing in Khi and they are offering tailor made packages, means if your need is 2GB and your budget is max. Rs.100/- thn they will cook a unquie package as per your need.

    I am wateen user but using becasue there is no another alternative right now…

    why wateen is gonna dumb because

    !) Unstable singles
    2) unstable speed
    3) Forcefully you have to have a telephone connection with internet too no matter wheather you need it or not and they will be claming 150+ in terms of telehpny and line rent…

    • Abdul Qudoos

      wastage of monthly CPE rental charge of PKR 99 and telephony line rent starting from PKR90 are applicable in addition to above internet tariff

  • Its good to see Wateen launching its USB Dongle soon.

    • Ali

      wooooooooooooooo keeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeee

  • Farhan

    yeah, i heard too about dongle launch.. I hope they will come up with some interesting prices while keeping in new view their competition. They are very agressive as they launched new other packages as well. As far as services are concerned, they have improved a lot although not upto to true customer satisfaction level.
    Wateen has launched the WOW Packages.

    One Time New Rates(Including CPE)

    1Mbps: Rs. 1,000/- with Zero Security
    512kbps: Rs. 1,000/- with Zero Security
    256kbps: Rs. 1,500/- with Zero Security

    Recurring Charges

    1Mbps: (Unlimited- 1,399) – (10GB- 1,099) – (5GB- 699)
    512kbps: (Unlimited- 1,299) – (10GB- 999) – (5GB- 599)
    256kbps: (Unlimited- 1,199) – (10GB- 899) – (5GB- 499)

    1. The new upfront will be available both on pre-paid and post-paid.
    a. In case of post-paid, security against credit limit of Rs.2000 will remain the same.
    2. The promotion will start from August 14th, 2009 and end on August 31st, 2009, both dates inclusive.
    3. The new upfront will be applicable on rental model only.

    • Also offering UPS (750va) in Rs. 1000/- with new connection

    • waqar

      Me Gujranwala se belong karta hoon Dc colony me apni usb service do

      • Ali


    • M.IRFAN

      Dear sir

      I required first time for pay charges & monthly total to b pay charges & how can i get your device ?
      Please send me full detail with contacts on my email ID : [email protected] & cc [email protected]
      Best regards
      Muhammad Irfan

  • Jamal

    @ farhan….
    introducing new packages for 0 (Zero) service doesn’t matter.
    What they need to do is to improve their service first and then go for WOW packages.
    I agree with Saeed. @ saeed…. Its impossible for them to handle the service issue thats y they are trying to drift the customers to a new USB thing…..
    Grow up Wateen, at one side Wateen is firing people like …. and on the other side they are trying to trap customers.

  • Zubair

    Wateen will capture the market

  • karviGoli

    Wateen is always good with “launching” packages and latram-patram. But they need to see one thing that notg launch is every thing! they need to provide quality post-launch service. This is the main this lacking with wateen. I hope Wi-Tribe will be better.

  • johnny98

    thank you for sharing this news with us. it is appreciated. it’s good to see that there is now so much diversification in the wireless broadband in this country where just one year ago, worldcall was the only player. i’ve heard mostly (8 times out of 10) negative things about wateen (some also called it yateem) but i’ve also heard that their service has improved significantly over the last few months (their current users will be able to confirm or deny this, i can’t), so i hope they’re able to provide better services with their usb dongle. i’d rather wait to see how it works based on comments from people who’ve actually used it instead of speculating and criticizing it just for the sake of being negative. i’m currently a worldcall evdo user and it does have its ups and downs as there are in other countries in the region, but i sincerely hope that things will improve with time. and it’s a really great feeling, at least for me, to see so much growth in the wirless broadband arena all around me. gives me so many other options in case my current service provider fails to deliver completely… also, the more competition there is, the better it normally is for customers and hopefully, service providers will start competing in improving their services and coverage instead of just competing for more and more customers.

  • sonia

    ae wateen walo phali bar acha km kiya ha lkn ma kase connection hasil kro

    • Ali



      please contact me for connection….
      only for fsd costmers

  • Kashif

    I hope the price of it’s service will be kept as low as possible so as to availed by jobless personnels like me and i can hope they will not compromise on the service as well.

  • Amad Raza

    I can’t wait for it to hit the market. Moving the CPE with me all the time is a hassle but I do so because I love the service. I became a customer less than 6 months back, haven’t had a single problem yet and yes there service is getting better. I especially love the unlimited packages. Freedom is sweet! USB dongle will ease portability!


  • sonia

    Wateen is always good with “launching” packages and will capture whole market in nearly future

    • ASGHAR


      [email protected]….

