NED Students Make Fuel-Efficient Car

WinMark is a group of 12 engineering students, who have made a car locally in Pakistan that can cover 80 Kilometers per liter.

WinMark is participating in Shell Eco-Marathon, the 25th global competition which will be held first time in Asia (Malaysia) in July 2010.

Earlier we have discussed PakWheelers, students from NUST and about their participation with hybrid car in Shell Eco Marathon for prototype category, here we come with another team of auto enthusiasts from NED University of Engineering & Technology.

WinMark team has showcased their car at Karachi which is complete and is ready to race in the marathon. They will be competing with world’s top notch cars in urban category.

For Urban category a car is supposed to have 4 tires along with all basic auto fundamentals unlike prototype cars, which can have even 3 tires or even 2 and least possible components to secure highest level of mileage per liter.

About Rs 1.4 million will be the estimated cost of the project, including car development cost (Rs 5 lac), travelling (Rs 4 lac), transportation (Rs 3.5 lac) and accommodation and miscellaneous (Rs 1.5 lac).

WinMark is yet to secure any sponsor as of now. But they are hopeful to get the sponsored funds by next month so they can fly to Malaysia in July 2010.

WinMark is eyeing award at Shell Eco-Marathon in various contests including best Marketing team and Best Design.

The team comprises on students of Electrical and Mechanical Departments of NED University. They are:

M Tabrez Siddiqui, M Shahab Siddiqui, Ahsun Jawed, M Waqar Ahmed, Osama Rehman, Saeed Ahmad (Team Advisor), Haris Rehman (Team Manager), M Bilal Sohail, Taha Rasul Sheikh, M Hassan Abbasi, M Ahsan, Talha Asad and Usman Mehmood.

This year the event is to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Sepang International Circuit. The expected audience is more than 6000 people and the event will be covered by media from over 20 countries.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Winmark, we are behind you!

    Make us proud in the marathon!

    Don’t worry, you will get sponsors!

      • cn sum plxxxxxxxxxx temme team WINMARK comprixes of undr grad/ grad/ post-grad studntx..????

          • wo000o0o0o0o000w…!!!!
            datx super super super superrrrbbbly amaxing..!!!
            splendid job WINMARK..!! I think dix ix wot we, d NEDianx are well-known fr..
            plenty of gud luk to yu guyx fr yur future..
            jux owwsummm!!!

    • In that case, they have good chance for wining the title. Last year winner covered 170 KM in one liter.

      Let me dig it further, if you have some info about their product, please share

    • If it is so then they can rock the world cause in the recent SEM competition in Europe,the winner had a milage of only 135km/h

  • Best of luck for Winmark. If so efficient cars can be maid, why these sorts of cars are not being manafactured at commercial level so that countries like pakistan which spends about $ 10 bilion anually for oil import can have a sigh of releave and become able to cutdown its import bell considerably?

      • by Making Laws :P

        Hope This group work more hard to make this car for commercial use.

        • Impossible.
          The major tax collection comes from the oil and its products. Don’t you know that 1 Litre Petrol costs just around Rs. 30 but after taxation it is being provided at Rs. 75. So how can our so-called poor government afford such a big cut in revenue collection by promoting such vehicles?
          Nevertheless to mention the hurdles my uncle faced when he attempted to get NOC for the import of Electric Motor Bikes.

  • thats great,
    Proud NEDIAN i am… :)
    and more than that, Proud Pakistani!
    i wish them all the very best.

  • Good Work… Car is looking small but ok for Competition …. We must appreciate their work.

    • it is a single seater car and made according to the specifications of the competetion

      Mechanical team lead

      • good work guyz!!!

        i waz lookin at d pik!!! aren’t d headlyts big for a single seated car lyk diz??? they must be energy consumin too!!!

        • you are perfectly right regarding the lights,they are made for 80watt bulbs but v are only using 5watt

          Mechanical team lead
          TEAM WINMARK

          • Hi Taha

            I need to contact you and your team for a short interview to get to know more about the car and how you guys did it…for a write up for the magazine triple bottom-line (tbl)..(
            Kindly email me at [email protected] so that we can arrange a suitable time for the team to meet me and my colleague.

  • well guys keep it up Best of luck ALLAH bless u Proud 2 b PAKISTANI……

  • for your kind information, the lates Shell Eco-Marathon held in Germany has set a new record of more than 4000kn/litre. :)

    • sir, to be more precise ,the team members “La Joliverie Projet Microjoule” of france made a prototype,ie a three wheeler which had an efficiency of 2964.7

      Mechanical team lead

  • this is for prototype with hydrogen fuel cell and for urban concept 306km/liter only using Internal Combustion Engine

  • and this time more than 30 teams are going to participate in Shell Eco Marathon. Two from my Campus :)

  • Mechanical rocks.. am also a mechanical engineer from uet Peshawar, working at BMW

  • Gud Work NEDianx, nd gud luck ahead..tie yur beltx fr holding d title in d marathon..inshALLAH..
    Datx d rezn y NED ix d bestst best ov awl nd NEDianx rokx..

