Get Paid for Receiving Calls: Ufone

Ufone_Incoming_Call_BonusUfone has launched this new promotion where the subscribers will get bonus balance for incoming calls.

The incoming calls have to be from operators other than Ufone or international calls. This service is available for prepaid users only.

A subscriber who gets a call from other network, will get 0.25 Rs in his balance if the duration of that call is more than 120 seconds (2 minutes). Meaning that 25 Paisas for each received call that is over 2 minutes duration …!

This balance will be credited to his account immediately.

One can find out about this balance through IVR by calling on 127 or by sending an SMS (USSD) to *127#.  Charges may apply for balance inquiry as per standard balance inquiry charges.

We are told that this promotion is initially valid for 1 month (end of Oct).

  • Free balance is valid for 15 days
  • Free balance will end at the expiry of the scratch card/ULoad validity
  • This is a limited time offer

By the way, PakTel was first to offer a similar offering back when it had launched GSM operations.

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  • amir

    agar 25 pasay ayin gay and check kernay k 13 lagain gay tou ayin gay kitnay?????

  • interesting offer,

    can you clarify if this 0.25 paisa is recurring every two minute or limited to 1 per call?

    • 25 paisas for each call (not recurring) that is over 2 mins…

  • Khurram Zahid

    @amir dada ye hi to game hay…

  • eAhmadNawaz

    Good offer especially for teenagers and students.

    U zindabad

  • stranger

    ufone is a GOD FATHER of cheap offers
    bull shit

  • aamir

    UFONE the best network in pak…… always(almost) favouring his customer


  • aamir

    0.25paise per call means 0.30 paise including tax is it do ;)…… will they give us money with zard…i TAX

  • Usman Ali

    yeah i remembr paktel ofered dis around 4,5 yrs ago nd they were fr each minute .25

  • Dk

    kamal kar diya ufone na

  • Whatever the offers… i like the ads… :)

  • imi

    it should for each 2 mins or 3 mins den good

  • milkywayer

    They should remove the balance check cheapo-harkat of charing 12 paisas for it. Make it free!!

    Besides, all the sheep-heads are praising uFone, whereas the free-balance offer means ufone is charging the caller and paying the called person. Just make the god damn calls cheaper. and remove the cheapo balance-check-charges.

  • I like Pakistan asslamualai kum all pakistani

  • SAqlain malik

    han achi offer hai…atleast balance inquery k charges to nikkaltay hain :D