      • Ali


  • dear friends pls send me latest prices of wateen. i heard that offer with ups. kindly send me more info.

    if u buy 1mb then what will be monthy charges and advance payment.

  • ali haider

    nice to hear this news.

  • Maruf

    Dear Friends,
    kya ap muje bata saktye hain k main wateen usb device say 1 say zyada pc kessay connect kar sakta hoon any friend help me this matter
    kindly reply me
    Email : [email protected]
    PH # 0321-7307364

    • ghafoor ahmad

      My dear brother mera bhi yehi question hay agar apko kisi device ka pata ho jai jo wateen usb ko 1 sa ziada pc connect kar sakta kindly reply as soon as possible mera cel no yeh hay 0313-5188819
      thank you

      kya ap muje bata saktye hain k main wateen usb device say 1 say zyada pc kessay connect kar sakta hoon any friend help me this matter
      kindly reply me

  • anjum

    salam. New connection usb type ke kitny cherges hein aur monthly kia pay kerna pery ga.kia line phone is ke liye lazam he ya nein. pls inform me. by mail. ; above (anjum)

  • waqas

    wateen ka 1 mb unlimited package ka rate 1000 say kam hona cahiay

    • Ali


  • mian

    wateen is providing good service in faisal town.i m using wateen since 2 months before and not a single time i m to be disconnected to wateen.
    GEO wateen Telecom

  • mobeen

    hmmm im using worldcall wireless and wateen wimax also in office becoz here in site dsl line is fucked wateen 1 mb unlimited im monthly reload approx 1800/= 400 in advanced balance becoz dont know kab kis time kis naam se charge karne k leay service bun kar de ;.

  • ahmad

    Bohat he bakwas kisam ka network hai wateen ka
    koi b na le.
    me ne Rs.2600 waste kiye hain

  • fayyaz

    tell me usb kaha sy maly gi????????????????????

    • Ali


    • ghafoor

      I have wateen USB dongle if u interested u will be contact me on my email

    • ghafoor

      contact me for getting USB dongle

  • drmubashir

    HELLO salam, frends….
    can u guys plz let me know in lahore wot is the best available usb broadband ? i hav heard that world call iz better than wateen (considoring1200/ price only) ,,,,,,,,,,, Do u guys agree with tha statement????

    • drfarhana

      no.. wateen is better, me have used both…

      • drmubashir

        ok thanks alot dr. have a nice day.tc

      • M.IRFAN

        Hi dear

        Can you tell me about wateen`s service / signals in karachi .
        is this device is comfortable in karachi
        also if you never mind than declreared that in which area you are using this internet devise
        because i live in SITE karachi

        Muhammad Irfan
        [email protected]

    • prince khan

      does wateen work in bara Khyber ajency?

  • jooni

    ptcl wateen or world call all are trying to get money nothing else. no new tower no thing else.

    [Comment Edited]

  • jooni

    usb internet rate should be 500 Rs unlimited with 1 Mb. in other countries these facility is in very low cast

  • drmubaashir

    HELLO salam, frends….
    can u guys plz let me know in lahore wot is the best available usb broadband ? i hav heard that world call iz better than wateen (considoring1200/ price only) ,,,,,,,,,,, Do u guys agree with tha statement????

    • waqas

      Wateen is the best operator of net, contact me if anyone wana this………0323-4909323

    • ASGHAR

      dr sb world call usb is better thn from wateen usb using in lahore

  • aaisha

    umm heyyy
    i heard abt wateen from a friend and i really need wireless net vo bhi USB se.
    andddd i really want to get it, someone kindly guide me through kahan se purchase karoon?
    can i call some number and have it delivered? or could u tell the franchise address(exact location) where i could get it.

    thanks a bunch!

  • waqas

    M user of wateen USB & so much satisfied, if anyone having problem plz contact me that m employee of WATEEN TELECOM 0323-4909323

  • waqas

    Terrif For USB:
    RS: 1500/- 5 GB/ MONTH 600 700 800
    RS: 1000/- 10 GB/MONTH 1000 1100 1200
    RS: 1000/- UNLIMITED 1300 1400 1500

    Plz contact 0323-4909323

  • zia

    ae wateen walo phali bar acha km kiya ha lkn ma kase connection hasil kro

  • mukhtar ahmed

    ptcl wateen or world call all are trying to get money nothing else. no new tower no thing else. na too sirvice hi sahi hai oure ne hi aap sahi hein mahina khatum hota hai to foran net band ho jatahai magar jab complain karte hain to us par koi kaam hota hai sara din raat tak service kharab rahti hai

  • Mr. Khan

    Ajj kal sub apnai mafaat kai lieya kartai hai bhaiyo…!

    koi service tit nahen daita han

    bas paisa aa na chaiye.. aur kuch nahen

    1 mein nai world call try kieya … result pasia bus no best service… bakwas.

