Wateen’s Re-launch – Unlimited Packages, Lower Rental for Limited Packages

As we have anticipated about possible wateen’s relaunch, we have got this news confirmed after seeing today’s advertisement, very ambiguous one tough – no details at all. If you point to their website, you will be amazed that there are no tariff details available there too. I am wondering why Wateen thinks their call center can perform better than their website in snatching customers.

Just couple of more lines before we go to tariff – advertisement published in newspapers is the most confusing part of Wateen. Following is the advertisment, and then review below given rates – you can decide yourself.


Anyway, let’s get back to tariff; Wateen has removed the cap from all packages, which are 256, 512 and 1 MB packages. However, all speeds are available in 5 GB and 10 GB limit as well. Rates are as following

*Usage above the assigned data cap will be charged at Rs 25/100MB
**Fair usage policy applies

One more thing that you must have to avail telephony services in order to get WiMAX broadband – meaning that you will have to pay the monthly rental for telephony, even if you need internet only. So in case you don’t need telephony, you should subscribe to lowest package that is available at Rs. 120 plus tax per month.

By the way, if you want to replace your PTCL with Wateen’s telephony services, then check following tariff.

Wateen_Tariff_02* Add Rs 90/month and avail UNLIMITED Wateen to Wateen calls
Rates based on 30 sec billing

How much Total Money you will have to pay?

For new subscriptions, you will have pay Rs. 6116 for unlimited 1 MB Package, equation is as following

First Time Cost

1 MB Unlimited Package: Rs. 1399*
Device Rental: Rs. 99
Telephony: Rs. 120
Subscription Charges: Rs. 2499
Refundable Security: Rs. 2000

Total: Rs. 6117

*Replace Package price as above if you want any other package (Details given in above table).

You may have to spend Rs. 599 if you require installation services from Wateen.

Monthly Charges

1 MB Unlimited Package: Rs. 1399*
Device Rental: Rs. 99
Telephony: Rs. 120

Total: Rs. 1618

*Replace Package price as above if you want any other package (Details given in above table).

Additional Details

Subscription charges: Rs 2,499/- one time only.

For UNLIMITED packages, subscription includes FREE top up of Rs 1,500/-
For 10GB packages, subscription includes FREE top up of Rs 1,000/-

To subscribe you will need:

1-    Copy of CNIC
2-    Address verification document. (Like recent utility bill)
3-    CSAF & undertaking (available at all Wateen Business Centers and Franchises)

For Further Details

1.    Contact Center: 111-365-111

  • While it’s all well and good… Wateen’s packages have got nothing on Nayatel. :P

    But then again, Nayatel’s only available in Islamabad/Pindi. :(

  • Shaidbokhari

    Thanks for the details, You have realy worked hard for compiling all that. Can i have the same details for witribe. Means ist time charges. monthly charges. download limits etc. I have heared that they have also changed their package plans which are not on the site. and I have also heared that Wi tribe will give you free unlimited download from 10 PM to 9 AM daily at double of your subscribed speed.

  • Gud News

  • rehman

    Great unlimited packages from wateen. Wateen is the only wimax operator offering unlimited downloads. witribe has no such offering plus wateen’s service works in more than 20 cities. witribe is available in limited areas in 4 cities only.

  • m.h

    but no one is offering package like wateen

  • m.h

    sorry its ptcl broadband

  • Talha

    I think there is no standard of Wateen in front of Wi-Tribe Pakistan. Wi-Tribe provides excellent quality service. Wateen has no chance to make it space in Internet Market Now. [email protected]

  • usman Ali

    Yr wateen is far beter thn ptcl nd othr wimax providers i used wateen fr 6 mths bt left it cuz its 5gb limit! Nw i m using ptcl bt jo wateen ma maza tha wo ismay ni ha uski speed bht anth ha!
    Pakistn ma masla ye hai k hum log wimax ko broadbnd k sth compare krte hain nd wimax lacs behind cuz of its initial costs nd mnthly charges ku k ptcl wich is da largest company ov pakistan has its brodbnd!
    Wateen ki ye bht ache move ha agr mgae aik aur conection chaiye hoga tou ill go 4 wateen

  • Adeel.Raj

    I Believe PTCL is much better then Wateen… If your Telephone works Fine then there is no way that PTCL Service go Down….

