LHC Orders Blocking of Google, Yahoo, 7 other sites

The Lahore High Court has directed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to immediately block nine websites for publishing and promoting sacrilegious material, and ordered the PTA chairman to appear in the court on June 28, 2010 along with all relevant material, reported The News, Daily Jang, Daily Express and other newspapers today.

Justice Mazher Iqbal Sidhu of the LHC Bahawalpur Bench, while hearing a write petition on Tuesday, ordered blocking of nine websites including Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, YouTube, Google, Islam Exposed, In The Name Of Allah, Amazon and Bing.

A citizen, Muhammad Sidiq, filed a writ petition No. 3246/2010 in the LHC, seeking a ban on the websites for publishing blasphemous materials and twisting the facts and figure of Holy Quran. Deputy Attorney General Muhammad Hussain Azad also endorsed the viewpoint of the petitioner and demanded blocking of these websites.

Counsel for the petitioner, Latif-ur-Rehman Advocate presented CDs and other evidence in the court, showing that the said websites were publishing sacrilegious material.

Later, President High Court Bar Aslam Dhakkar said the court has given a historic decision. He said the legal fraternity would observe a complete strike in Bahawalpur on Wednesday (today) against publication of such material by these websites. He said a meeting would also discuss the situation today.

We are trying to contact PTA to know what they have to say on this, but phones are not responding as of now.

Via The News, Daily Express

Update: PTA isn’t confirming the ban order officially – ISPs have not received any ban directives for any website as of now.

Update 2: PTA has confirmed us officially that they haven’t received any directive from Ministry or any other department regarding the said ban.

Update 3: IT Ministry has received ban orders from LHC

  • just couldn’t believe it happening. they must block for Anti-islamic sites but they cannot close doors to internet by blocking Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
    Closing google.com means bye bye adsense, gmail and other important sites.

  • WTH is wrong with LHC? It seems most of the judjes have no idea what ‘internet’ is and they just pass on anything they deem is unIslamic. I am thinking of filling a petention to BLOCK the entire internet afterall the ‘Internet’ is the root cause for all of this…

    Stupid just plain stupid this will be.

  • SIGH. Why is it that any institution given any respect in our country becomes hell bent at losing it? We used to repsect army and that earned us marshallaws, we gave respect to sourts and look at what are we getting out of it. If judge doesnt know any thing about IT, he should consult an expert… who can teach him that this material is hosted outside pakistan, out of the court’s jurisdiction. Also search engines are indexing services and are never ever blamed by anyone for content not created by them. Its like blaming dictionary for defining what a bad word means!!!

  • By closing these sites, Do you all think those un-islamic content will be removed from these websites? This is not the right way to defend, if anyone want to defend then talk to the website officials and give them the solid proves so they can take the action against those website which are showing the wrong translation of Islamic Verse and Quran.

    Do you all think that LHC will defend these website like they did defend Facebook?

  • technically google doesnt host any of the blasphemous content its just a search engine as every 1 knows. Its no point blocking any of these sites as some who wants access the restricted content will access through other means like proxies:vpn etc so its upto the user whether he wants to access or not?
    And what the hell is Lhc thinking 1st of all the judges should get some it education before passing these ridiculous decisions they are just making fun of themselves;the honorable court and above all islam. In the end as we all know these decisions will be taken back as it happened with FB case.

    • Google owns Youtube and Blogger — sites that have been blocked in the past. Also, people do put up stuff at sites.google.com, picasa, and other Google services.

  • Somebody rightly said that since the creation of Pakistan, it has been held hostage to these mullahs. That citizen who filed the writ is a retard, and so are our judges. They are constantly releasing terrorist, they can’t convict any criminals, and steel mills is finished becuz our CJ didn’t want it to be privatized. This stuff is off topic, but I can see why Musharraf fired the judiciary.

  • And why the hell they want to block MSN, Hotmail, and Amazon? How the hell does one put sacrilegious stuff on these sites? Pakistan is Fu#$ed.


  • God help Pakistan…these judges will not let us use the internet and learn all the technologies in the world. Just wondering what would happen if LHC orders Pak Government to launch a war on India. What would Government do then…

    [Comment Edited]

  • these judges have gone almost crazy. Have no idea what internet is all about. Courts are plagued with the burden of year old cases while these are chasing these non issues. When will there b judges who have some knowledge of sarrounding also?? imrancl

  • ROFL.I wonder where all the ‘ban-facebook-kill-all-non-muslims-burn-the-world’ people are now? Guess what, you won’t be able to MSN chat nomore! Idiots.

    Unless we put in a little maturity in this system, its all going down.

    • Mind your damn language ediot!

      I for one have not used facebook since the ban was lifted, and that is because of what facebook did, defending the draw page.

