Ufone Super Call Offer Further Extended

Ufone has extended its Super Call Offer for another month till June 30th, 2010, with Rs. 30 plus tax as subscription fee for those who are already subscribed to Super Call Offer.

Ufone has extended Super Call offer multiple times, and looks Super Call offer will remain valid for long duration but at fixed monthly rental (or subscription fee), though Ufone has not revealed its plans for after June 30th, regarding the fate of Super Call Offer.

It merits mentioning here that Ufone Super Call packages allows Ufone subscribers to make free on-net calls after first three minutes, round the clock.

How to re-subscribe:

If you are already subscribed to Super Call Offer, then simply send “y” to 130 till 3 PM, May 31st, 2010.

Re-Subscription Charges:

Rs. 30 plus tax

  • bcoz ufone knows that without dis pakage its survival is very difficult.thats y they always extend this offer.i know that after 30 june they will once again extend it……

  • ufone is giving same offer to those customers who r trying to port out from their network confirmed i have applied n using this offer, their operator call u n ask the reason for porting out and offer u this solid offer (free call after 3mins) to stop u from porting out……

  • super call offer is one of the most demanded package of ufone. nevertheless, its the most economical as well. it’s quite encouraging that ufone considered customers suggestions. as i myself, called them many times to prolong this package n also wrote on ufone fan page. considering the customers feedback and dressing it into reality can make customers, clients loyal. and this national brand did it. no doubt, we can call ufone as pure brand.
    Thank you ufone for again extending the super call offer.

    tum he to ho!!!!

  • long live Ufone.

    after launching Uth, now extending super cal offer again. Dil jeet liya hai, really.

    packages in bulk. can’t decide what to active. it seems i have to take 2 fones now with me for both packages.

  • another cracker!

    a welcome stunt by ufone. no doubt, ufone is leading the telecommunication industry with its packages, alike with the marketing campaign. it has won our hearts. U of ufone is the most famous alphabet now, captured our minds.

    It’s all about U. tum he to ho!

  • I agree, and feel that management of U fone learnt how to be the leader in telecom within 3 years.

  • yeh sari monopoly hai , new users ko ku yeh service nahin day rahi i have been using ufone since last 3years n almost living in the heart of rawalpindi intahai ghatiya voice quality hai signles ka issue jab k on the other hand warid n mobilink even 1-2 sigles b houn voice nahin toti un ki now i use ufone just for msgs

  • ufone Uth package replaced Super call offer…having Uth,,, dn’t need the super call offer.ufone roxxx

  • Dear AYESHA Lagta hai k app mai ufone mai job kartee hai.koee khass package nahe bus awaam sai paisay batoona hai k see be halat mai

  • vse awam ma kafi akal ha 1,1rupe koe ne chorta….basicaly hm log sirf criticise kr sakte ha 5 rs ki roti ha aur sms 20paisa ka still hm kehte ha it nt enough….jis din ye soch badl jie to bot kuch tek ho jie…aur vse b hr koe pesa kama raha hm users kud kud muft ka galte se blance ajie to kon sa chorte hen jo telcos ko asa keh rehen…n ye telocs chalane vle b hm ma se he hen hm he hen…

  • aap sub muje ye batai k ye ufone wale har pakage k activation procedure to bata detai hay laikin deactivation ka nahi akhir q .super call offer ko kese deactivate kiya jata hay koi bata sakta hay

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