Mobilink to Get Strict on Employees through Time & Attendance System

Mobilink has decided to get strict on employees in terms of “Time & Attendance”, told us sources.

For this a new system has been in place and will start functioning w.e.f. September 01, 2009. It will record the total time employee spent in the office apart from in/out time recording. All presence and abesence data shall also be recorded in the employees’ log.

In the past Mobilink, was not so strict on employees although every employee possessed RFID card but the implementation was not there. Now only those will have access inside Mobilink office, who have either employee card (permanent) issued by HR or visitor’s card (temporary) provided by Mobilink security on daily basis.

All disciplined employees would like this move but the other side of the employees shall not like this and shall consider this a check on their freedom.