PTCL Upgrades its Contact Centers

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has upgraded and advanced its contact centers to facilitate its customers.  Now PTCL customers can utilize its services through these contact centers with out leaving their homes or offices.

PTCL has four contact centers one each in Karachi and Rawalpindi and two in Lahore. These contact centers operates round the clock 24/7, 365 days a year. A well trained staff of 1200 personnel ensures quality service and support to our customers at all times.

These contact centers has been upgraded from a previously man-power reliant contact centers and now has taken the shape of advanced and developed process-oriented contact centers. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and parameters in place together with efficient and effective provision on the first call resolution.

SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed remarked that these steps were an effort to ensure that all the customers both in-bound and out-bound, needs were dealt with speedily and effectively. He added that customer facilitation has always been the core objective of PTCL policies and programs.

Besides this, PTCL has also developed an effective online interface through which customers can order majority of products along with the facility of submitting their suggestions and feedback regarding services of PTCL. The web portal will enable customers to manage their accounts and billing as per convenience of their time and location. PTCL is also providing an online complaint form for their customers to register their complaints using web based services.

To improve customer care in the regions, PTCL has also established service support centers through out the country. They serve as a platform for communication with customers, analysis and follow-ups on faults and service provisioning regarding all PTCL services. They have also been engaged in coordination with local exchanges for expediting customer services issues.

EVP Customer Care Jamil Khawaja said ensuring effective customer care is the top priority of PTCL and all steps would be taken to simplify the procedures for our customers to eradicate any hurdles coming in way.

  • I dont think it will make a difference. The service will still lack the customer support.

    I had my phone connections installed by emailing PTCL invstors (Etisalat Executives). The phone line was installed within 2 hours after my email was sent.
    I made use of Pro Pakistani blog in my email and it worked (like blackmailing), else I would have suffered like other customers

    • Imran sb aoa u are right that the system will not improve pls can you give me the email addresses of ETISALAT EXECUTIVES because I also face a lot of problem & my COMPLAINT is not even REGISTERED by 1218 STAFF. my email address is: ______________ pls do send the email addresses so that i can also email them in case of any problem. Thank you.

      [Comment Edited]

      • I am not able to provide you email for the etisalatt excutives, since post change alot. You can do this.
        1. Search L:nkedin for Etisalat Excutives
        2. Search Linkedin for PTCL excutives.
        3. Search for email addresses used by the both company employess
        4. Create a similar email addresses for the 1 and 2 from above.
        5. Write your email and tell how CS of PTCL effecting their sales and investment.
        6. You will hit a nail in one of the exectives if you mention of wrting PTCL negative publicty blog. And what will be better option other then PTCL.
        7. Good Luck!!

  • There is NO change, they have no idea what to do if there is delay without a reason from Exchange side to provide any service, they keep on telling you that “where are forwarding your complain to concerned department” and expect nothing more than this AT ALL.

    Try their web-self-service creating an accoung, 1st you wont be able to register due to “system is busy right now” message, after several tries if you get the verification code, pick you landline and dial 1236, and after selection of language press 4 to enter your verification code…
    But I bet you will NOT getting anything else than “System is busy”

    PTCL never comes without a flawless service.

  • 0313-2569187

    I am the user of your PTCL land line which # 02136940627
    this number has been out of order last 3 weak. i am several
    complain to Saleem center up more Branh office but they are
    not resonding in my complain pls note my complain no 92
    Dt: 03-Jun , complain no 156 Dt: 08 june.

    Kidly pay attention toward this matter from your buyest schadule.
    i shall be very thank full to you

    Tks & Brgds,
    Naveed Ahmed

  • @Atiq
    This is not a PTCL complaint center. You complaint center is not responding at the moment, please try your complaint again. Shukria! :D

  • I would like to bring in your kind notice that my dsl is not working properly from last 20 days+, i made so many complains but still awaiting proper solution. At 1218some one says my modem is over,(if modem is over then how its get connected some time) some one says line parameters not stable. everytime when i called at 1218 get answer that in next 24 hours problem will be solved, but still awaitng that 24 hours. I have not any regular officer number to write email. So you are requested kindly forward my request to concern department.
    Waiting for your favourable action.
    Atif Javed

  • bhai jan mery ghra ka phone kam nahi kar raha 15 din se zada ho gaye hai please check karwa kar theek karwa dain

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