Draw Day: Why Facebook is Culprit and How Best to React?

We have witnessed internet users in Muslim world adopting different strategies in reaction to “Draw Mohammad” (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa-aal-hi-Wasallam). Millions of Muslims are protesting against the intents of a community on Facebook that is planning to conduct a contest for Prophet Mohammad’s Drawings.

Background of Draw Day

To discuss it further, it is necessary to understand how and why this Draw Day came into existence.

The Idea to make funny cartoons of Prophet Mohammed [PBUH] came from a Seattle Cartoonist Molly Norris who thought of this campaign in reaction to Comedy Central’s decision to censor an episode of South Park with depictions of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].

South Park was threatened by Muslims if it showcased Prophet Mohammad’s depictions.

Supporters of Draw Mohammad day say that the campaign is in reaction to killing threats by Muslims; however, they ignore the fact that Muslims’ threats were actually the reaction of South Part depictions. If Draw Mohammad Day supports want to react on reactions, then this chain is not going to stop anytime soon.

Later, on 27th April after a wave of anger from Muslims around the world, she decided to withdraw this activity justifying that she didn’t intend to hurt or disgrace some particular religion.

As always there is a third party to take advantage of a situation so here as well. A page was created on Facebook to continue the similar activity. Owner identity is unknown. The page created even more response than the original activity since page owners put completely disgracing sketches on it.

Supposedly and apparently, admins of this page, allegedly the jewish, created hundreds of groups and pages in order to help removing that page. This advertised the page even in thousand more way in result.

Freedom of Speech and Mohammad’s Depictions

Many argue over this fact that depicting Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] is their basic human right, given to masses by the law of many countries. But, this freedom of speech comes with limitations – Wikipedia Notes:

Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws.

There are exceptions to these general protection, including the Miller test for obscenity, child pornography laws, speech that incites imminent danger, and regulation of commercial speech such as advertising.

Within these limited areas, other limitations on free speech balance rights to free speech and other rights, such as protection from imminent or potential violence against particular persons (restrictions on fighting words), or the use of untruths to harm others (slander). Distinctions are often made between speech and other acts which may have symbolic significance.

Now for those who are depicting Prophet Mohammad [PBUH], they clearly know that this will create hatred, mass violence and worst possible impact on Muslims’ feelings.

How Muslims are Reacting?

  • Some go to said Fan page and they abuse the owners and non-Muslims there
  • Some go to Fan page in question and argues on different topics giving their logics to prove the Fan Page unnecessary and indecent
  • Some users are creating their Fan-Pages either opposing the fan page in question or otherwise for Prophet Mohammad praise (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa-aal-hi-Wasallam)
  • There are people who are ignoring the situation but are feeling really bad in their hearts, and are unable to do anything
  • There are people who are just not only ignoring all the happenings but they are not even concerned about the outcomes
  • There are people who are sad over the incident but accepting it as they can’t do anything

Facebook’s Role in Promoting Draw Day [Allegations]

Facebook, allegedly, is supporting the Draw Day, and here are our arguments:

  • Facebook is governed under its Terms of Services. Item 3.7 of Facebook TOS says “You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence”
  • “Draw Mohammad Day” was reported by at least 35,000 Facebook users, however, page is still live – giving the page a direct support (while it is spreading hatred – a violation of Facebook TOS)
  • During the campaign, Facebook is banning pages created by Muslims against Jews. In this one example, Facebook banned a Page with-in 20 minutes of its reporting by jews

The people from all over the world have reported the page but even after thousands of reports, Facebook hasn’t removed the page, giving its indirect support for the cause.

For instance one may think that it may be Facebook itself! And why not, while controversy will result in clicks, impressions, visits to this page making them earn more as well as the creation of hundreds of other new pages and groups with lot more activity as an investment for future.

Facebook is bone of contention: Because its only the Facebook that could create such an impact. With power, there was responsibility on Facebook, which it never met.

If Facebook had banned the Draw Mohammad page, in early days – none of this could have happened.

What will happen on Draw Day?

On the 20th, people will post pictures on Blogger, LiveJournal, wordpress.com, vox.com, TypePad, Flickr, Picasa, imgur, yfrog, twitpic, and of course, on their own blogs and in videos on Youtube and elsewhere. But again, Facebook is the root cause.

Why Draw Day is Worst than Previous Blasphemous Acts?

This instance of blasphemy is not like what it had happened before in Sweden and Norway. We know that there are websites that spreads blasphemous content across the web.

But, in this instance, Web Giant Facebook is part of the game, and while Facebook has roots to each corner of the world, you can calculate the scale of blasphemy on May 20th, 2010.

What Best we can do?

Unity, under one leader!

Large scale ridicule on May 20th will ignite worldwide riots and unrest. Even worst, anti-Islam elements now have found a way to tease Muslims.

