Mobilinkers May Get Bonuses on EID

It was learnt by Propakistani that there are rumors going on in Mobilink’s head camp that the company is going to announce bonuses for the employees on this EID Ul FITR.

We should not get surprised over such rumors, because Mobilink has not given bonuses to their employees in 2009 for the year 2008, for the first time in history. For this reason many employees left the company as Mobilink is not known for its high pays but good benefits e.g. conducive environment, good repute and medical/ life insurances etc. and a long term stable career, especially for females it was an ideal company to work for.

Well we have to wait and see if this rumor can turn out to be a real news and bring glory on the faces of Mobilinkers who are working faithfully and with dedication.

At same time, we should not forget that company has posted negative marks in their balance sheet for the first half 2009.

  • khalid

    :D joke of the day.

  • Naeem Khaliq

    Aamir Bhai,

    It’s nice to hear this good news however till now, this seems rumeour only.

    If it happens, this will deffinitely add motivation to the Mobilink TEAM.

  • Jawad

    Joke of the year 2009

  • Mehmood

    mobilink or bonus :D
    dunia taraqqi ker gaye hay bhai…
    Bonuses are Only for M1s and above while you are in mobilink.