PCA Organizes Countrywide Linux Trainings

microsoft_protestPakistan Computer Association (PCA) has decided to organize an extensive training programme in order to provide a unique opportunity to IT professionals and computer vendors for learning and understanding the Open Source Operating Systems (OSOS) from August 17, said a statement issued by PCA.

The stakeholders would be given detailed orientation sessions about these operating system, which would be available almost free of cost to the stakeholders, ending monopoly of expensive software in the country (Microsoft Windows), said the statement.

This would be first of its kind of training program where IT experts and other stakeholders would be provided an opportunity to learn about low cost operating system helpful in Pakistan business environment and working conditions of local corporate culture.

PCA will not charge any cost of the training, but would provide maximum literature, data and training advice from national and international experts in order to learn about the OSOS.

The training would help the IT professionals to learn how to operate state-of-the-art software technology and launch the same in Pakistan effectively and the affordable new IT new technology would be available to all users in Pakistan besides protecting and ensuring following the Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) Regulations.

Pakistan Computer Association (PCA) has taken special initiative of providing training opportunity in Open Source Operating Systems to the stakeholders of the industry throughout Pakistan, whose trend is rapidly growing and getting popular in Europe and rest of the world.

It merits mentioning here that Microsoft, with help of FIA had been raiding computer shops for selling pirated copies of Windows.