As initial response: Pakistan government has reacted and banned said Fan Page (only one URL), under Pakistan Penal Code, article 295 and 298 that is related to blasphemy law.

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom decides on what to ban and not to, based on the rules of the land.

It merits mentioning here that MoIT has already banned around 8 million pages on internet (As per Jang News) that has any in-appropriate content and which comes under blasphemy.

On 20th, MoIT will ban as much URLs as possible.

But, let’s go bigger – governments and Media from Muslim countries must unite at this time.

This war can’t be won on roads and battlefields; instead a strategic media campaign is needed to make the western world realize that they are acting in uncivilized manner. It is them who are creating unrest and doing extremist activities.

To Boycott or Not to Boycott

There are opinions for and against boycotting the Facebook. There are people who think boycotting the Facebook is a form of protest – to make the Facebook administration realize their biased strategy, while others think they will stay on Facebook and will fight on the platform.

ProPakistani’s Stance

We are Boycotting the Facebook on May 20th, 2010 and we will abandon all our activities on Facebook ever after. We have this stance because:

  • Staying on Facebook for reporting the bad URLs is pointless, as Facebook has made its mind to not to listen you
  • ProPakistani (not saying about you) can’t preach at a platform where people are abusing and using indecent language

Note: ProPakistani’s stance is an individual opinion, and is not imposed on anyone.

Note: This article has input from Jabran Rafique as well.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Great step by propakistani, i think say no more facebook will be better for all muslims.

    • It is part of faith to love Mohammad ( Peace Be Upon him) more than you love yourself, your family and anything else in this world.

      I have proudly deactivated my Facebook account.

      Talha, USA

  • We must deactivate our Facebook Account.DEACTIVATE Ur Account for minimum
    1 Day.Ur account will be in the same position after activating it
    again.Give Reason of Deactivation tht,”I AM DE-ACTIVATING TO PROTEST
    “GREAT PROTEST” to Facebook Management, & to show tht v Love
    PROPHET MOHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him)post this as ur
    status so that the others may also know about this

    • Why not we leave it completely, If any body do wrong with the Personality of NABI PBUH then we just leave from him for some specific time ? Think

    • Return to FB again? No way. I will never support FB again in my life. Damage done is done! If we have any shame/gheerath then we should shun these guys for ever.

  • It is very much clear now that Facebook is governed by Zionist Jews… We should immediately and permanently Boycott the site… Majority of their users are Muslims, if we all leave Facebook, their user count will decrease drastically and will result in serious financial blow to this jewish company…

  • The government should circulate this issue with other Muslim countries and ask them to block this facebook for good till facebook confirms and undertake that this type of incidence will not take place and further steps should be taken to sue facebook for such a heavy amount that it has to be close down for good.

    Be a Muslim to take part in this seriously.

  • thanks; amir bahi making his part in this initiative plz joing this community “boucot facebook” on Orkut and make a full protest against them on other SM network.

  • I am usually not bothered by such issues but this time they have crossed all limits.

    If pakistan can comeup with a similar social networking site with necessary privacy issued addressed I will stop using facebook altogether.

    For now I have deactivated my account in protest.

  • It is possible to make a sensor of facebook.com on gateway of PTCL, so that people all over Pakistan can’t access facebook?

    • is your PTCL modem/router page. Only you can access it. It is not the gateway of PTCL.

  • i think fb should be banned permanently in Pakistan. they have crossed their limits.

  • Mr Aamir (and propakistani) I fully support your decision.

    I cant say anything about the other option of joining this page:


    Is it better to boycott or is it better to join this page which report the Blasphemous Act?

    Or should PTA just let this url open so we can report it?

    • Here is my opinion: What’s the point of reporting it when Facebook has made it’s mind to not to listen you

      • I agree to Aamir but I will also suggest that if our government blocks the service in Pakistan and pursue the same to other Muslim nations, the 47% of facebook users who are muslims can cut the facebook revenue… we can be together to show the strength… Time to UNITE…

      • I’d like to disagree. This attitude never helped. I’m totally for blocking facebook for the day, as it gives a clear message; but not reporting the page is actually helping whoever made that page in the first place. Keep reporting – If they didnt block it at 35000(ALLEGEDLY), what will they do at a 100,000? A million? A Billion?(world’s muslim population).

        Don’t just decide that they wont listen, so you won’t speak for your right. Speak, they’ll listen eventually.

        • Respect your thoughts, as you said, one should not give up.

          And btw, Usually 700 abuse reports are enough for getting a page banned if it’s fans exceeds 10K mark (read it somewhere).