  • Farooq Ahmad

    After seeing Wateen ad i called their customer service number. I m surprised they way i have been treated and all required details was given. I dont think its ambigous. It is very clear and exactlay what they were offering. Good to see Wateen back in action ….good for users.

  • Kamran

    Good to see Wateen coming up with their new campaign. Being a user of Wateen for long……….there have been lot issues in beginning but with time their service has improved. With Wateen coming back it will increase the boradband market and a healthy competition with benefit consumers at the end. Welcome back Wateen. Yes i must say the ad is veru nicely done clean and very clear on message. Witribe……………walke up

  • Waqar Usman

    Well i agree with Shaidbukhair, you have done a great job to compile all information. I was wondering where do you get all this info from. Anyways 15 days money back guarantee is really required nowadays. 7 days was not at all enough. being a student iam really happy that wateen has affordable packages and i dont have to wait for my next months pocket money to fill in my account.

  • omerfarooq

    What is download limit of Unlimited Package? (Asking About That Fair Usage Policy)

    • Ali

      I have been using Wateen for a while now and I have got the new Package “Unlimited” and the download speed is awesome. I get over 140/kbps. This is the best service I would recommend to all my fellas.

  • Zeerak

    As long as that so called “fair usage policy” clause is there, you cannot call it unlimited. Mr. PTA, please do something about these misleading advertising tactics by the telecom companies!

  • Hashim

    Well done tariff composition. very clear & loud for any user. Wateen seems to hit back strongly this time as they have bundle of product line along with very much improved customer care & service. I personally think, this relaunch will moved the broadband industry up & high. I heard, wateen is launching USB internet as well. If yes then Wi-tribe must be ready for tough competition ahead as wateen is much bigger platform for any kind of internet based products.

  • c0d3r

    The revision in prices is quite welcome :) .. but the Unlimited 1MB connection.. it says “Fair usage policy” applies. That means a cap on the limit.. (which i dont know exactly).. but even if its 2- or 50bg.. it is a letoff for regular internet donwnloaders.. This is one area thye can improve on imho..

  • Adeel

    Simply wateen slogan

    Wateen chutiya banay ki machion

  • Amanullah Baloch

    Hey Amir Atta, Nice work dude. Please Let us know about the quality of service of wateen ?
    I don’t wana waste my time & money on a poor service.

    Thank you.

  • Kaiser

    Another trap by wateen, both wateen and wi-tribe are same noservice services. Last hit by wateen, and in the coming 2 months wateen will be packing. “Fair usage policy” wow what a joke, i’ve experienced this policy before, its not at all unlimited. The only unlimited package i got is from Link Dsl. Real unlimited package, its not like wateen “fair usage deal”…

  • Amanullah Baloch

    @Aamir Attaa What about the quality .. Who is best in terms of Quality?

    • In terms of broadband/WiMAX services, it greatly depends on your area. If you are in a town where there are 100 Wateen customers, while 7 WiTribe customers, them defiantly WiTribe will perform better. However, situation won’t remain the same for ever.

  • Hashaam

    Fair Usage Policy –>> 100 GB limit…. i think u cannot use beyond that….100 GB is more than enough….

  • there is 30 gb limit then your connection will get something between 256 to 512 kbps, wateen sucks mate

    • I have confirmed it from wateen’s franchise and technical support (worst ever I have experienced).

      • talha

        wateen is giving a very bad services in karachi.

  • what is the charges for 256kb & 512kb wateen broadband

    • Farhan

      its 100GB. which is more than sufficient. even for the power users. if any of the user still wants to cross 100GB then he/she must go for CIR unlimited package of 1Mbps in 30time higher corporate charges. All the internet operators are commercial organization but not the charity to give more than 100GB ALLAH kay wastay:)

      • It is not 100GB, who told you this Farhan bhai.
        it is confirmed 30 Gb for 30 days with 1MB and when you reached your 30GB you will get speed speed 256 and 512.

  • c0d3r

    @Farhan.. i dont think its a 100GB limit.. but if it is.. then even i think its pretty dan ok :) However, NO wateen official confirms this.. why?!

