Why Professionals Don’t Blog in Pakistan?

I am giving out a thought, that blogging community in this country is dominated by youngsters and college/university students. Be it be money earning blogs, or those filled with philosophies, reviews, news, information, documentaries on various topics ranging from politics to sports.

Today, instead of writing something, I want you to share your thoughts, on “Why Youth Outnumber Pakistani Blogosphere?” and “Why professionals and Gurus from telecom, banking, agriculture and other industries don’t blog?

Why is it so that CFOs or CMOs hesitate to blog in Pakistan?

We would appreciate input from Professionals so that we actually know why they don’t blog or at least they hesitate to blog. Or if not the case – are you short of time or maybe you don’t feel like spreading your knowledge? What ever the case is – please share with us…!

Please share your thoughts in Comments – and based upon these responses, we will conclude the topic in an upcoming post.

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  • I am a professional and I do blog. I love blogging cause thats the only way I can communicate my inside out to the large crowd. But when I ask on fellow professionals to blog about something they are good at. They hesitate. They hesitate cz they don’t know that what good it would cause for their own self. They ask me in return,”How much money can I get out of blogging?” & “Why should I waste time on writing about something that I know?”. Actually, what I feel is that THEY FEAR WRITING!!!

  • in fact blogging is all about expressing your feelings, and right now youngsters are expressing as the most loyal to Pakistan. and plus blogging in Pakistan is considered as immature thats why CFO or etc hesitates to blog.

  • That’s because of bureaucratic culture in Pakistan and why would a CFO make social followers while he is already enjoying the heights of his carrier?

    Moreover, culture in Pakistan doesn’t cultivate the values of helping others by sharing your experiences, thoughts and tips.

    It’s feels so good to see that Youth of this country is not like us (elders) and they are doing a wonderful job to strengthen this country.

  • Other day I was discussing this with a telco professional that our individuals are so talented, and they work great as an individual.

    However, we as a nation fail to work as a team. We usually focus on our individual performancees.

    In this discussion we further concluded that our business leaders fail to train their subordinates/fellow workers, and that’s the reason we are at times short of leaders.

    We discussed the examples of Zohair Khalique, Azim Haq, Asher Yaqoob and others, who were so good but their respective companies lost their momentum when they left.

    I will take this lack of team work spirit as a reason for no blogging from professionals. We see blogs from top most position holders at Google, Microsoft and other leading companies of the world. They share what they feel, they learn and how they envision their future.

    BTW, they say “Sharing is caring”

    • They share and they get ideas in return from the fan following. People share about good and bad in their product and that’s how guys at Google etc get to know the concerns from the people without investing single penny. Ours just can’t absorb criticism. They act like perfectionist.

    • Business leaders fail to train there subordinates because they wont want to take over their own positions by their subordinates.
      They wont prepare their replacements incase they left or retired, thats why they are feared to train properly.

  • Actually i believe hum apni knowledge share karna acha nahin samajtay, and we feel shy to learn from others, that is what i feel, and last thing kah hum criticism ko face nahin karsaktay, we feel kah i am perfect!!!

    And we don’t believe to interact with people, shayed yeh bhi reason hai, i won’t take names but look at the neighbors Actors and Actress and prof, they write blogs, they tweet with people, they inform their fans about their upcoming things and events and movies.

  • I hope that all the readers are in good health and doing well. In my opinion, there are few reasons for that.
    1) Lack of initiative.
    2) Lack of some apparent and immediate benefit.
    3) Lack of awareness.
    4) Time for regular and consistent updates.
    5) Good reading habbit specifically for good quality blog writing

  • Yes I agree Professional don’t blog in Pakistan we see most of Students doing so.

    I being a student also lovin’ it :)

    As per my point of view – all our elders, professionals and gurus are conservative with old mind set. They have enough knowledge, potential and resources but being old guys they even dont think about doing so. Their only purpose may be just to earn bucks through jobs what they are doing – may be the next generation will bring change, as now all of us being youngsters are blogging these days and when we will step into our professional life we surly will continue our blogging coz we have been doing it along time since then. But the present ones – may be never had blogged when they were youngsters. :)

    Hopfully next generation will continue – As That Will be Our Era!!

