Official: PTCL Student Packages Over 1 MB, ending March 1st

As we covered earlier about the  end of Student Discount Packages over 1 MB, it has been officially confirmed now that company is discontinuing all student packages above 1 MB.

A company statement has said that all packages of greater than 1 Mbps i.e., 2 Mbps and 4 Mbps broadband services will not have the student package discount applicable which is effective from 1st March 2010 onwards.

Earlier PTCL representatives informed all student discount holders via phone calls that company will stop offering student discounts from February 1st.

With a prior notice of one month, PTCL has no legal obligation of withdrawing this service. However, many high end broadband users (who were availing this discount) may shift to other ISPs.

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  • No Problem… I’m 1 MB user!.
    but it is unexpected for me as I thought PTCL will upgrade its Broadband packages in March!

  • Can anyone confirm what is the default course of action for those who do not do anything ?

    I mean what would be happened to currently subscribed 4 mb student package ?

    1-they will be converted to 1 mb automatically?
    2-they will be charged full price of 4 mb ?

  • They will lose market share if other providers keep their student discount on 2 mb and 4 mb connections.

    Btw for those arguing that students need only 1 mb may I ask why cant a student use fast internet ?

    Genuine or non-genuine every student has a right to use the internet according to his use. Infact students play online games, download movies and its not the other way round.

  • I think that PTCL is going to double the package from next month. So, the 1 Mbps users might be upgraded to 2Mbps speed which is used by most of the high internet usage students.

  • Dear ptcl’s 1mb is equal to other’s 2mb cz other Isp’s provide shared conection..tleast even in onemb u recieved one mb speed in ptcl.. i bet customer using ptcl and having no issue with his line he ll never switch to any other isp

  • i ordered a 2MB Student package today and i asked them tht i have heard tht u are not offering student discount on DSL connections higher than 1MB and they said they are still offering student discount WTH!!

  • excellent i am an engineering student and i have never felt the need of dsl … just dialup is fine for me however recently i got dsl only for viewing online lectures… for voice chating with my firends so that we even sitting in house we can teach /help eahc other.. and 1mb is doing excellent for me.. above it students dont neeed whatsoever… i wonder if anyone needs then he should come here with a plausible logic.

  • guys who’s saying 2MB or 4MB packages was not for students everyone wants speed either he is a student or some one else but ptcl will have to bear loss of this decision because most of us people were using ptcl just for broadband not for calling for this purpose 6 mobile companies are working in Pakistan.if we look at real speed of ptcl broadband its 106kb/s at 1MB and 256kb/s at 2MB and 400to500kb/s on 4MB but wateen is giving 256kb/s on 1 mb package now its up to you.

    • well ! nice try to permote wateen but dear what i blieve those who are using ptcl will not switch to anyother ISP.
      Second u mentioned everyone wants speed i do agree with u but student package meanz giving discount to the students so that they can use internet at cheap rates for their studies n i think in 1mb student can fullfil his requirments..

      • ah! mr.Burhan Mehdi i am not promoting wateen and more over i am also using ptcl 4mb dsl but i still cant satisfy with ptcl .they dont have customer support but you are looking to be big supporter of ptcl. And you said those who using ptcl will not swich to other isp wait and watch ahh!! thats it. BEST REGAURDS for ptcl ;) !!!

        • Bro ! i just told the truth, i do agree wwith u that PTCL doesnt have customer support n customer has to suffer alote for resolving his issue.But dear i had a chance to work in An ISP so knw bit about brandwith so mentioned wht my experience say.n dear u mentioned you are using 4mb n still not satisfied so dear dnt worry soon ptcl is going to interduce 8mb package as they are using ADSL 2plus technology..

      • wateen is hunderd time better than ptcl…and ptcl is doing illegal by acting like this….nonsense….istead of condmng u r doing favour of ptcl……….r u agent or saleman of ptcl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,????keep ur suggestions to urself……….bad is bad and good is good thats it……………..

  • It is bad news for students stop student package of internet.please do not stop this package. we are regular users of internet.


  • burhan ………………ur tatoo of ptcl rule is rule………….why u r favouring ptcl……????/

  • PTCL Services Now a day not good enough to use couz they didn’t gives the right speed 2mb package the just give 1mb

  • I am thinking to get the 2mb package ….. Ppl i need ur suggestions,does it work all fine? The ground speed is actually 2 mb or some lesser ….

  • yea sad news there …

    but im also hanged with a problem here ..
    anyone who can help me with dat ..

    i have got 2mb on ptcl landline …
    now i want to use it on ma cell via wifi (or anyother media)
    so what do i really need to make that stuff possible …. i would try to do any possible work on that if u suggest me… i;ll really appreciate .. pleez … i would be waitin…fo yo replyz …

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