  • Ha5an

    looks like wateen wud need to cum up with more influencing packages. Im using wi-tribe and it has exellent customer service and reliable connection.. havent had one single disconnection in 5 days of usage. Nd as far as ive heard wateen has alot of disconnections… however wateens portal is one advantage …

    • however wateens portal is one advantage … and what is that?

      • Hasan

        Abhay u know all the entertainment stuff games and all that things… i gues they call it portal na?? im not one of da techie guys who know everything… :D

        • Farhan

          Yes boys you are right upto some extent as standard fair usage policy means rufly around 30-40GB but as of today with my experience it is open / 100GB.

  • Adnan Mari

    nice pakg for all pakistani Genration

  • farhan

    Great unlimited packages from wateen. Wateen is the only wimax operator who is offering unlimited downloads. wateen’s service works fine…

  • Mera cousin wateen use karta hai 1 mb-10 gb 1300/month lekin os ka net aksar kharab rehta hai.
    Mera khayal hai meri internet service zabardast hai.Mein 700/month deta hoon or unlimited download.Meri internet download speed normal 600-800 kb hai jo saturday or sunday ko 1.5 mb tak aate hai.Uploading speed 250 kb hai es se kam ya zaida nahi hoti.Mujhy yeh service use karty hoy 8 mah hony waly hein or 8 mah mein sirf ek dafa mera net 3 din band raha tha kyon k cable mein koi masla ho gaya tha.Pehly mein 1000/month deta tha or ab sirf 700/month.Torrent download speed is also very good.Mera cousin wateen 1 mb use karta hai or os ke max download 60-70 kb hai.Mein ne abhe tak mery net jaise speed kisi k paas nahi dekhi.i have best and cheaper service :)

    • nabiha

      wao, knsi service hai?

  • rizwan

    he mite have cable net..taar wala..na taar apna na net ki guarantee..lol

  • rizwan

    bhaiyoo can any1 tell me..wat do they(wateen) mean by ALL PACKAGES UPGRADED TO UNLIMITED ? is it really true? or if there is also any fair use policy?.. i m quite reluctant to use internet freely since i have crossed my download limit for dis month..:(

  • I found this website a home portal for telephony and internet info so I wish I may get alerts for information regarding the above in KARAChi.


    plz tell the process

  • ahsan

    all packages upgraded to unlimited wala offer sirf october k lye tha.ab khtam

  • Ali

    hey….what is the maximimu download in the unlimited package…becuase it says **fair usage policy applies..so there must be a limit

  • hammad zafar

    assalamu alaikum

    i was wondering can you tell me the cost of the device and monthly charges of the unlimited package and what will be the exact downloading speed

  • the orca

    hey, awl rspctd uzrz,
    QUBEE a new broadband cmpny launched in pakistan,
    accrdng 2 PTA da bst frequency n sgnl it hz.
    9 nothr broadbnd cmparision 2 QUBEE.
    if u wnt.
    so cntct us.

    The Orca

  • Engr.Ijaz Ali Behar

    best one network for downloading

  • Joher


    pLZ, tell me whts the unlimited(fair usage policy of wateen) thannx……………i mean how much v can use in unlimited package……..

  • waheed cheema

    wateen sy behtar pr koi nahi

  • moon

    wateen is very costly then wi-tribe

  • Jeddy

    It seems Wateen is trying outdo Qubee. What really matters is the quality of service. What is the range of Wateen’s CPE? Can a laptop be used moving around the house, or will walls and floors interfere?

  • sartaj

    unlimited ka mtlab hai. k tum jatna downloading kr skty ho karo koe ben nahi koe charges nahi it,s enough.


  • sohail qureshi

    Assalaam waliekum
    Muhammad Sohail Qureshi said:
    wateen new data usage policy is unfair and very strange policy !
    a common thing is wateen package name is 1mb unlimited but get only 40gb with 1mb today !
    after this data stage get speed only 250kbps.
    1st i said that wateen telling a lie to every customer .
    please every one complaint and request to mr ceo or owner of wateen telecom. wateen old usage policy is good and truth because maximum speed with maximum data usage is like that unlimited.
    but new policy is very low and very limited
    plz i requested to every wateen customer take a action
    and change this policy
    i hope you understand this situation.
    Thankue in advance for give me a big favour!