Samsung Corby Family Launched, A Brand for Youth

Samsung_CorbySamsung Electronics Co. Ltd, has launched its Corby Series by announcing three mobile phones designed around the Corby concept, which aims to deliver stylish devices to support the  highly connected lifestyles of today’s younger mobile users.

The new Corby family devices, dubbed Samsung CorbyTXT (B3210), Corby Touch(S3653) and Samsung CorbyPRO (B3410) seek to further meet the varied needs of the youth market, while aligning with Samsung’s strategy of designing mobiles to match every lifestyle.

The three models are differentiated by key features, including messaging, multimedia entertainment and business functionality, but also deliver the original Corby’s trademarks of bold colours, pop-style contours and a curved form factor.

“The Corby family is in-line with our ongoing strategy of developing different mobiles to match every lifestyle,” said Mr. Steve Han, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics’ Pakistan.

Furthermore, Mr. Zeeshan Qureshi, the Head of Samsung mobiles-Pakistan and Afghanistan, also added that “The focus with the original Corby and now with the Corby family has been to offer our consumers choice: choice over the colour of the handset, choice over how they stay connected and choice over the features and functionality that best suit their unique personalities and communications requirements.”