Update SonyEricsson Phone Software for Free (OTA method)

Mobile repair centers charge too much for repairing or updating  mobile phone. firmware(software). But there are two easy and inexpensive (even free) ways to update your SonyEricsson phone from home using PC or using GPRS

You can update your SonyEricsson phone software for latest phone updates like bug fixes, java engine update and even you can update to fix some phone software problems, for instance if your phone is not restarting.

This will save your of money if you repair using SonyEricsson update software instead of paying fees in market.

Two methods to update your SonyEricsson phone software

1st method is to update using GPRS

Updating phone software of SonyEricsson phones is supported in almost all handsets which were manufactured in last two years. This is called updating the phone over air update by SonyEricsson.

This process uses your GPRS to download latest software remotely from SonyEricsson server. This will cost you GPRS charges as per your data tariff.

Before updating software backup your all data which is stored to phone memory, like contacts, SMS, MMS, other files and java applications installed on your phone memory.

Over the air(OTA) phone update requirements:

  • GPRS(Data package recommended)
  • Free Space
  • Full battery(recommended, not necessary)

To update phone using the update over air method, go to settings of your phone

Select Update service option and click on search for update

It will look for any available update from sonyericsson servers, If any update is available it will ask you if you want to update your phone, if not asked then click on the Update service option like shown in the image below.

Takes maximum about 15 minutes to download software and about 10minutes to install and restart your phone. Your phone will become refresh like with all settings stored to default factory settings.

Please use updating service at your own risk, for any mistake or problem propakistani.pk or me will not be responsible.

  • Is the backup part just precautionary? (just in case something goes wrong.)

    or will contacts and sms be destroyed as part of the update in every case?

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