  • Its really bad as most of them don’t link to share their knowledge and experience. That’s why the remain far far far away from blogging. But the good thing is that new comers are getting involved in blogging.

    Personally i thought the more you share, the more you learn. So pro’s should think about that. And they should broad their mind.

    [Comment Edited]

  • I don’t know why young professionals are not interested in blogging. One of my friend working with LMKR said that they have to do lots of work because of this they didn’t get time for blogging.

  • In my opinion, the professionals and the experienced employees from the industry dont bother to blog because a commendable amount of them aren’t aware of the blogging fundamentals such as why to blog, what to write and whoz gonna read. So seems like they aren’t so sure about it.

    And I know a few professionals who are reluctant to blog and think that blogging their experience will be like giving away their certain years of hardwork for free. They say they’d rather prefer open a consultancy website and will share their experience against a certain amount of fee.

  • the reason that comes to my mind if i blog with my identity and would express what i feel and how things sould be according to myself (ofcourse everything does not go the way you think as whole team has to implement it and it is a collective decicion), people wud always take it as the policy of the organization i am serving. That is something in which we lack as a nation. according to me, that is the biggest reason professionals don’t blog.

    as far as i am concerned, i read but wud never comment on anything. (the way it should not be actually)

  • I am a professional and I do blog too. The problem is my blogging activities arent very frequent and I am not punctual. It is may be because of the organization I am working for which is totally project based so I cannot dedicate a time properly to blog on daily basis

  • Well I think its our culture, as a nation we aren’t that social. And power distance also plays an important role when it will come to choice of blogging,cos a CEO will have to answer/interact with an average person HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT…

    Just a thought,nevertheless :)

  • Our young generation stoop up in digital era and they are friendly with IT and new ideas. On the other hand seniors take some time to adopt changes or the continue on what they are doing before.

  • I myself blog occasionally….n i experianced that it is because the media doesn’t allow to express oneself fully and appropriately. all media sources have their own policies, they work according to their policies not on the basis of unbiased truth. im qualified journalist but not accreditted because they don’t allow to be unbiased. professionals don’t have time to blog and media doesn’t expose them for they are experianced and tell the truth

  • I think it also depends upon the interests you have, You may be working in a field but you might like to talk about something else but due to lack of time you are not able to follow that properly.

    Like me I am Software/Web Developer but I more like to read and write about Sports specially cricket as I do on my blog, this not only excites and encourages me but also refreshes me up after at hectic day at work.

    Another very important thing I achieved is related to my personal health, being working for 12 hours a day in a chair for some years my fitness was at worse but since I started writing about sports it encourages me to do some physical activity to remain fit and I joined cricket club etc.

  • First, Our professional class has a conceited mind.

    Second, they do not believe in sharing information. Third, they think hobbies are for youths.

    Has any professional written a BOOK in Pakistan? No, We read books written by Indian writers.

    • yes professionals in Pakistan do write good books. Ashraf Chaudry for one has written “the Craft of selling yourself” which is a best seller at Amazon. hes also an excellent sales trainer..

  • Blogging is connected with time, a few months back, I have started blogging but failed to continue because of time constraint. It was difficult to gather related info, talk to experts for their opinions.

    I would say blogging needs time, concentration and resources as well.

  • we need to show youth why blog is important…
    aim for making blog also make big workshop or exhibitions.

  • Guys with “time” problem. Common, you can’t be busier than Google’s executives or for that manner any executive of companies that have revenues that dwarf revenues generated by the whole of Pakistan.

    I feel as a nation we need to be far more productive than we are at this time. We are lazy and bad managers of time. I see this all time in our offices that manager “Look busy do nothing”.

    I am NOT saying this just for the sake that all of us start blogging but become good time managers and catch up with developed nation’s productivity rates in all matters.

  • Dear, there are number of platforms for blogging, some mentioned in above comments and on I can identify “Tie -Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi Chapter”. As far as Islamabad chapter is concerned i have personnaly attended number of their events and meetings. Industries CEO are charter members and fully participate in the activities. Majority of Islamabad / Rawalpindi region university students are its member. There website is islamabad.tie.org.

