Poll: Do You want Govt to Ban Night Packages?

To know what masses think about the possible ban of night packages, we thought of conducting a quick poll. Question is very simple: Do you want the Government to ban night packages?

Select your choice and hit the vote button.

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  • Many ppl use it talk with relatives.. from 11pm is best time for 1 hour call with best friends & relatives… If govt want to do something… make social situation good.

  • scumbags … People have u lost ur mind .. aik sasti cheez he … why do u want telecom companies to goet a chance to eat u more and make more money of your less longer calls .. stupid economical concept

    • Our Parliament & Assemblies always such type of bills which is not from people.
      They did same with revo car… by passing bill for minimum car prices…
      Dont know who making this type of foolish economic decisions….

    • Bhai night package end kar do dykhty hain kya hoga… sms bhi bund karo gy kya???
      bhai root cause identify kro aur root cause hamara social system hy.
      mujhy maloom tha log yeh hi kehty hain k raat ko gf bf hi baat kar skty hain iss liye i mention k my mom talk with khala at 11pm.
      Main gf/bf relation k against baat kar rha hon & you saying i hv Gf. pathetic!

      • i am agree with you govt should find the root cause and in my opinion our education system and policies
        are the factors and they also knows where the problem is.

  • kislye block karaigne ye service. akhir humein b hak hai ke hum apne family walo se saste rates par bat karain.

    • lol @ family walon se saste rates par baat karain.
      yaar yeh kaunsi family hay apki jho raat ko jaagti hay? *confused*

  • gov should concentrate improving Economics/stability /Reliability…. don’t interfering with telecom sector …. do your work what you appoint for !!!

  • What the ______ is this government doing. Are they out of their mind. Majority of youth will still continue to talk to each other. Bad people will not convert to good ones. By banning such things, govt. is acting like a school teacher who can only teach with a stick instead of developing interest of their students for studies.

    These people are so dumb _____ etc.

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  • Very poor economical policy by the government of Pakistan.
    we can not stop evil by banned this foolish strategies.

  • it should be banned with exeption in weekends:p

    yar tora jaiya te maza chahriyan wastay ve te hona chai de ae….n

  • These politicians and mullahs want to take every bit of freedom we have. They think that youth is wasting time and not concentrating on studies. As far as I have observed, tharki people don’t care for money. They would carry on with normal package to satisfy their needs. The good thing about night packages is that at least they spend their day time (time when mind is most active) focusing on other things.
    On the other hand, what about millions of people who call their families at night. Life is busy and they can’t talk with ease in the daytime.

    Why they don’t take such things into account when making decisions.

  • As I’m youngster and i’m disagree with it. Its very worst if we talk with girls we will not able to awake early in the morning our all consentration will be on that… we dont know we are wasting 3 to 7 hours of a day in just talking on phone ….. its worst and it must be banned…..

    • Supposing your logic is true, what about internet, chat rooms, satellite cable, mobile phones, games etc. Shouldn’t they ban these as well. Youth is wasting time in all these things.

      There has been always times like these. People were raising such issues in the beginning about VCR and satellite cable. Were the youth destroyed then?

      Theory is simple. There is a positive and negative side of everything. Its just the inner self of people that matters. I call my friends at night for study related issues.

      • Indeed there is a positive and a negative aspect of everything.
        But we have to see which of the two tends to weigh out HEAVIER at the end of the day.
        Not every youth is able to afford a pc + internet connection + not to forget that WAPDA the beloved doesn’t let them waste their time CONTINUOUSLY by utilizing their power cut schemes nation wide(oh wait we might have just stumbled upon a very positive contribution of WAPDA to the society).

        It is very nice to hear that you call your friends for study related issues “late at night” but again as I just stated, we have to consider this issue on a mass basis and weigh out its pros and cons.
        A few people utilizing this service for study issues on the expense of having our younger immature youth spoiled is definitely not acceptable to any sane mind.
        You are an academic scholar hence I am confident you will not fail to agree with me.

  • Is government k pass karny k lia or koi kam ni hain jo is tarf a gay hain. Gov logon ko pagal banana chor day balky bahtar ho ga k ya log gov he chor dain sb chor bathy hain saly




  • ^Really stupid people.

    Telecoms should be forced to bring down their prices and it will be begin by first banning Night packages.

    They should do like the West:

    1) Morning rate
    2) EVENING rate
    3) Weekend rate

    • At one side you are saying bring down prices and the other side calling for a ban on night packages (cheapest solutions).

