Mobilink Introduces BlackBerry Storm 9500

image002Mobilink has introduced, the next generation of functionality mixed with the perfect blend of style: The BlackBerry Storm 9500.

With a unique touch screen and cutting-edge multimedia capabilities, the Blackberry Storm Smartphone makes a great impression as you travel across town or to almost any corner of the world.


  • Clickable, touch screen navigation. Responds to taps, slides and other touch screen gestures
  • 3.25-inch, 480×360-pixel, 65K-color, durable glass screen
  • 528-MHz processor, 1-GB onboard memory, 128 MB Flash
  • Exceptional battery life: 1400 mAh
  • Simultaneous access to voice and data features
  • UMTS/HSPA and quad band EDGE/GPRS/GSM
  • 3.2-MP camera, auto focus, auto flash, 2X digital zoom
  • 3.5 mm jack, microSD slot (expandable up to 16 GB), Built-in Mobile streaming capabilities
  • Stand-alone and assisted GPS

With the BlackBerry Storm 9500, ensures that customers the maximum ‘fun’ out of it. This handset is for individuals who are ambitious, dedicated, and have clear goals set in their minds – along with a sense of style and finesse that makes heads turn wherever they may go.

Price: 55,000


  • Blackberry has failed miserably when it comes to touch screen technology. It will be quite some time when we see some thing substantial and worth while from BB in terms of the ‘next step’. Best best is to stick with the Bold or the Curve.

  • Good move ! but I would rather stick to traditional BB with full keys available as hardware part of phone. I think, BB has launched this set specifically for the users fascinated by iPhone touch technology.

  • BB storm is a complete failure.
    No wifi what were they thinking?
    They have introduced a new version of this BB storm 2 which has PIEZO touch technology with wifi which is a far superior model.

  • can anyone tell me the price of BB storm nd curve!!

    nd i hv heard tht Blackberry phones also hav a mothly line rent ov 1500 rs

  • Storm is a very good handset and with the software updates coming up has a superior hardware and functionality when compared to iphone

  • I got the STORM from the open market in 18k. I was impressed that I got a good deal but after using it for a day, I figured out why it’s so cheap in the open market. I wonder WHY Mobilink is giving it for 55k.

    For all the other features, the Operating System (OS) is slow compare to iphone and I just hated the click screen which is much weirder to use compare to a touch screen, note that these are 2 different features. And then one has to push down on the entire 3.2-inch screen every time you type a letter or confirm a menu choice is that it slows you down. The idea behind the clickable screen is that it will minimize errors by getting you to think before you press. Instead, it took much of the fun out of using the device.

    Problem with Research In Motion (RIM) is that they really don’t seem to be reworking or improving the OS. They are simply changing the look with different themes & icons & occasionally add some functionality. The OS need completely redone from the ground up if they want to keep up the changing market. I love Blackberry but seems everything since the Pearl has been just “OK” which is disappointing. Let’s hope the BOLD changes that because the thunder look like a steamy pile!

    • From where you got in 18K ? i am wondring with this price as its not available with this price in market :(

  • This BB is a complete failure and flop set in Europe and Middle East , and Mobilink has introduced it now in the market , lol @ mobilink

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