    2 mein nai PTCL try kieya … result pasia bus no best service… bakwas

    & Last mein nai Wateen…

    per paisa aur kuch nahen …

    yar ham kieya haram qe kama rahe hai

    kabi yeh be kr lieya karo ka rate kam kr doo…

    nahen kehtai hai pakage hai app ka 1MB makr speed 256MB…

    chotia bana rahe hai sallai hamai…

    ham he bakairat ho gie aur kuch nahen.

    • Emad Ali Sawat

      ae wateen walo phali bar acha km kiya ha lkn ma kase connection hasil kro

      • Ali


  • arey wateen walo kuch tu reham kro kuch to rate saste kro itna paisa kahan qaber mn le jao ge mn tu kehta hon 200 rupees mn pura mehena dena chaheya wo bhi unlimited downloading k sath aur 2 mb speed k sath pher koi baat bani bake tu jo bhi packages hai ye sare bakwas hain kuch rehm karo loro aadmi

  • Ali


  • Ali


  • Ali


  • faisal

    wateen fazoll haii……………
    dont waist money.

  • don

    کمال ہے ارے اپنی سروس تو ٹھیک کر لو اور قیمت تو دیکھو کیا کہنے واہ اور ڈیٹا تو دیکھو

  • ali

    yar ma rawalpindi ma rahta hoon ma na wateen usb lani ha plz agar koi bahi use kata ha tu muja ya bta da k total monthly + texs
    kitna pay karna parta ha. usb ka lia
    plz ifo me @
    [email protected]

  • adnan

    WATEEN Wimax Offering
    Wi-Fi Device & USB Internet
    Offerig 60% Off Buy Any Connection

    5GB Unlimited
    256Kbps Rs. 599 Rs, 1300
    512 Kbps Rs. 699 Rs, 1400
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    15 Days Money Back Gurantee.
    Other Information
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  • Faisal Muneer

    Dear all,
    Now we are with indoor coverage of Mobilink Infinity in karachi, and the price is Rs.3500* (Device) only. Limited Time Discount Offer

    For Special Discount Please call at 0301-2009006

    1. Connection with-in the same day
    2. 100% refund within 7 days (Trial Period)
    3. 1 free landline number (Voice Over IP)
    4. unlimited free calls from infinty to infinity 24/7
    5. 50 free minutes to all mobilink numbers per month
    6. 25 free minutes to other networks per month
    7. Hi-Speed broadband internet WiMAX service
    8. Portable device (Carry it anywhere)
    9. Discount for:
    Mobilink Indigo users
    Corporate Customers
    Government Employees
    Employees of Large companies
    Credit Card users
    More Discount is available excluding the above conditions

    10. Reasonable calling rates
    11. 24/7 customer support
    and much more!

    For Contact Please call at 0301-2009006

  • abdul basit

    wateen achi service hai par kabhi kabar signal prob ho jate hain but ye fast bhi bohut hai achi hai aur bilkul zbrdst hai aur usb internet tu hona chahiye wateen ki bhi q ke ye wireless hai phir bhi itni achi chalti hai cable line se bhi achi chalti hai tu jo ye likh rahe hain wateen fazoll hai wo aisa na likhe use karna seekh len phir aisa likhe tu acha hoga.

  • afzal

    when will be launch attock district


    pakistan walo tm kia khak wateen lo gy. salay poor people,, jao DSL lag wa kar sharing krlo HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Rafeeq

    yar tum log tho wateen walo k peechay paray ho kya wateen walo nay tum logo ki maari hay . agar mari hay tho muj say contact kardo 0344-2149774 may achay tareekay say sahi karta hon haas kar larkion ko tho may peech say sahi karta hoon.

  • ramzanbaloch

    ya network bikul teek ha i like wateen usb my contact namber +923123680909

  • Ulfat Hussain

    sir apny dongle ka model no. aur us ki manufacture to bta do

  • ali raza

    Me wateen ki usb lene ka soch raha tha pr ab nahi lun ga … wese bhi bht confusing hain wateen waly … koi seedha package hi nahi in ka … simple package hona chahiye … WorldCall ki usb behter rahe gi .. they r much simple & steady

  • farhan saleem

    hi yar koi mughy bataye ga main wateen lena chahta hoon mera city he gojra dist toba tek sing koi dost mughy is bary main information dye gaa my cell 03015103663 yahoo mail uper he aur yahoo id he farhan_dubai2001 thanks koi bhai agar batye to