            • I m sure facebook is a commercial organization and losing its user that cause revenue for them can make them re-think over it… its not about the huge campaign straight away… but we can evolve into big movement with Muslims stopping usage of facebook… I m sure Muslims cannot compete with others because we are losing economic war against them… we hate jews but are ready to use all products made by jews… we hate some western nations but we are ready to be there for our good… there are so many avenues where we muslims contribute to the growth of there economy and it happens for so many time that they impose sanctions on our economy… pity…

    • Yes I agree. It’s ironic and absolutely outrageous that no other Muslim country has banned facebook?

      What about Saudi Arabia and UAE? Did it get banned there yet?????

      I fully support the ban on facebook by our government. It should be a permanent ban.

      Look at Al-Jazeera from UAE:


      It still even has the facebook plugin installed!!

      Don’t they care even a little??

      • Facebook’s been banned in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran for a long time now.. they’re smarter than us.

  • I think that It is very good step but I advertise on facebook. Please PRO PAKISTANI make the website like facebook through which I promote and talk with my friends, playing games like mafia wars, farm ville etc. Please take comment as message

  • why not have a pakistani or muslim facebook instead. Don’t we have any intelligent web developer in Pakistan? You can earn lots of money i know i wish i knew how.

  • Great step ProPakistani. I am too going to delete my Facebook account permanently.

  • Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. ~Robert Frost. Fight back, not with violence but with intelligence.

  • Qurran o ahades sy sabit hai k kuffar kabhi tumhary khair khowa nahi hoskaty yahn tak k tum unka deen ikhtiyar na karlo.
    or yeh bat sabit hochuki hai k kuffar tarh tarh k harby istimal kar k muslmano ki dil azari karty rehty hain us k bawajood hum or hamary hukmranon ko sharm nahi ati k unka bycott karin.
    thy to aabaa wo tumhare hi magar tum kya ho
    hath py hath dhary muntazir e farda ho.
    Allah hamain in yahood o nasara k bycott karni ke tofeeq ata farmae, or hamary hukmrano ko bhi gherat aaee (Ameen summa ameen)
    Raza Hameed

  • F**K FACE BOOK ! PTA Blocked the bl**dy Website ! BOYCOTT BOyCOTT BOYCOTT !

    [Comment Edited]

    • I think we should take this threat as an opportunity and develop a website like face book. I would say Propakistani should take a lead and work on this.

  • Great work Amir bro!!!

    Batla do Gustakh-e-Nabi(Sallallahu Alayhi Wa-aal-hi-Wasallam) ko gairat-e-Muslim zinda hai.


  • all Pakistani ______ … thanks to you i have lost my job today .. all my work was related to facebook and application development but yes due to shit websites like this that try to use peoples emotions falsely its gone and so is my job … Did facebook do this .. no .. so many people use it daily to network who were not even involved.. i guess pakistan is supposed to remain illiterate for the next century .. nice going u _____ … i wish propakistani shuts down quick and looses a lot without the facebook .. because it will .. mofos

    [Comment Edited]

  • I am loving my Muslim brothers and sisters who loved facebook but proved that it has no value in their eyes when it comes to our Prophet (PBUH) who gave this world a model of peace & humanity.

    We, more than a billion on this planet are not heard but a few million jews are heard, we should know our worth how we can damage their business just by NEVER visiting facebook again.

  • dude the thing is that page should have been banned .. or some pages could have been whats the use in banning all of the facebook … it doesnt make any difference.. if u get robbed ull say ill kill myself and fix the job .. rather than trying to find who robbed u .. wow

    • If facebook can block anything against halocast in 20 minutes of page creatin & not something that is hurting more than a billion Muslims you think facebook isn’t part of it ?

  • AOA,

    Well I think We Should find any Muslims Facebook
    Or Soon I make Muslim Social networking Site…

    I hope Muslims specially Pakistan Can Support Us

  • @stagq _____
    I doubt your claim, if you are an application developer for facebook you must be having a little idea how to bypass the blockage (if that effects your living) which is a simple, but you don’t know how to do that? If that is you don’t know then I doubt you are an application developer for facebook. In last if facebook is the criteria of being educated & qualified then the world was illetrate before facebook..right_____?

    An emotional story you told us but I am not impressed, and not many people will be.

  • Excellent work by Propakistani.

    We need to boycott facebook. all mainstream jewish social networking sites should be banned in the muslim word including twitter and youtube.

    this issue needs to be brought up in the UN and against america directly in their face.

    i am going to boycott facebook.

    all muslims can live without facebook, facebook will suffer a great loss of revenue.

    Plus if we dont get affected by what they want us to get affected by, rather we send it back to them, we are going to be successfull.

  • @khalid ahmed … if u know i have been making games and applications for pakistani people and mobile companies … if pakistanis are not using it and the traffic is going down will it be good enough ..

    [Comment Edited]

  • Facebook is earning through advertisements shown to the visitors. Reduction in traffic means reduction in earnings.