    • Youx reallyx likx x’s

      I findx itx hardx tox readx yourx commentx

      • hey man itx(its) wriiten as it shud b pronouncd..n i think evry1 knoex(knows) phoenic..
        BDW yurx(yours) r quiet more difficult dn mine…lol

  • Hey

    Great work, but feel pity to find that you people are short of sponsors.That is the reason all pakistani talent end up working in foriegn countries.I am non resident pakistani, I become esctatically happy when i hear stories of great pakistanis and great-pakistanis to be.I wish from bottom of my heart that I could do something for you.
    Keep your spirits high to make this great nation the greatet.
    My and all sincere pakistanis prayers are with WinMark.
    Allah(SWT) ap ko kameyab karay…Ameen
    Pakistan Zindabad

    • thanks a lot for showing such keen interest in our project.

      Mechanical team lead

  • my brother said its an extrememly good effort,but it should be a bigger car with atleast two seats, and then you should work on the efficiency, and since this car is one seater, a 70cc bike would do the same job at a much cheaper rate. he said, the engineering should be such that a car such as a normal suzuki baleno improves its effieciency, with the same size.. and for something new, carbon fiber material may be used along with metal.

  • but still a VERY GREAT JOB at university level, proud pakistanis we are becuase of you :D

  • wth. . . almost every student of Pakistan is complexes k meri uni behtar he nahe meri behtar hai

    NEDians say they are the best. NUSTians say they are the best what the hell is this yar

    just grow up guys.

    @nd to all NEDians here
    participating in Shell Eco-Marathon is not a big job
    almost every university having mechanical eng program is going to participate

    shukar karo un teams ka jinho ne itni effort laga k first time Germany main participate kia

    Shame on Pakistanis yar

    a lot of teams are going to participate
    why cant they unite and make a single care out of the total budget for the name of Pakistan

    in this way Pakistan is never going to win Shell Eco Marathon

    u know guyz, this time in Shell Eco Marathon Europe a team managed to arrange sponsorships of more than 25000 pounds aur tum log jeetnay ki soch rahey ho hahahahaha

    • It’ll take us another 50-100 years to get over the mentality of [put e-peen enlarging subject here]

      examples: my province is the best, my religion is the best, my family is the best, i’m the best, my school is the best, my country is the best etc etc

    • wel yeah it ix so k every studnt frm a top rankd uni alwayx say dat deir uni is d best..

      dn itx also a fact k pakistaniz r nvr optimistix..hmesha wohi negatv nd pessismestic thinking…
      har chizon ko negative q lete ho hmesha yarrrr…

      appreciate nie kr skte tou atleast discourage bhi nie krna chahie…!!!
      atleast WINMARK ne frst step tou liya..

      GO GO GO GO GO WINMARK nd inshaALLAH yu r gonna rock..nd prove k NEDianx aiwain nhe khte dat v r d BEST..we do actually MEAN it..!!!

      • What ever discussed above,i dont want to comment but i like to share that our team leader Haris Rehman has repeatedly quoted in various platforms that we,WINMARKERZ are going to represent 16 crore Pakistanis in Sepang International F1 tracks!!!!

        Team WINMARK is not going to represent NED, Karachi or anything, we are going to represent PAKISTAN and make the green and white flag high n high n high.

        Mechanical team lead

  • why are we doing this? who the hell benefits in the end??? none of our car local car companies cuz there isn’t one! shell benefits….

  • Best of luck my friends!

    It’s a shame to see that they still don’t have any sponsor. Our sponsors / corporates are not much interested in excellent work done by our young scientists!

  • The question is not that we cannot make good cars but the question is whether the Pakistani nation will support such products by buying them to encourage their mass production.

    We have had a lot of good cars made locally such as ‘proficient’ etc. which failed due to poor marketing strategies, non-interest by Pakistanis and influence of foreign auto companies over the government

    • The point of commercial marketing involves consumer satisfaction. Value for money. Value comes in more ways, like life expectancy, down time (trouble and trouble shooting)= service, resale value (perception of buyers), salvage value, variety of models, etc. The big names invest and nourish their brands over time. Naam hi kaafi hay is a slogan of a Pakistani brand. And it sells.

  • Its is a great news for all Pakistan, hats off to this teams

  • Car having 50cc motorbic avrage & body of china made rozgar is shoure to care out on the ramp by the person hows diving that its up to u to go on driving alone or take another car along.for God sake make altarnator power by wind.

    • We will be working on alternate energy project after this one.thanks for the comments.

      Mechanical team lead

  • very good i appreciate all of the NUST students
    especially in Mechanical Department stduents. who made a car locally which can be travel about 700 Km in only One liter fuel. who work hard for this project and implement a good idea.

  • Nust’s car gave a mileage of 700 km/litre… which iz great… this one iz no way near it… still i must say great job guyz… u hav done alot of hardwork…

  • close