VP HR & Admin, Mobilink, Resigns

Another pillar rumbles in Mobilink, as we have just come to know through reliable source that Ali Raza Mehdi has resigned as Vice President HR & Admin of Mobilink and is likely to join METRO as one of the members of Board of Directors.

It is assumed that Sardar Khalid, Director HR & Admin will take over as Acting Vice President.

Mobilink, the largest Telecom operator in Pakistan is on a spree of layoffs ever since Rashid Khan came as President and CEO; a good way of reducing its overheads which maybe in the era of Zohair Khaliq was not possible.

The talk of the industry is that Ali Raza Mehdi left Mobilink on humanitarian grounds as he was not willing to be the part of the “Lay Offs”; which by the way is expected again in near future.

Sources opine that recent series of Layoffs is abandoned due to employees’ morale; however, severe time is expected again early next year with promotions along with exit door for the rest.

Mobilink has not said anything on this officially, as of now.

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  • In a meeting last week managment had decided more lay offs, which ali raza opposed and said to fire those girls who are singles. He thought firing boys who are running fmailies is not good idea, but firing girls who are single, don’t need money and they are not capabable too, should be fired.

  • Definitely a sad news for Mobilinkers. It is predicted that there would be some movement with in the company and most probably from the top level because few very useful resources are sitting idle. Another option is elevating someone from the bottom where i cant see any suitable person who has the same capabilities like Ali Mehdi. One option that could be considered is FAISAL MALIK who has recently taken the charge of admin with HR and doing well in both areas.

  • The downsizing is a very foolish approach. To deprive some one from his livelihood and turn him/her into jhands to mouth and handicapp to feed his/her family is a very barbaric action shich is codenmable and shameful. No HR any whee in pakistan , especailly among the telcos in ptcl , is such a sensable and sane to realise the gravity and have the sense of humanity.

    Over all the reputation of HR in techincal organisations in particular the Arabs owned like ptcl, warid ets is very very worst and notorious . The human being is not considered as human being. Worst status is accorded to the work force in these telcos.

    If some body is respected , it is only the young , attractive and beautifull appearing girl .

  • All going to be confuse as corrupt and some blacksheeps are still there although Hr has done investigation.hope they will be fired. instead of poor employees doing work. as assured by management

    • hassan Shb ,

      AOA ,

      hann it is not clear who will be fired and where it has been pointed out the presence of black sheep ?

  • Well its such a great shock for mobilinkers….he is such a fine and extremely professional resource, who always opposed layoffs as a tool for cost cutting. There are a lot of other un necessary expenses in mobilink, which should be considered for cost reduction. Any ways I think they should not let him go so easily. I mean he should be retained at any cost. After all HR & Admin is really a strong pillar of a leading organization like mobilink.

  • We prayed that one person management decesion which is causing favouritism as the manager of any depatrment have no check there they do dirty politics and one person management at upperend is supporting that lower managers as no audit of decesions is made. we hope vp hr who is doing well now a days my kicking culprits mostly will stay and further kick such culprits specilly at upper level and mobilinkers are well aware in almost every department. mobilink we are proud of u.conclusion. mobilink culture should not be like semi government organization.we prayed for prosperos mobilink with multinational culture in reality.

  • I dont know why this happening in MOBILINK for last few months that some people are resigning and many are fired.

  • agreed with Mr, Zubair,
    It should be proper 360 Program by HR(in every Multinationals), to identify the Honest emp,who really capable for the possition /lead or manage, and bearing the blacksheeps also highlights the black sheep on extream level. (thora lesson Blacksheeps ko b to ho..)
    but depends how strong the 360 program is.

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