      How much more price cut you want, 1 paisa/min.

      • I see reading isn’t your strongest skill. Too much talking on the mobile phone and Internet I gather?

        Night packages “forces” people to stay up late.

        Having lower prices will make people use it more casually and live like normal human beings rather than owls.

  • It is least interest to people. I don’t use it but I think that if some people benefit from it let them. If it is evil then this ban will give way to further ways. I wonder whether Pakistan is free from all issues that our honourable law makers have focused their attention to this petty issue? Actually they have nothing to do in the assemblies to kill their time through the long day sessions so they take up this sort of GENUINE problems to go through.

  • I think the we have ourselves forced the government to take such a decision. Nobody talks to their family members such late night, even if some one does, its not like they do it every night.
    I will totally appreciate the government if they take such an action.

  • These politicians are actual dumb _____. Depriving us of roti kaprra aur makaan and now other necessities too. Narrow minded people think that night packages are only used to talk to girlfriends. They are stupid geeks. I often talk to my brother and mother every night because Im far from them and cheap night call rates are best for people like me. ignorant always think negative.

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  • Whoever says that people dont talk to their friends and FAMILY on late night packages is the most stupid person in the world. I talk to my family every night you rubbish!

    • kitni selfish hay dunia.
      Bas sab yehi kehtay hein.. mera apna masla hal ho baki dunia walon se mera koi wasta nahe.
      Isi negative thinking ki wajaysay Pakistan’s progress is hampered.

  • I know a lot of people who talk to their family members and relatives late night. but this mulla stricken country is going in what direction. I cant undestand.

  • People who want a ban on such packages are turds. They want to live in their shit smitten gutters forever. They don’t want to look outside because they are satisfied with the smell of it.

  • well night ki jaga they should have day packages….. rat ko soyin ya bat krein…din main usage hota hai ..so they sould bring down those prices.

    • Yeh dekho na kitni akalmand hay.
      Mein tau kehta houn jaldi se iski suggestion sab cellullar companies ko forward ki jaye lol :p

  • i was wondering Why we pakistanis are rude to each other all the time? Can’t we talk politely to each other even if we have different point of views!

  • Bilkul ya ban honi chahya.
    Din kya kam hota ha ka raat ko baat ki jaia aur ya adi raat ko kon batein karta hein?????? (Ashiq logh), so it should be banne immediately.
    Ya hamari youth ko destroy kar rha ha.

    Aye Nojwano “Iqbal ka Shaheen bano” fazool cheezon mein apna aur dosro ka waqt zaya na kro plz……………

  • Never!!!!!!
    If so then companies should also provide alternate, like Ufone’s Solid Offer, so that we can talk at day time

  • In a country where price of bread is more than SMS / Voice calls, I do not think we should promote it.

    If Telecos have this much money, they should spend it for public benefit rather than creating opportunities for growing more social evil.

    Night packages must be banned, as in world, you won’t find such pockages else where except countries like us.

  • Everyone know for what these packages are used for… what is the point in promoting packages that run from noon till dusk?

    mark my words these packages are only there to corrupt the younger generation of Pakistan to the extent when someone comes to f**k up our a***s we will happily put down our pants for them…

    Why parents are allowing the younger generation (18 years or less) keep a cell phone is beyond me. You can not put no justification to it.

    I say ban all night packages and also ban those stupid adds where males are after females in every age group child young and old… what the f**k are they promoting they are TRYING to f**k up OUR culture for a western one… and everyone seems to be so sure to follow it blindly as its the best for them??? I never see us following Islam that way… a bitchy hypocrisy of a nation we are.

    • also ban those stupid adds where males are after females in every age group child young and old… AGREE!
      This is like they are telling everyone, all you have to do is to “hunt” for opposite gender!
      “a bitchy hypocrisy of a nation we are” Thats exactly what we all are, Hypocrites, though we blame only our politicians.

  • Raat ko konsa log in packages say ibadat ka kaam kertay hain ya koi aur acha kam kertay hain, raat ko jagtay hain din ko sotay hain ghar walay b tang, raat ko package chalatay hain din ko unhe larkion kay saath ghomtay hain.