      I dont ask for killing of non Muslims or burn the world.

      Get a LIFE!

  • This is perfect step taken by Pakistan. They are determined to remain one of the most backwards and illiterate countries in the world and they are on the right path.

    I commend their efforts in doing so. They are very close to achieving their goals.

    • Did you people corrected Facebook? Did they removed the page? Would they listen to LHC???????????????

  • Bad move! Didn’t do well for facebook already with not following the correct points..

    And you all guys, dont’t give shit to Pakistan, curse the people who do bad. In that way, you do worse than what these idiots do!

  • these all big website and all we depend on these websites but its still opening not banned till now.

  • this is plain nonsense on the name of islam they are showing the world the wrong islam islam is the religionj of tolerence patience and it doesnt allow or askto foce something to any1

  • The people who were too extremist and emotional and supported ban on wikipedia and facebook should be quite happy now !!

    Pakistan is ruled by stupid jahil people now

  • her koi apni dukan chalana chata hai Islam kay nam pay.

    non-muslims ko fukin reputation chayea ho tu voi koi na koi cartoon bana dyte hain aur ab yehan be shoray shuru ho gay hain sasti reputation hasil kernay…

    Hum logon key herktain hi asey hain keh her kahin say chitter hi pertay hain
    Allah say be lagta hai chitter hi parain gay :)

    • bilkul aap ny sahe kahan ALLAH TALA sy chittar he paraingy… is waja sy k hum MUSLAMAN hai or humari kuch ziymydarian hain agar wo puri nhe karaingy to DUNIYA or AKHIRAT main chittar he chittar milaingy…

      pehley ka bhe to musalman thy un k bary main kiun nhe sochty k wo kamiyab kiun they? socho or AMAL karoo kamiyab ho jaoogy…

      ALLAH TALA UMAT e MUSLIMA ko Hidayat dy or hony wali sazishon ko samjhny ki Tofeeq day…

      • Of course Siddiqui bahi, Hazrat Ummar R.A ya Rasool SAW nay kya un logon key gardnain utar deen theen jinhon nay Islam qabool ni kyea tha ???

        Yeh Mullah hamesha say hi apne sasti dukan aur HALWAY kay chaker mei rehtay hain…

  • they are all made they never used the websites and tools, without knowing what is the websites used for and what the hell they just go and said ok ban it.

    What the hell the IT Ministery and PTA is doing it no one can able to explain the court that it is not possible and it has nothing to do with the Cartoon Issue.

    ???? Jago Pakistan Jaggo ???

  • Baray hi jahil loag hay yaar hotmail,yahoo,google ka kia problem hay aur hotmail agar bund hua to net bund hojayega pakistan ka…

  • Good, one more step towards the stone age… when will our people realise, even the relgion gives us right to make a choice b/w good and bad…

  • As i have said in the past and i will say it again, Pakistan is not ready for 3G, we can bearly cope with the world wide web in its current form with limited on non exsistant access to millions of people. i think we should just turn off all our electronics and go and live in a cave somewhere – and complain about the cold instead.

  • do u thnk its necessary to ban all these website and further links on behalf of sum foolish ppl??or the PTA is not so strong to answer all that BULLSHIT????

  • Its stupid, effingly stupid!!
    Ban the specific sites not the whole organisation damn it!!
    Ban all the resources and connections to the world so Pakistan can go even furter to a cave.
    I am effingly sure LHC judges doesn even know what google or youtube is since they dont even use it nd cant even imagine its importance to someone.

  • wtf ban the fcj=kin LHC..these old retards have no idea abount internet and they go on passing these rulings

  • Jahalat ki intiha……….saray illiterate log bethe hain………they have no idea what INTERNET is…bas HARAM HARAM ka geet garahe hain!!!!

  • Whoa!
    So when are we getting an order to block various TV channels / news papers and radio stations as they too spread Anti-So-called Islamic-teachings.

    What about banning wearing jeans and t-shirts as they too are unislamic, KFC,Mcdonalds, Pizza hut, non Islamic food…….
    the list continues…

    May God Bless us…

  • Asalam-0-Alaikum,

    What do you people think, your Opened Eyes will resolve the problem? Everything will going on and you will watch silently because this is better truth that MUSLIM have lost there way and DEAD!

    I really appreciate this unexpected step of Pakistani Government.

    Those people who they have thinking like we don’t have to ban sites it will not be the solution are actually don’t have courage to take any step and When I asked them to suggest something better and effective, they remain silent…!

