Social Network’s Political Propagandas – And How to Report Them

Just as we covered the count of follower and fans of popular politicians, we came across this piece from daily newspaper.

The News came up with this story, stating that Facebook is widely used by anonymous people to launch propaganda. Read on

Social networking websites have become an effective tool to launch propaganda campaigns against top figures of the political spectrum as a large number of paid advertisements are being posted on these sites without any mention of those who are bearing expenses for them.

These kinds of advertisements often carry text materials, photographs and audio and video clips in which unknown sources try to create negative opinion among the public against certain persons, especially politicians.

Anyone can create his-her own advertisement in line with the guidelines given in these websites and can decide terms and conditions based upon per day payment through various sources.

All attempts to find out the source of any of these advertisements have simply failed because those who post them do not show their identity. But the data, given with the advertisements, showed that thousands of people view them regularly.

“It seems that everyone is a member of a social network these days.

Some of the local lawyers told ‘The News’ that if there is no mention of the sources then no legal action can be taken on the basis of these advertisements but those who feel affected can contact administration of these social networking websites to remove such material.

The trend of formulation of special pages on these sites by prominent figures is also fast gaining grounds and many Pakistani personalities have made their pages to publicise their views and attract attention of the people. These personalities created dedicated page (or profile) for fans to write on their wall and interact with them during live discussion forums. Their pictures, audio and video messages, recordings of their speeches and schedule of their events is also displaced on their pages.

Source: The News

In reality, this is not the case – if you find any offensive content, you can report it to Facebook, and they do take care of such things.

Be sure, that social media campaigning is something new to Pakistan, but it has spent enough time in west, hence, such social networks are well trained to tackle these sorts of situations.

How to Report on Facebook?

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  • What if someone has created Your Fake Page/Profile: If someone has created an account/page to impersonate or imitate individual or a company, go to the impostor profile and click “Report this Person”/”Report this page” in the left column.

    Choose “Fake Account” / “Fake Page” as the reason, and add “Impersonating me or someone else” as the report type. Be sure to add a valid web address (URL) leading to the real profile that Facebook Team can review the information.

  • How to Report Copy Right infringement

Similarly, browse through Facebook Help center, and you will find the answer to your question.