wi-tribe’s New Look, New Website

wi-tribe Pakistan brought out new sleek design to their website. Indeed a positive development, as the previous website was boring and un-easy to surf across.

This brand new website has got some great new looks, graphics and more information across the board. I will go on with some positive and negative appearances that caught my eyes.

On the positive note, Coverage Map is extremely good feature (also brought out by the other broadband operators). Through coverage maps, one can find out if the wi-tribe service is available in his/her vicinity or not.

Information about shop locations to help out people to get to their nearest shops/service centers is good step too.

Giving ‘WOW’ a prominence on the website means that wi-tribe actually cares for the social cause and wants to invest in it. Bravo for that one. Overall the user-friendliness and soothing-eye design is appreciative effort.

On the negative note, Its really hard to find Tariff details. You have to select the CPE/modem type to actually access the packages. One click from home page should have taken the visitor to the tariff page, or at-least to the top deals.

My wi-tribe interface is not also changed yet. Its still the old design.

Also, if you somehow surf across careers page, you have to come back to wi-tribe Pakistan website back by typing www.wi-tribe.pk else it will take you to www.wi-tribe.com. Probably the designer didn’t change the links across the board while lifting the template.

The share button should have been placed somewhere else rather than first link on top bar. And last by not the least, Live Chat is only Supported in Internet Explorer.

    • aamir, I went through this feature. But since they have no updates as such to inform their customers so it failed to catch my eye. Most of the updates people get through ProPakistani though ;)

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