    So the only solution is to block FaceBook by muslim governments in their regions & de-activation of facebook user account by Muslim users until facebook blocks the blasphemy pages from their website. I request muslims from all around the world not only de-activate their facebook account but also send e-mails to the higher authorities in their countries & file petition in their local courts to get BAN facebook in their until they remove blasphemy pages.

  • “…a strategic media campaign is needed to make the western world realize that they are acting in uncivilized manner. It is them who are creating unrest and doing extremist activities.”

    WHAT?? it is YOU muslims who are extremists! you are interferring in other countries laws! we have the right to make drawings about anything we want! this is called FREEEDOM… Mohammed is YOUR prophet, not ours! and your people are killing our people in the name of islam, so we are protesting about it.

    If you muslims are too dumb to understand such a simple thing then i think you all should get the f**k out from western countries and go live your lives alone in the middle east.. Its good for us we wont have any muslims on facebook.. Perhaps the whole internet should be banned in Pakistan cause you -_____ cant live with freedom of speech.

    [Comment Edited]

    • Okay here is the situation: Why in this world it happens that Freedom of Speech only sticks or is associated with drawings of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH], don’t we have other issues to express our freedom?

      I respect your freedom, but believe me this is no freedom, this is teasing and harming someone’s sentiments.

      And those who are killing people in your country, they are no Muslim. I can firmly state that Islam strictly asks us to not to harm anyone in any form, unless not in war with any country. (War is defined only when the state leader calls for a war, an individual, a group or party can’t initiate a war, for instance the way Talibans do)

      And just for the sake of definition, extremism is a state of human behavior, you can’t categorize it based on someone’s religion.

    • There is a thing called respect, lolote. Along with right of freedom, and freedom of speech, be mature enough to handle it. It makes no difference to our beloved Prophet whether you draw him or worship him. It is you who is affected.

      Our people are killing your people? Grow up and look around you. The crime rates in the west and the crazy attacks are done by your people who are no doubt emotionally unstable due to the pointless lives that you lead. Like the only important thing in your life is whining about Muslims.

      AND, we’re not coming to the west because we are inspired and awed by you pasty whites. Our students are intelligent enough to get scholarships and beat you at your own universities.

      so instead of begging for freedom of speech, go make yourself a civilized enough person to have a discussion without swearing and instead of drawing Prophets, make something out of your own pointless life.

    • @Lolote you said that Muslims kills you ? Did we go in America or America in Afghanistan, Did we hit Israel or Israel hit Palestine ? currently we defend ourself but be aware when we wakeup and hit you peoples……………………

  • Lolote is an indian,

    and ProPakistani i am not against your opinion i have also deactivated my account but i think we should keep using facebook but not click on any ads, since as much as i know they ad policy is pay per click so they won’t earn if we don’t click on ads and if we keep using facebook, they will lose bandwidth i know it won’t be a big issue for fb, but think if we start to use fb 10% more than we do everyday or even 100% and not click on ads, and all Muslims do that, wouldn’t this result in fb coming to it’s knees?

  • may be we should e-mail other Muslim government asking them to ban fb, perhaps they will react i am very much sure about IRAN

  • I totally agree… and if facebook doesnot pull down this page, a massive lawsuit is expected in an internation court against racisim and promoting violence on social network.

  • Have to agree with the previous commenter above. Freedom of speech is paramount to western democracy. Depictions of Muhammad have been symbolized as over reactions by radical muslims – this would not have ever become an issue if people hadn’t literally been killed for drawing Muhammad.

    Western democracy depends upon the freedom to speak in any manner you feel like doing so. You do not have the right to not be offended – you do, however, have the right to cause offense back if you like.

    The strength of your country is determined by how much you value your critics. If you ban everything that offends you, silence all criticism of you, your values, or your nation, you are weak. It doesn’t matter how many missiles you can throw, if you can’t even take one tiny little drawing of Muhammad, you are weak. And I think you’ll be shown to be weak when May 20th arrives.

      • Why can’t it be a demonstration of both? Strength in a democracy comes from freedom.

        • Freedom for mocking with someone? That’s amazing!

          US law for freedom of Speech comes with a limitation, you can’t abuse anyone, make fun of him, or things that can initiate fight. Simple rule, isn’t it?

          • Yes, freedom for mocking someone. Freedom for mocking anyone – everyone, if you want. That’s what democracy is all about.

            US law for freedom of speech includes exemptions for political speech. For example, burning the US (or any flag) is meant specifically to invoke hatred among those that find the flag, as a symbol, important to them. But it’s not just legal – it’s protected speech! If police arrest someone for burning a flag, their department will be swarmed with lawyers.