    We are Slowly and gently being dependent, in our perception today we can’t survive without Mobile, Internet and Luxuries etc… This is the only reason Muslims are beaten everywhere in the world, because are being dependent of Materials or Humans instead of ALLAH, I ask every individual are Today’s Muslim better then Past? If no then what is the reason?? did anyone try to brain storming on it? Answer is NO!!

    And those who said It is not ISLAM, they don’t know about ISLAM, My Words are not good but it is true, They don’t even know Quantity of Surah in

    Remember 1 thing there will be always Alternate, once Jews were the favorite Nation of ALLAH, but what happened they leave to Obey ALLAH and his Messenger then they replaced with Muslim and this is “LAMHA e FIKRIYA” for us if we fail there will be Alternate to replace us.

    • people like u deserve a bullet between their eyes. explain to me how is google and hotmail is un islamic?????

        • i think he is right….goole hotmail such sites nothing to do with islam either any religion….

          thay are just search engines *If someone searching good he will find out good…and if he searching bad he will see bad

    • brother…let me tell ya one thing….Homail, Yahoo, Google, Youtube are not hosting any unIslamic site!

      2nd mobile n Internet are not luxuries….its a need of modern world…I can be in touch with my family while im out of home from my Mobile or i think koi bhi mobile sirf dekh kar khush hone k liye rakhta hai…..do u know k kitny log busniz hi mobile par karty hain…………..and i use internet to make and submit my university assignments daily………I never seen anything Un-Islamic in this……..

      if you boycotting things giving benefit to Europe than you shud also stop using computers, fridge, TV, Radio, cars, AC, Fans.. evn don’t use machines to make your home building do it manually with your hands like thousnd years back and waste your years on that………. i think u dont know that 90% of modern machines are Europe production….so if you want to live still in stone age than go on….dont push others….

      Allah gave us mind to use it…now it depends on user how the person use it…in good way or bad way. and if someone doing wrong than Allah is up with him……… you don’t have to justify anything anyone…

      *This time our country needs to fight with there own lies, corruption, poverty, hunger and illiteracy…..1st clean your self than go to fight with others…

    • i would totally not accept of what uve mentioned in your post.

      You are NEVER supposed to ban anything but make a competition and then replace it.

      Make a competition of Google, Facebook, Youtube, Hotmail and then come to support what ure saying.

      Please dont use Islam for ur cause, use knowledge with Islam!

    • every time religion and politics mix this is the mess we get ourselves into. Religion is to feed your heart and mind!the politicans are supposed to put a road under our feet, jobs to go to, education for our young, health for our old and weak.

      turning off the internet is another way where politicians get to distract you from teh bad job they are doing. and suckers like you fall into their trap everytime.

  • Ok….no more lights, no more water, no more food, no health, no money, no development and finally …….. no more internet..!! wooo
    They Jahil judges don’t know that how many people doing jobs thorough these sites…how many students getting daily unlimited help for their studies and how many are studding on internet….this is larger than any books library in this country…..how many universities having students accounts through google path…..people are running their businesses on these sites……
    Ow Man.. Pakistani government has decided to torcher every single person living in this country.…just bull SH#*>”
    I think… these un-Islamic countries are much better than Pakistani government… atleast they are good human beings they are not hurting n killing their nation like this….
    And here only internet blocking is no sense.. google, msn,yahoo etc doesn’t host any of the blasphemous sites itself…thz r just search engines as everyone knows “BUT thz illiterate government”. There is no point blocking any of these sites….i think judges have to get knowledge about one thing first than decide….
    That absolutely not gona show how possessive we are about our religion, there are thousands more worst things in this country to take care/action about… this is just a new created issue for this country.

  • They don’t block porn sites, Gambling sites etc which have high usage in Pakistan. Google And Yahoo don’t publish thing by itself everything get indexed in automatically

    • Exactly.. Its funny that they take a minute to block youtube but are not bothered about porn and gambling sites..

      I hope these people start making intelligent decisions and not just doing things to get fame..

      The judge prob wanted to get media coverage by giving this verdict..


  • What a bright idea! Why not block internet on the whole and start your own network where we can run our own rules and regulations. Annoyance is not displayed by blocking websites, it must be displayed
    by spreading peace, harmony and the true message of islam.

  • The difference lies between the style of usage of internet. Very truly said by our friends above, why not block the porn sites having tonnes of net traffic daily???????????? Is this what Islam teach us??????????????

  • Muhammad Sidiq and all the people who think just like him should never watch TV,own computers, not listen to the radio, not own a music system or have MP3 players. These are the people who believe strongly in absolute intolerance, short-sightedness, narrow mindedness. These people should never have access to any kind of entertainment. They do not enjoy anything and they do not want anyone else to enjoy. Muhammad Sidiq should drink a few pints of beer and visit Heera Mandi, he will realise what he has been missing in his life.

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