Ufone Grabs 100,000 Facebook Fans

Telecom companies are intensively investing on Facebook. They market their products, services, adverts, conduct quizzes and much more through hefty base available on Facebook.

The race is lead by Ufone, which stepped in long before others, thanks to Faisal Qureshi.

Today, Ufone completed a landmark of getting 100,000 fans on Facebook. Unlike other companies, Ufone didn’t advertise much, but like the phenomenon of Facebook fanpages, their fans increased exponentially after initial boom.

“Congratulations everyone! with the continuous support of our customers, Ufone has become the first telecom company in Pakistan to have more than 100,000 Facebook fans. Thank you for your love”, Status Update, Ufone

Indeed an achievement by Ufone.

Following is a list of telecom companies with their links to Facebook fan pages and number of fans with them (as of now).

No wonder they were worried during the ban of Facebook in Pakistan.

Please help us grow this list if we have missed any fan page!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Of course , the telecos must start thier own social sites . the users like me and others who generate a great sum of thier revenue must be netertained in some way

  • Dear Propakistani admin please kuch tu apni trf se b likh dia krain her chez copy kiun krty ho. aur baqi companies ki tarifain tu bohat krty ho kbi ufone ki b kr dia kro Ufone always roxs in every field.

  • It is a thing to celebrate, these little news are matter a lot at least any Pakistani National company is coming up and growing we must support it. I am user of ufone since its launch. Ufone its all about U

  • Yeah yeah, getting fans on facebook by so called Pakistani company is a thing to celebrate. Grow up friend!. Celebrate when cellular companies provide good service and less call rates.

  • @Talha Ufone is offering very good services and its call rates are lowest from all other network operates. It is the best ellular company in Pakistan i am very satisfied from its packages and services i have never any complaint from Ufone it always gives packages that is suitable for youth and other customers. I am user of ufone since its launch and from then i am its big fan. Please think positively and appreciate it.

  • Kuch Din Pehle Sub Facebook Ko Bund Karne Pe Khush Or Aaj Facebook Pe Ufone Fans Page Daykh K Khush Wah Rey Pakistanio…….

  • Ufone is really a great company and the way they are growing is superb looks like they will Rock in the Pakistan soon

      • So aamir you proved once again, you always have answer for everything?
        You argue for every comment :-)

        Aamir…. How many times will you hear it ? :-)

          • Well well aamir bhai thats it. You probably would have used facebook to report this. If not then you have not mentioned the source of news. If you have used facebook, then why you supported ban?

  • one week ago it was banned – now we are congratulating its use. Confused people !!!

  • We SHould Block any type of content related to anything of FACEBOOK.
    i request u to block everything of Facebook, like Facebook news…facebook posts, Join us facebook.,..etc etc

  • This is Pakistani people. Only one week passed after facebook re-opening and we have started using it again. Where all those promises are gone???

  • well, ufone is doing a good job over there..listening to customers complaints and suggestions..if any company’s customers are there, company would sure be there.n by the way excuse to Mr. Admin propakistani doesn’t have clients or customers over facebook, it has only traffic and readers and readers do not have any complaints, if have any, they can post it over here.. n i guess twitter much more useful for propakistani..

  • n ufone is active over there coz of its customers and customers are happy with ufone…n i guess 1,00,000 fans is the one of the signs for it.ufone roxxxxx

  • Bhai ya quality lay lo ya quantity. . . Warid in Glow offering both at a time. Aur jahan tak bat hai Stupid , Rubbish Facebook ki tu, It’s very strange people are again back on facebook. . . And celebrating for useless purpose. Huh

  • Amir Bhai! Warid stopped delivery reports 5 days ago. Why it is still not reported here? Please report it so that we can register our protest.

  • dakh bhai..facebook use karni hay ya nai…isss baat ka already boht lambi discussion ho chuki hay..ab tera dil nai manta tu naa kar…bt dn’t ever try to impose ur opinion on anybody else…got that?

  • @aryan pta nai facebook k khilaf tu sab bolta hoo bt freedom flotilla pa israel ny attack kiya tu kuch kiya kiun nai??? bus yaheen bathay raha.. Reason btaoon coz u can only talk talk talk talk.
    n nothing……..i’m still surprized why r u in Pakistan still…didn’t u go to Israel to fight or u still want more “TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK”

  • @aryan
    aray bhai konsi quality n quantity ki baat krte ho…warid users ko other network pe 1 call krne k liye 10 baar sochna prta hai.. Ufone jab se use kiya ye problem to nai hai mujhay. aur warid to bus warid k liye he theek hai, other networks pr to toba he hai

  • @aryan ali
    we can not run away from the situation..how many times we used to run and still running before them but never stopped to face them..They always use to chk muslim’s real actions against their disgusting acts..but we always go negative and they get happy tht we dont even know how to react..we come out on roads and break things of our own..think for a moment what we make to harm them??nopes we harm ourselves..so dont quit facebook..its the time to push their thoughts using their own social networks.

  • @aryan hehehe u sound funny…Warid, glow, r u kidding me??? lagta hay tum sirf tarifain kar rha ho..khud use nai karta…agr khud use karta tu kabhi tareef naa kartay…tumhain tu yh bi pta nai warid mai kitna w hotay hain..ahaha

  • I think u shud stop reporting filthbook as well. This is why we as a nation cant change… we have no consistency in thoughts and actions.

    Just a week ago we were burning the banners of FB and now see whats going on. Many idiots are back to this filth.

    Shame on us.