            The same goes for Muhammad. It’s a symbol – a symbol whose depiction offends many people. Drawing it purely to cause a reaction might have it fall out of the bounds of freedom of speech. But that’s not what Draw M

          • But that’s not what Draw Muhammad day is about. It’s meant to demonstrate that freedom of speech is more important than offending someone’s sensibilities. I don’t hate Islam, or Muslims – but I do love my freedom to say what I think and feel. And so, tomorrow, I’ll be drawing Muhammad that is the first amendment. Consequences be damned, the first amendment is the foundation of my country, and I’m happy to defend it in this small way.

            [Comment Edited]

            • Be it like that,

              Would you draw holocaust? or you don’t feel like doing so?

              • Hmm, nice question. My drawing skills are a bit rusty when it comes to drawing people under enormous pain.
                But I can draw middle eastern people from 1.5 millennia ago just fine.

                On a more serious note, No, I wouldn’t participate in drawing holocaust events for the purpose of mockery, although if I felt it was necessary for me to depict a historic event on paper, I might.
                Again, if I choose not to draw Jewish people getting murdered, it is not because I am afraid of offending them. Humans have a right to offend, as long as the offense is not physical, and does not rely on obscene language.

                • Well in this case, you may ask for my expertise for drawing holocaust, you wont regret.

                  Coming to your thought for not drawing holocaust – can you please share the exact reason for not doing so? In fact, I will appreciate if you send me a drawing, to convince me that you are REALLY free enough to draw anything.

                  • I wouldn’t draw the holocaust. No reason to. I may oppose Israel on many policy issues, but there really isn’t any particular reason to draw the holocaust.

                    Drawing the holocaust wouldn’t serve any political purpose, it’d just be a way for me to offend someone. The jews wouldn’t rise up and try to kill me, they wouldn’t form mass protests in front of my house. They’d probably just note how pointless it was.

                    Drawing Muhammad serves a more practical purpose: It calls out radical muslims. It’s well worth offending the so-called moderates if the radicals are shown to be the cowards they are. People have literally died because they drew, or published pictures of Muhammad. I can’t think of anyone that’s died drawing the events of the holocaust.

                    • Why only Mohammad then? See, this is where the freedom of your speech gets limited. showing Immense pain has nothing to do drawing the Holocaust, its just that you sympathize with the people who went through it, WHY? because you feel as if you know what happened. But since hardly any of you read the Quran, you would not know the realities of Islam, hence comes your Intended offence to the religion.

                      And please, humans are beautiful creatures? Because they can offend and get offended? Humans have been differentiated from apes for a reason. They have been given a brain. To think with, and to improvise the actions that would cause offence to others. The beauty isn’t from the part where humans cause offence, its the part where they choose the most effective method to reduce the offence caused.

                      Also, this is a direct violation to the rights of ethnic minorities in your areas. Why, for the sake of fun, target only ONE religion? Make it a
                      “Draw History Day” so that EVERYONE can have a chance at their creative skills. Be it from the 12 faces of Hindu Gods to the Holocaust. That would be FREEDOM, no?

                      this is just a scam, hiding behind the boundaries of the word freedom. A scam, an act that deserved, if not invited a reaction. Its our right to react, so deal with it. ;)

        • I think Religion is something of massive value to an individual, and if a massive group of ppl bring up a campaign to to promote racism against a religion, ill consider it a direct call for violence, nd here, facebook is promoting it…

          • There is no hatred to be found with Draw Muhammad day – except against those that would tear down the foundation of our democracy. And it’s certainly not a call to violence – in fact, the creation of the yearly event was meant specifically to counter calls of violence. It will be happening every year until anyone can freely draw Muhammad in whatever form they choose without fear of reprisal from some radical muslim who is offended by democracy.

            • you seriously do sound like there’s a lot of coke in your head.
              what I’m wondering now is if it’s the fizzy coke or THE COKE aka cocaine that’s made you this way :)

              • Soft drink, of course. It’s a name I use because I rather like the double connotation. Wish I could afford cocaine – that way, I could use such wealth to further publicize tomorrow’s holiday.

                • @cokehead
                  go go Freedom of Drawing… Draw holocaust day… it will not serve any purpose at all but a relief and joy for me…

                • so ermm let me get this straight.
                  I can start calling my self Picassohead(just to sound glamorous) and draw anyone’s mom’s portrait, be it even nude?
                  freedom of speech. right darling? :)

  • @Cokehead

    you are a little weak, first of all, this issue is not first time and second banning fb does not make us weak, we are blamed for terrorism we fight for it our intelligence agency ISI is blamed for supporting Taliban we fight for it, we are blamed for Mumbai Attacks (we fight for it) and a lot different things but when it comes to our Prophet we won’t be silent, you said we have the right to offend back, WE ARE OFFENDING not using fb will hurt it’s earnings Muslims ARE ORDERED IN QURAN TO NOT MAKE FUN OF OTHER’S RELIGION so IT IS THE WAY WE USE!

