Uth Package Offers Free on-net Calls after Two Mins

As we know, Super Call Offer ended yesterday, which offered free on-net calls after first 2 minutes – round the clock, now Ufone has modified its Uth Package.

According to details provided to us by sources, Ufone Uth Package has become something like following:

  • Free Ufone to Ufone Calls after first two minutes – 24 hours
  • Hourly Calls to PTCL numbers from 12 AM to 5 PM (FnF Numbers only)
  • Daily Charges: Rs. 1 plus tax
  • Other details remain the same as mentioned on this page

So apparently, round the clock Ufone to Ufone calls feature is added to already available features for Uth Package.

How to subscribe:

If you are on Uwon or any other package (Even with Super Call Offer activated), then dial *22# to activate Uth Package. Subscription charges are Rs. 10 plus tax.

Note: Uth Package subscribers will have to re-subscribe by dialing *22# to avail this modified Uth package, re-subscription charges are Rs. 30 plus tax

Important Note: This modification in Uth Package (Round the clock free On-net Calls after 2 mins) will remain valid till July 31st, 2010. No words yet on what will happen after that.

For any further information call Helpline – as website isn’t updated with these details yet.

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  • As compare to Glow 1; it cuts Rs.1/= daily charges and Glow cuts Rs.1/= only if you call to any glow number. As compare to call rate, it is Rs.1/30sec means Rs.4.84/= for 2 minutes and then free and Glow 1 rate is Rs.3.7973/= per hour. It is good in that case it is for 24 hours and Glow 1 is whole day only in weekends and 11:00pm to 08:00am in weekdays.

    • As compared to Glow, all Ufone to Ufone calls are free after 2 minutes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

      On glow you can call only 10 FnF at Rs 2.99/hr for 24 hours only on weekends. On weekdays, you can call at this rate till 8 am in the morning.

      • You are right but call rates are very high as compared to glow if we talk within 2 minutes. Also we will not call for long on all ufone numbers


  • what best, rather than Ufone warid glow is much better, no network issues and call charges are also nominal but Ufone just sucks balance at all………

    • Dear Qaisar,its nw old excuse,when anybody want to say anything bad about any network ,we said ,”balance khata ha”….bt in actual it is just confusn in our end,no network charged without usage,if there is any problem then it is once in a blue moon…..So we must accept the fact that ufone is always a head forward thn other networks….

      • Well I agree with Qaiser as its being happened with me after converting on UTH package whenever I call to any ufone number whether for 3mins to 59mins its charging approx Rs 1/min+tax.
        I complaint about my issue to ufone call centre but after there investigation my bal was not returned and still bal has been deducted. so I again complaint there with call time, call duration, bal before call and after call but its now 3rd day my complaint was not resolved yet.
        I had been using Ufone solid offer and super call offer and I appreciate ufone but if you get any issue in network or somthing there is not good customer service from them.

        • Does any 1 more has this problem as Adeel is getting? I have not subscribe yet and need to confirm that whether this package is working fine or not?


    Uth Package Round the clock free On-net Calls after 2 mins IS EXTEND TILL 27th RAMADAN….
    CHILL KAO……….

  • its a goodpackage but almost better than the others,iam using ufone 4yrs ago but still no any problem and also call rates r compere to better than the others.also ufone have ufone dosti package which is not too costily then the moblink or any other network.i think not in uth but ufone gives lowers rates in every package..

  • Is 24 hour package still going on or finished? does anyone know till when its valid? and without this 24 hour package, what’s the advantage of uth package itself? i just bought ufone so give me info about uth package. thnx.

  • Telenor is the best for hourly talking and sms.Ufone rates are so high that everyone can not afford.

  • jb blnc hoga srf usdin dly charges kate ge uth pckg k ya jb load kerwao to us din k bhi chargs kat jaenge jb hamare account mn blns nh tha 3 char dys k jb hi kat hojaenge load kerwate hi ?

  • dear Muskan,charges will be deducted only for the 2 days,1st the day when U close ur balance & 2nd, the day when U recharge it again…middle days will never be charged

  • AS far as balance is concern,I am using Ufone since lst 5 years, i never experience that alance deduction issue. . .reason first i get all info. regarding any package that i m going to use.then i activate that. … .

  • ufon k daily package ka koi bat dy jo 24 hrs k lyee ho aur koi daily charges na ho aur automaticaly renew na ho

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