  • Billi ko dekh k kabooter ankhain band kr le to billi bhag nai jati…aj jis ne ye facebook pe kiya, kal kisy aur website pe kre ga. kia kia block kr k beth jao gay. STAR PLUS q dekhte ho, Unilever, Liver Brothers, Coca Cola q use krte ho. ye sb unhi k hain.
    Mere bhai, bolna hai to apni Govt se bolo k wo protest report krain International Court mein, UN mein aur us mulk ki embassy mein… facebook block krna koi solution nai tha na hai. tum block kr k beth jao aur wo bnatay rhain, Hai na???
    aisa rule hona chahye k koi religion kisy dusre religion ko nai cheray ga,thn evrything will b OK…
    FB bnd kro, FB bnd kro…Solution dekho jo nikala hai tum ne

  • @web geek
    Bro you are right at your end..but think for a moment that facebook k banners jalanay se ya facebook chor denay se un ko kiya ferk perta hai??Companies like Uniliver, nestle, shezan and other FMCG produst companies are of Christians then why dont you leave their products..why you like imported stuff pents, deodorants, even drinks????dont run away..stay here and face them like a lion..

    • @Waqas

      Bro the point is we dont even have that much courage n determination that we can take atleast first step. We cant even boycott. Many of us are fooling ourselves by giving false excuses that other Multinational companies r also operating here. The point is, if they do such a thing that FB did, we shud definitely boycott them as well.

      How can you say that it doesnt effect. Why they spend million n billions on marketing & sales. Simply because they want to sell. And if their products are boycotted it does effect them.

      I know this is not a great solution but can atleast be the first step. If we cant take even this properly then change will never come.

  • Km az km bycot krny sy un bluddies ny stop toh kiya na.Ye b na kro toh toh phir daikhna hota kiya hey.

    Un k religion py aankh utha k daikho wo tumary sath krtay kiya hein mgr Pakistani ak month HAHAHAHA lagaie rehti hey and dosray month appreciation messages aa rahy hotay hein.
    Dil sy hi toh bura mana lao….

  • well, my brother. there is a general management rule. “If you dn’t like a rule in a system, then follow the rule, go to the top of the system and then change it” well, unfortunately it doesnt not mean that u get urself out of system. ok u wanna ban facebook coz hamara Nabi Pak S.A.W ki shan mai gustakhi hoi hay..ham sab iss baat ka condemn karta hain..but if u follow the same rule then yh ghustakhi internet pa hoi hay..y dn’t u boycott internet and go back to stone age?? west is exploiting our feelings because they know we haven’t learn the way to protest so far. and we will boycott everything, will burn our own country and will put a pause on our process. n we already know how prosperous we already are. let them hear u bt nt by killing ur own self.use their systems strategically, get power and them kick them off and show them what a muslim can do.banning facebook, banning internet, banning everything is not a solution at all.to beat them we’ll have to act mature. first get in a position and them PUNCH

  • Jin Pakistanies ny GUTS show kiya hein aap ny un k sath kiya keya? Dr. AQ Khan is the best example.
    Infact jab koe qaoum ghulami accept kr lay toh phir osy kiya motivate krna…

  • And just tell me please what this bluddy facebook is giving to your youth?
    Except timewasting and byhayahei k, nothing…

  • @amjad shamim bari pyari example di ghulami wali…bt ik baat soocho kiun hain ghulam?? coz ham boht peechay hain…sab kuch hona k badh bi kuch nai.. app jasay pyara bhaiyon ny tu Sir Syed Ahmad khan ki bi mukhalfat ki thi jab unhon ny english parhna ka kaha tha..bt agr wo tub muslim english naa parhta tu ajj yh mulik nai hota coz quaid-e-azam bi nai hota…bhai if u dnt have weapon tu iss ka yh mutlab nai k ap dushman k samnay ja k ankhail bund kar k goliyan kha lo…uska weapon cheen loo aur phir muqabla karoo..dar aur beghariti yh hay k yh sooch k ab kon moqabla karay ja kay chup kar k dushman k samnay kharay ho k goliyan khao…mari jaan if u dnt have edge, go and get his competitors. then compete.. i think u urgently need motivation. God bless u…himat mat karo mera dost.

    • Riz , very interesting observation , That means if Chinese had never learned english they Should’t be at this level today , Germans , French , Russians , ……….. Things always happens with the body language and action you took , rather than languages.

      And , Facebook is doing their work . Jewish people working hard to kill your from inside as a Muslim and PAKISTANI youth.

      People under global influence are majority from PAKISTAN , who are loosing and destroying not even their country , but values among them.

      • well my friend..nice speach..bt u know what we are not chinese. being the friend of china doesn’t make us like them. they are very hardworking n dedicated to their country. n if i, today, give u a task to search 10 honest persons in government sector. i tell u wht, it would talk u like 10 years. n u ll still be having one or two short..so china’s example was good bt out of context. they banned facebook, utube, google they can ban whtever they want,just name it.coz they have more developed technologies. they are self sufficient.n wht us.? it will even take years to get self sufficiency.just ban google and see.almost 99% internet usage will be down.there are people who think internet means google. Think about it.

  • Riz! Just tell please what are the benefits of using Facebook?
    If by using it we can develop our nation and country, i am signing up right now?

    • You can pass your spare time by using FB or other social networking websites. That’s all you get.

    • Well, it connects to your friends and family members. If you are smart, you can use it do online commerce. But even if there are no benefits, you can’t stop me or anyone from using. If you don’t like facebook, don’t use it.

    • i think you will be well aware and comment on national and ibternational issues.

  • A.S
    well ufone is providing a wonderfull services on a cheaper rates and i am using last 10 years having no problem.geo pakistani

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