    • Actually, I agree. If you don’t agree with Facebook’s policy of not censoring political speech, then don’t use it. I recommend googling ‘Delete facebook account’ for the account deletion page – deactivating means you’ll still be on the members list.

      Another principle of democracy is voting with your feet – if you don’t agree with the values of an organization, don’t associate with it.

      I disagree with your reasoning, though. Draw Muhammad Day is political speech – it is NOT a hate group. Go ahead, make a ‘Draw the holocaust day’ to protest the protest of radical fundamentalist Islam. If Facebook censors it, I’ll hop in the boat with you and support it’s reinstatement.

  • Someone needs to learn how to distinguish between mythology and reality, and stop being hypersensitive as a pantywaist to trivial issues like this.

    It is impossible to see how the group’s intentions are hateful, but on the other hand, it’s easy to see how “drawing holocaust” is hateful.

    Are you so close minded as to not see the vast difference here? The latter one depicts people being killed as a result of mass hatred and treachery, while the former one, your cause, just depicts some dude from 6th century, regardless of what shape or form they draw him.

    • that 6th century guy is our prophet, just like Americans won’t like cartoons of Columbus ( who is also a 6th century dude ) we won’t like cartoons of Prophet Mohammed we won’t act like this if one has had made fun of our politicians regardless of how important he is to us (such as Liaquat Ali Khan) why doesn’t people debate instead of making fun, it is a childish act it looks like that these type of people aren’t really mature

      • There are any cartoons of Columbus, not all of them complimentary. Similarly for nearly anyone else you care to name.

        It’s your religion, your rules, your choice to comply or not. Your rules apply to no one else.

        And Columbus was a 15thC dude.

      • Columbus was a 15th century dude and you can draw all the pictures you want of him.

      • As other commentors noted, go ahead – draw Columbus. He was a d**k anyway – read up on him, it’s actually kind of interesting if a little gross. He was a world-traveling pimp pretty much, sexing up (and thus devastating with disease) several island nations. He just sort of got lucky legacy-wise when he hit the US.

        [Comment Edited]

        • @Cokehead,

          Columbus was better than Mohammad. So, maybe we should give Columbus the respect of not being depicted on paper, even with the load of bastardly things he committed?

      • And why the heck should Americans worry if someone draws a cartoon of Columbus? Evolve a brain, please.

    • Dear Kevin…

      We being from different religions and different worlds hold different views. For me the holocaust was a setup by zionists where they incresed the reported death counts and exagerated everything to accomplish their missions. i.e. seperate homeland in middle east….

      For you Muhammad (PBUH) is nothing but sixth century dude.

      Grow up man… The only way to survive is to respect each other beliefs and avoid controversies. I dont want to redicule holocaust and i expect that you dont ridicule my beliefs… :-)

      Why can’t we just live in peace…? Why do we want to increase controversies to a level that another holocaust might proceed… (and its not a threat… :-D)… Believe me that most of the Muslims are not extremist… But they might become one if you will try to disgrace their prophet…

      So lets just live in peace and try to respect each other’s belief…

  • I have never been so proud of the Pakistani Court. I am proud to be a Muslim and Pakistani. I am leaving facebook. I think we should make our own social networking site. Only for Muslims. Why do the Jews make things like this and why don’t we make something that hurt them in the same way. We should think about it.

  • Well Done ProPakistani …well written post… also appreciate n support your stance … We love Prophet Muhammad (Sallahu Alihi Wsalam) …Hes sacred to any muslim more than ones own life …

    This ban shouldnt be lifted till they dont apologize openly to the muslims and delete all islam hate pages/groups. And if this event happens (Allah Forbaids) then this ban should never be lifted.

    We dont want facebook, we have excellent talent that could produce better networking sites locally.

  • hey anyone noted that those crazy Talibans (who called themselves MUJAHIDS) didn’t even said a bit about it, — another proof they were indian agents!

  • The journey of a million miles begins with ONE step.

    In this case the first step here would be what Pakistan’s High court took.

    Voh kehtay hay na.. aik banda karta hay tau bakee bhi dekha daykhee karna shuru kar dete hein..

    Hopefully, other Muslim countries will also take this matter seriously and walk in Pakistan’s footsteps.

    Staying on the same platform, i.e. facebook & fighting it out there will be completely pointless as many of you have already opined.

    I am a habitual facebook user as it helps me casually keep in touch with friends around the globe.

    But I am NOT and NEVER WILL BE willing to take that WEE bit of luxury be at the cost of the dignity of the GREATEST MAN to have EVER SET FOOT on earth, i.e. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

    The dear Prophet S.A.W had such deep & intense feelings for his Ummah, us that is, that He wept He was told that there would be those from his ummah who would be thrown into the Hell fire. Such were his feelings.

