Shoaib Malik Sits High at Google Trends

The crowd over internet rushed towards Google as soon as Shoaib Malik’s engagement news with Sania Mirza broke, this evening.

Currently Shoaib Malik is 48th 33rd most searched term on Google Worldwide, in last one hour. He was 43rd most searched Term just minutes ago.

Just to mention, Shoaib Malik is reportedly marrying Sania Mirza on 16-17th of Next Month. Sania will be settling in Pakistan after the marriage.

On lighter note, I was just wondering if Sania Mirza will play for Pakistan after relocating to Pakistan. If yes, then that’s a plus for Malik

  • Saad Malik

    A news made my day… . yes two big stars of two different nations getting tied in the knot of marriage … AMAN ke asha be carried forward by them now… may you both have a very happy and joyful life…. may you both have lots of little shoaibs and sanias. hehe .. best wishes from all pakistanis.

  • MASHALLAH best of luck Shoaib Bhai

  • Naeem

    Would Sania be playing for Pakistan or Shoib will be part of Indian Team?

    • Abdullah Ali

      interesting point :)
      may be sania will stop playing & shoaib will play after 1 year from pak[or get life time ban :D]

      • Nice Question Naeem :)

    • Abbas

      nice one..

  • kamran zaki khan

    Allah bless them.

  • Danish Faqir

    Allah blesses their marriage. How come people like Shoaib cannot find good girls from Pakistan?

  • Altaf

    That means their scandal worked, as such people generally want to stay in news and try to spread rumors / scandals that can serve that purpose.

    let’s see how true is it. It may turn out some thing like Meera story or Veena malik story!

  • Waqar

    33rd most searched item is huge. Probably because of the millions of unhappy indian boys who had fantasies of marrying Sania Mirza…googlin to check out who they lost to ;-)

  • Shaharyar K. Kureshi

    the Pakistani munda

  • hammer man

    sab tau theek hay
    magar is chuhay nay bachi phansaye kaisay :p
    why did i raise this point?
    i’ll tell later..
    but lets see if anyone has any interesting feedback to give :p

    • asif

      Tel now :-)

  • Farhan Wattoo

    NIce Keep It Up Go ahead :))

  • BABA



  • asif

    God bless them.

  • Salman

    IPL ne to sirf pakistan k 11 players ko reject kiya tha ”’Faraz”’

    Sania ne to pure india k nojawano ko reject ker diya hai….
    Geo Shoaib Malik

  • ehtsham

    Malik, i love u man, Malik family ka honiyar supoot.

  • Rizwan Mardan

    Bhut khob bacho.. keep it up.. becharay indian kubrray aashiq.. Allah indians ko sabar de aameen

  • Umair Ansari

    mojy to bht dhuk hoa hai is shaadi se aagr shoib bhai ko itna khayal tha pakistani hone ka to wo shayd indian girl se nhi pakistani girl se karta magr unho ne asa nhi keya…sania mirza just nam k muslman hai usne saray zindagi india mey guzry hai…think about it

  • djhassoo

    @Umari Ansari

    Meray bhai jo India main ho wo kya Muslim nahi hota? Muslim chahy kahen b rahay chahy wo ISrael main he kyun na rahta ho agar wo ALLAH or uskay RASOOL S.A.W.W k kahay per amal karta hay mananay wala hay to woh Muslim hay INSHALLAH, or Shoaib nay Sania say shadi ke tu there is nothing wrong donun MASHALLAH Muslim hain, or hum koi huq nahi rakhtay kisi k baray main ye kahnay ka k woh acha Muslim hay ya nahi, Pahlay humain hud ko dekhna chahy k hum kitnay achay Msulim hain hum itnay he achay hotay to aj ic Music website per na hotay. hayer ALLAH hum sub ko naiq amal karnay ki toufiq ata farmay AMEEN

  • Rizwan Mardan

    Allah dodn hkosh rakay.. HAmarai duaen un ke sath hain

  • someone

    Sania has hot figures..