Telenor Clarifies about Easy Paisa Issues

Recently, media has reported that IESCO and LESCO have asked their customers to not deposit their bills at Tameer bank’s easypaisa retailers. IESCO and LESCO have taken the position that they do not have an agreement with Tameer bank for bill collection through this channel.

In a company statement issued by Telenor said that Tameer Bank has a contract with KASB authorizing it to collect bills and deposit them through KASB’s aggregator service. Tameer Bank entered into an electronic bill collection arrangement with KASB Bank under their “eUBS” service in 2007. This Service Level Agreement was enhanced in February 2009 to cater for its Branchless Banking approval, further said the statement. The channels covered under this arrangement include IVR, ATM, Call Center, POS and other Over the Counter (OTC) modes.

Telenor believes that all utility companies, which have electronic billing arrangements with KASB have been made available to member banks as well. Therefore, Tameer Bank rightly availed this electronic collection under its umbrella agreement with KASB.

As per contract, KASB is responsible for all negotiations and arrangements with utility companies, and Telenor/Tameer Bank is asking them to resolve this issue with IESCO and LESCO as soon as possible.

Tameer Bank and Telenor Pakistan have decided to temporarily suspend the service from IESCO at easypaisa merchants.  This service will be resumed as soon as the agreement issues between IESCO and Tameer Bank are resolved.

Tameer Bank and Telenor Pakistan has reassured all easypaisa customers who have already paid their IESCO and LESCO bills that their amounts have safely been deposited with the relevant utility companies.

Furthermore, Telenor’s helpline, 111-345-100 is available 24/7, to address any customer concerns related to easypaisa or previous transactions. Customers are requested to contact with their transaction ID.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK