Ufone Offers Paid SMS Delivery Reports

SMS Delivery Reports are back with Ufone, but with monthly charges. Exactly as we had anticipated about SMS delivery reports, Ufone has opted for monthly rental of a service that was offered free by some of operators.

We have discussed it earlier, that these add-ons put extra load on network, and it is said that not all of subscribers use this service, so how about disabling it. But then the idea of charging this service came in mind of Ufone and here are we…!

It maybe recalled that Ufone offered this service for free until it disabled it back in March 2009.

If trends remains the same, do expert paid CLI, call waiting, call forwarding and other similar Value Added Services.

If you don’t know SMS delivery Reports are confirmation messages about the status of text messages that you send.

How to subscribe:

Delivery Report is a monthly subscription based service. To subscribe user will SMS ‘SUB’ to 148.

To unsubscribe SMS UNSUB to 149


  • Subscription Service Charge = Rs. 9.99/- plus tax per month
  • Un-subscription Service Charge = Rs 0/-

Ufone’s Delivery Reports is an auto-subscription service. User subscription will automatically be renewed with deduction of service charge amount at the end of each subscription month. Users will be required to enable delivery report feature of their handset to be able to receive delivery reports.

If auto-subscription fails due to insufficient balance. Recharge Ur account & SMS ‘SUB’ to 148 to subscribe


  • Service only available for Prepaid Users.
  • All rates are exclusive of GST
  • 19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.

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  • This is a joke

    The consumers should protest. PTA is not there for consumers. It is sleeping.

    The cellular companies have no shame. These are basic services necessary for communication.

    The way things are going they might start charging for incoming calls, incoming sms etc. They are already charging us a %age for paying them to use their service(i.e on card load).

    • hey man, this is the simple formulla, pay and get it
      this is what services is all about.
      if u dont want than dont start protesting…..these add-ons put extra load on network,
      let see when telenor start the same….

      • yes these add-ons put extra load on n/w. but they shud make their network for such things!
        i guess, more load is due to SMS pakcages.. rather than just delivery reports!
        Anyhow, i agree with yasir

  • Ufone is going in loss and still huge amount of budget is spending on ufone jokers rather than on improvement of service.

  • ppl must protest this no way they r giving other operators a pathway or a hidden suggestion to start charging for their delivery reports as well……. soon i guess they will start charging incoming sms on monthly basis ……….. huh where is PTA

  • Ufone Text Messages Delivery Reports must be free of cost, if company does not want this service free of cost, then its activation charges must be only first time nor daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Amir bhai, there is a mistake. It’s for both PREPAY n POSTPAY users. There is a mistake on Ufone website as well.

  • Kuch to sharam honi chahy 100 wala card load karo 15 rupees service charges ke jis se 85 balance ata hai or usage par 19.5% tax utune par Rs 0.67+tax call block service par Rs.9.9+tax monthly miss call notification k Rs 15+tax montly or ab naya panga delivery reports k monthly Rs 9.9+tax to humare liye baqi kia bacha tambora?

    Customer barhane keliye is qism ki services free honi chahy aise customer thori na barhen ge kyun k mai khud ufone use karta hoon or mai ufone ka buhar barra fan hoon or yeh meri tarf se ufone company ko suggestion thi.

    Adnan 0333 9400444

  • This is a shame. This can’t be offered without silent approval of PTA, which is bent on allowing every Telecom to mint as much money as possible out of customers’ pockets.

    Nowhere in the world SMS delivery notification is a paid service.

    Ufone which is claiming that they are cheapest are not cheapest at all.

    It is better to use USA voip numbers & make free VoIP calls using Wifi then using these Telecos.

  • Salam Aamir bhai,
    Activation charges of RS.9.99 are one time payment not monthly, weekly or daily.
    Please recheck.

  • Kahaaan tk looto gay is qom ko…. well we are already in the state that if someone slap on our face e offer him the other too… lay bhai idher bhi maar lay :D

    Other worst thing i notice that ufone ppl are setting marsia utunes on thier subscribers numbers without the constant of the number owner and on complaint they unsubscribe the user from the utune services …


  • these are the reasons mostly people have shifted/ported to warid :)

    warid has Free balance Inquiry & free sms report.

    Every other person i know, are now using Warid as Pre-pay & mostly people who were on post-pay now a days only & only use & recommend Warid Netwrok to others also :)

    I my self ported from Telenor to Warid & most of my family Members Own/shifted to Warid Network also…

    Warid is the Best.

  • any idea what the prefix is?
    i am using bite sms on iphone and want to know the prefix to make it work

  • bahi ufone walo sa guzarish ha k solid offer wala pakge dbara shero kary

    agar koi muj sa contect karna chata ha to is num pa call kary


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