  • mera khayal night package khatam nahi honay chahey q k din ki masrofiat ki wgah se ap ko din main baat kernay ka time he nahin milta so every avail night packages.

    i dont think so that at 11 O clock ap apnay bf se baat kertay hain czzz sara ghar to jag raha hota hay :P :P :P

  • u know pakistan ki govt apny awam ku sukun main dekh he nai sakti.aata,cheeni,bejli,petrol sab mehnga ker dya ab soch rahi hai ye pakistan main fone itna sasta kyo haii isy b mehnga kerdo pehly taxes badha dye ab pakages band ker rahy hain 2 maheny bad kahenge ye minute 1 rupy kyo hao 10rs hona chaiye.

  • Amirr bhai the thing is that, we are always pessimistic! Yar i am a student of M.b.a i know how important communication is between my class mates, during the final project days we have to stay in touch 24/7, and we work usually late night….and if school kids are misusing it then government should stop kids from using mobile phones, first parents buy phones for their “8” years old child and then they complain about him misusing it…..! who is responsible ? nightpackages or the parents…the Choice is yours!

  • ppl now start using Ufone ghanta package…….ab kon raat ka intazaar kary….baat to woh he achi jooo time py ho jaay.

  • These night packages should immediately be banned as everyone knows what they are being used for.
    Just released our maid coz she was sleeping the whole day thanks to this service.
    Freedom to choose has its limits in every civilised society.
    I have a simple test for those who are for it – Would you approve usage of night packages for your own family members?

  • here in us; we pay a fixed price every month but we get free mobile to mobile, free nights and free weekends..you can even get unlimited on and off peak if you pay for it..I dont think we have a problem here with people sleeping during day…sounds ok to me

  • Yes! I also think the same that Government of Pakistan should imposed to ban night packages as lots of people misusing important time and energy!

  • Yes Night packages of all kinds must be restricted so that astrayed youth can be pathed and their efficiency (which surely reduce by les sleeping,involving in Night Packages)can be raised.If governement really planning or Planed already,then they think none else but to impose sanction on Night Package of any sort.

  • God has made night for sleeping. And telecom operators does not leave even single opportunity to earn money.

    Leave the BTS on-air for the day time.

  • I strongly says that it must be banned. I know several boys got impotent due to this late night girl friend talk arrangements. Surprised? nevermind but it works as they told me :-(

  • AOA everyone!
    I think govt should strive to emphsize mobile operators to shrink the calling rates and tax rather ban on night packages.

  • What the hell is going here….I dont get a single use of night pakages…THey are just the time waste of youth..
    Spoling of our youth..Spoiling of our religion.I cant imagine any person talking till 1 am and still he offers his fajar prayers…This is just a wastage of money, precious time of youth and deceiving your parents..
    For those who want to talk to their relatives use Pakistan pkg of ptcl in daytime..And what do you think the mobile is for…ITs just for short talks when you are out of home…Hours of talk can damage your brain…
    Do as you care about your self…

  • No technology or facility is dangerous only it wrong use lead to exploitation. So any relief to hard stricken Pakistanis is a blessing whether night packages or day packages.

  • the saying “Romance is in the Air” appears to be true. These Packages are destroying youngsters in many ways. Youngsters are using mobile phones to maintain personal and romantic relationships. According to very reliable resource http://www.wikipedia.org “Pakistan is seventh country of the world by the number of mobile phones in use.” PTA reports that in the Year 2008/2009 Pakistan had the largest text messaging growth in Asia Pacific..!

    On 31-Oct-2010 Interior Minister Rehman Malik while talking to journalists at the Jinnah International Airport said “Not every killing in Karachi is a target killing, Forty people have died in fights over boyfriends and girlfriends in Karachi” said the minister, adding that the murders of people over personal disputes are also [wrongly] labelled as target killings.”

    Wasi Shah has written for them:
    Sari raat ki jagi ankhain
    College main kia parhti hon gi?

    , now let me highlight the interview of Mrs. Bilquis Edhi on mothers day published in Jang Newspaper (Sunday Magzine), May-8-2011: Mrs. Bilquis Edhi said: “I request to all parents, for God sake, take good care of your children, concentrate on them. Now infant/infanticide cases are very much increased & every month people left 30-40 infants in, baby cradle.” She added that “I am sure that Mobile Phone is major reason behind that scene.

    (now if any any thinks that these packages are good then he must be dragged into the street & must get good education before thinking anything.

  • Yes! the govt. must ban these packages. i believe, in pakistan these cell phoen packages are cheaper than dal roti.

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