    & today, it’s about time WE, the Ummah gave it a THOUGHT :
    “what are we willing to do for the Man who left us the path that will lead us to paradise on Judgement day”

  • Why on earth Europe is so hybersensitive on anything on holocast? If you talk about so called misery of jews in holocast then that so called holocast thing the only “bloodshed” that if ever happened in centuries? What about 1st and 2nd world war? Why so called civilized nations are not ashamed of that bloodshed they are responsible for? Why not talk about uncivilized powers responsible for 1st and 2nd world war? Why talk about the so called misery of holocast & no freedom of speech to find if this really ever happened? Who defines boundries of freedom of speech ? Your so called civilized world?

    I was surprised to see how shamelessly some pictures show jesus as [email protected] (presenting as if Muslims, God forbid say so) when all Muslims are are bound to respect all Prophets. Followers of other religion know this that this so called “intolerent” religion followers will never ever try even a line of Jesus because they love Jesus (PBUH) & Moses (PBUH).

    This “some dude” from 6th century has followers more than in a Billion, you showed how ignorant you are about such a person with so many lovers in present, in past and will always have in future. You really need to study his life which you never did. Sir George Bernard Shaw wrote ‘The Genuine Islam,’ 1936 can help.


    Thomas Carlyle in ‘Heroes and Hero Worship and the Heroic in History,’ 1840

    “The lies (Western slander) which well-meaning zeal has heaped round this man (Muhammad) are disgraceful to ourselves only.”
    “A silent great soul, one of that who cannot but be earnest. He was to kindle the world, the world’s Maker had ordered so.”

    • “Why on earth Europe is so hybersensitive on anything on holocast?”

      Probably because it involved the suffering and murder of millions of people, and not just Jews, and recently enough that there are still witnesses and perpetrators alive today. Something that many are deeply ashamed of, and most of us grieve over. Other than that it was an entirely trivial incident. Certainly nowhere near as important as an image of a man who died over 1500 years ago.

      • The incident in question is of no importance to me – as no one from my family was killed there, nor any friend. However, it is apparently of high importance to you.

        Should i disrespect your ideology? despite i care least for whatever it was? any thoughts?

        • Go ahead, do so. Here’s the difference though: Offending him, or other Europeans, won’t result in death threats (or deaths.)

          Ridicule? Sure. Angry words? Probably.

          But unlike Draw Muhammad day (where someone may very likely die for participating), you will suffer no ill consequences, other than someone being offended. It’s your right to cause offense, and to be offended – human rights are lovely, aren’t they?

          • human rights are for sure lovely… send me ur email and will send u a beautful picture of holocaust with captions ofcourse…

            • and please respect my Freedom of Drawing and I will stop all who will condemn Draw Muhammad Day… hehehe

            • No thanks, it’s not within my artistic preferences.

              You also have the right to completely ignore Draw Muhammad day, you know (it’s actually sort of the ultimate goal.)

              • Artistic preference or you don’t want to die crying after you see horrific pictures?

                • I’ve been on the internet awhile, I know what a horrific picture looks like. And I don’t see why I’d die crying from a mere picture.

        • No importance to you? But Draw Mohammad Day is of importance? So you’re more concerned about a drawing than you are about human lives? Disrespect all you want, just know you’re a d**k for doing so. I’m a d**k too for disrespecting your religion, we’re all d**ks here. You’re just a much d**ckier d**ck because your d**ckery trivializes genocide instead of superstition, but what can you do.

          • No i don’t disrespect your beliefs or anything sacred to any religion or ideology.

            It was just to make you think that you would look like a ___ while you will draw Mohammad [PBUH], exactly like what you said.

            • You are disrespecting our beliefs by refusing to allow us depicting the prophet!
              He means that you are being much worse to us than we are to you for drawing the prophet. We draw him, you threaten us.

              • I didn’t threat you, and those who did were Jewish to fan the fire. He was member of CIA, read complete story here: http://bit.ly/a43oxD

                Consider if threats were there, they were reaction, it were you who started the bad play.


              • lolz… Dude!

                Lets say i want to abuse your mama / sister / daughter / wife since i have freedom of speech… And if you dont allow me to abuse them on their face… then i would claim that you are disrespecting me… lolzz… does it make any sense???

                To us.. Muhammad is more sacred than our mother, sister, wife & daughter… As simple as that… :-)

                If you hold freedom of speech more important as compared to your prohphet… its your problem…
                For us… Prophet is over and above all relatives, all beliefs and everything else in this universe…. :-)

        • Mass murder is an incident of no importance? That about says it all.

          Feeling compassion for others is not an ideology, it’s being human, a normal human attribute.

          No one I know was killed in the Holocaust, just as no one I know was killed in the Killing Fields, Rwanda, the Vietnam War or the Partition, to name just a few other incidents, but I feel a sadness over the suffering and deaths, nonetheless.