  • Blogging for some are daily dairy and for others source of information, while few share their personal things online.

    Yes, People dont know whats blogging and being professionals, people dont share information nor have time to write blog. while some dont know what to write! in my circle of friends or professionals no one is writing blog and i started just for sake of learning about blogging.
    Most of blogs used blogspot or wordpress initially then opened up their own sites.

    Professional blogs like this #propakistani or #Tech Lahore etc, different people writing on it and need proper time and information to share.
    then companies have their own blogs e.g. #
    Desi Back to desh
    Personal blogs e.g.#ALE Xpressed

    i am professional but i dont have time to go on writing and reading other blogs so what i did is that information source or blog i like to read i using its RSS feed to read on my own blog, saving my time by just reading only on my blog. Rest writing things as personal stuff on blog.

    Blogging for some people also become dangerous and they get jailed or life threat for writing things online and in Pakistan any person can be detained by security agency as per Cyber Law.
    Sharing personal information can be lethal because People want to use information more negatively then positive.

    Being professional, people will judge you or criticize on your blogging and no one want to have extra headache for clarifications.

  • i would also like to accentuate the need of blogging. i think this is a reasonable way to express your inside feelings about anything.

  • I am blogger since last 5 years and my experience says, many people do not know blogging is a big industry and one can do much more just doing weekly blogging, others are lazy, and some do not know they can earn after becoming blogger.

    I am sure if 50% PPL will know that they can earn then 30% among them will start blogging on weekly or monthly base.

    I blog because i love writing on web trends, design, coding and all other stuff.

    • hi fatima m new in webloging i really dont know how to earn after becoming blogger.. can u plz tell me how?

  • I am privileged to be studying in one of the elite business schools of the country..we have alot of professionals even CEOs of Companies teaching at institute…professionals usually go for teaching rather than blogging, why? teaching is easier for these professionals as all they have to do is share their experiences with students..these professionals are good at talking to people and thats what they do at institutes and earn handsome amounts on hourly basis. blogging on the other hand is more complex in the sense that you can not

  • randomly write your thoughts. you have to make your readers love your writing by following a systematic thought process and writing down in a logical manner. this will take some time which the professionals can not spare. a good professional can not also be a good writer.

  • sab baton ki 1 hi baat taim (time) nai hy.. professionals are very bz in there life they dont have enough time for bloging and bloging needs time

  • Blogging concept is very famous in all over the world. In Pakistan a great ratio of young and Teen ages are also taking interest in blogs.

  • I hope that all the readers are in good health and doing well. In my opinion, there are few reasons for that.

    1) Lack of initiative.

    2) Lack of some apparent and immediate benefit.

    3) Lack of awareness.

    4) Time for regular and consistent updates.

    5) Good reading habbit specifically for good quality blog writing

  • The urge of writing is born only in those people who read. The majority of our so called Pakistani professionals don’t trouble themselves reading anything other than what they are forced to read (yes you have guessed it right, the course books). No wonder they don’t write :)

  • well its not about people who are at the peak of their carrer and they dont want to write about their expertise and knowledge sharing .

    its actually the culture and mind set which has been increasingly changed .profesionals who were once hesittae to share about thrier ideas and knowldge to keep them at the edge are now undertanding the fact that noww whaere its a global village you need to be carry on with shared ides and knowing whats happening around..

    i persoanlly asked some coperate professionals about this aspect and the answer was likely that ” for us we consider things as business entities and for every domain things are different , so we cant expand this out in words ”

    but as the global chain is getting strong so revolutions are being injected.

    Secondly my point of view is that if you have been assign the responsibilty as a CFO or as HOD then your first prefercne is to stram line your operations and qulity improvements in your processes and life cycles , and after bench marking that quality standard you can spread the beam of your knowledge through the sea of words.

    As far as the current senario , its wrng and almost absolete question to be asked that professionals dont blog .NETSOL has been rewarding its employees with the blog effort and also if you see around its been a regular activity for those who learn and lead from the front :)

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