Calculate Data Usage Before Signing for ISP

These days we find ISPs offering different packages with some speed and quota limits. But most of the time, we remain in a fix that which package will be best suitable for us.

When i opted for Wateen for the first time, i was kinda in a fix at that time too. So, i opted for maximum quota package. But now, you can actually calculate your usage before signing any contract with ISPs. Thanks to wi-tribe Philippines.

They have a usage calculator where you can actually calculate that how much quota you would be needing before signing for ISP. You just need to slide the bar a little left & a little right to get to your desired quota.

Their queries are genuine and most the time we do all the stuff that has been asked. Activities like “Hours watching YouTube and other web streaming sites per week” & “TV episodes downloaded per week” make most of our web browsing experience in general.

I opted for 10GB package. See how can accurate can it be. When checked, Aamir consumes around 50 GB data a month, that’s huge (too many movies i assume).

Try for yourself right here. Somethings are better told than never ; – )

  • HAHAHAHA but wi-trib packages sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! only 10 GB in month i consume such bandwidth in a DAY!!!!!!!!! and more than 100 GB in month APROXIMATELY !!!!!you can say that more than 100 GB ;) IF I DOWNLOAD TWO BLUE-RAY DISC MOVIES SO I CAN ONLY DOWNLOAD ! AND A HALF MOVIE ON WI-TRIBE!!!

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