          • Feeling compassion for other is being human, thanks God you got the idea – now here is the point: We suffer when you draw pictures.

            • I do not suffer for such things at all Amir bhai… ;) Please edit the following… ” Ullu ke pathon kee waat lag gayee”…
              Go go Draw Holocaust Day…
              Hey u all Cokeheads… send me ur emails… just completed one holocaust… hahaha…

            • So you seriously put a drawing of some man in a turban on a par with what happened in the incidents I mentioned? I’ll leave others to draw the obvious conclusion.

              • Dear AC…

                Lets agree that holocaust was one of the most cruel crimes against humanity but…

                As per our belief, Prophet Muhammad is the most important and respectful personality in whole humanity.

                Now would you like to make peace with it or you want to rage WAR on us because we dont want you to disgrace our prophet…?

                Whether peace is more important to you or making fun of God and prophet is more important? Does your freedom of speech starts with Allah and ends with Muhammad??? Don’t you have anything else to make fun of?

                And i still can’t understand the logic… If a few muslims has threatened south hall with life.. does it mean that you have to offend all Muslims? because believe me… It will offend almost all Muslims and it might not end in a very funny way… :-) Lets hope for the Peace…

                • Dear AC
                  I absolutely put drawing a man in turban and drawing holocaust at par… I do not get dictated by others when it comes to my personal ethics… I have group of people who think like me and they are very happy drawing holocaust and infact I have few of beautiful pieces of art depicting holocaust… you want to see some…???

  • Aamir a very commendable stance !!! Salute [ProPakistanis stand on this issue / last para]

  • “they clearly know that this will create hatred, mass violence and worst possible impact on Muslims’ feelings.”

    Yes, and it shouldn’t, this is why this day exists. No religion has the right to tell people of the entire world, under threat of death, what they can and cannot draw a picture of.

    What if I was a pagan and was offended by drawings of the sun or the ocean since you’re trying to steal their souls and seal them on paper? Would you stop drawing the sun and the ocean? Of course not, you wouldn’t give a damn about my beliefs, so why should I give a damn about yours? If you don’t like pictures of Mohammad, don’t look at them.l

      • Tim’s probably like me, and has offended Christians, to their face. Fortunately, they have dignity, and choose to merely be offended, maybe say something retarded about how atheism is a religion too, and insult Richard Dawkins or something.

        I guess that’s one thing Christians can be commended for.

    • @cokehead & Kevin
      I love drawing people dieing with pain and my drawing skills r not rusty at all… The ethics I follow does not find it hateful at all and I have lots of others who love this too… I m sure now u will have no problem if we draw holocaust… go go Freedom of Speech or Drawing…

      • and no ethical standards are applied on all in the world… I love drawing holocaust and will start campaign soon but I m not following as one of u said that the reply to offense is to offense back… I will just draw this for the sake of “Freedom of Drawing”… go go…

        • Sure buddy, draw all the pictures you want. Now if your pictures are disrespectful to victims of the Holocaust, people might not take too kindly to their publication. It’s still legal of course, but a d**k move, as would be any death threats issued to you in reference to your pictures. I also hope you’re sensible enough to understand the difference between trivializing a rule followed by adherents of a particular superstition and trivializing the genocide of six million people.

          If it means anything, note that my planned Mohammad picture is one of him and me playing volleyball vs. Jesus and Buddha. FSM might referee.

          • How biased you are, you talk about morality and respect when it comes to holocaust.

            • His opinion is that drawing (and thus trivializing) the mass murder of jews is wrong. But he also has no trouble with you doing it, he just thinks it’s kind of cruel, as it really would only be causing offense for the sake of causing offense. But that’s still totally fine, because it’s political speech.

              • Drawing mass murder of jews is wrong?

                Then how come mocking of a Prophet (drawing pictures below decency) stands right to you?

                Cokehead, i am sorry but i may not reply any further comments from you. Reason: don’t deem it necessary

      • Freedom of speech is quite lovely, isn’t it?

        I’m sure you’ll support Draw Muhammad day then, even if you disagree with its tone and its content. Because it appears to me that you support its aim – that is, to protect the rights enshrined in America’s first amendment, basic human rights, and in the founding documents of many other western democracies.

        • Wow… you opened my eye Cokehead…
          I surely have no problem with it… for u it might be something to agonize muslim world but for me drawing holocaust is fulfillment of my artistic preferences… I would love to live in the democracies u mentioned so that I have a right to draw holocaust and make it public without getting threat… Telling u the truth all the muslims r unethical as they probably won’t even let me draw holocaust… so bad… support me cokehead for my freedom… OOO western democracies I need ur help… :)

    • I also agree with Haroon. I like to learn Drawing and mostly like to 1st draw “holocaust”. Let me know your contact and I also like to share it with you.

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