PTCL Imposes “Installation Charges” on New DSL Connections

Apparently, with an aim to enjoy the monoply, PTCL has started charging “Installation Charges” on every new Broadband and Broadband Wi-Fi connection.

One time Installation charges of Rs. 500 will be charged from every subscriber. The installation charges are applicable from July 1, 2010.

Previously this service was provided without any installation charges by PTCL as there are no complex procedures and costly equipment are required to install the Broadband.

It merits mentioning here that PTCL’s major rival LINKdotNET is providing this service free, without any Installation charges.

Moreover PTCL recently changed its policy regarding Modem ownership – now the modem remains the property of PTCL despite subscribers pay monthly rental or otherwise installation charges for the device.

  • This is unfair; first they change the Modem Ownership policy secretly and now started taking Installation charges. PTCL is just taking the advantage of monopoly they have over other ISPs; as in many remote areas only PTCL’s DSL service is available.
    PTA should take necessary action against it and at least stop taking Installation Charges on student package because students are already confronting with many financial problems.

  • kharbooza kharboze ko dekh kar rang pakarta ha mobile compnies ki dekha dhaki is ne b rehe sahe kasar puri kr de.

  • Worldcall Wireless Broadband is best

    Despite in PTCL its difficult to get the connection and termination of connection is more difficult
    They keep charging bills and clients remained unsatisfied

  • inhon ne kia soch kr ye rates apply kia hain. Waise bhi inki sevice tu pehle sey hi itni beykar thi ab mehengi bhi kardi.

    • you are right we should switch to some other isp first they remove student package on 4 and 2 MB dsl and now started chareging for connection there monoply comes to end now they think those who are using ptcl will not switch but they are thinking wrong first they should improve their service .and more over ptcl only have monopoly in unlimited downloading soon other companies will change their policies ;-)

    • Pl dono’t hate ptcl because in ptcl there are people who are employed and they have no option but to serve in ptcl .

      If u have to hate then hate our rulers who have sold out such a precious , preceless national asset to the Arab Badouins at a very cheaper rate in a very fraudulent way.

      They are spoiling it every now and then .

      Our rulers are dreaming of having a luxurious life in Dubai after quiting from the power cooridoors of Parliament and Awan-e-sadar in Islamabad at the cost of this deal.

      So curse our rulers who have handed over such a entity to the outsiders at a very cheaper rate which will not only be creaking the integrity and solvation of pakistan but also destroy the telecom sector boom in this land.

  • yar jaise mobil companies new aye hain zong etc asie he chineese and japanese companies broadband mein be ajaye phir ptcl ko kuch competition toh mille. chineese broadband companies ke aane se package be shiad upgrade ho jayein.

  • PTCL is enjoying the monopoly at the peak. They are also charging the W.H Tax on the DSL bills which is against the FBR tax policy. PTCL themselves claims that their package is inclusive of everything and there is no additional tax on it. But when they send bill along with the landline, the total amount automatically goes above Rs. 1000/-( if you are not using student package) and they charge you the W.H tax on that above 1000/- amount. For example, if you are using 1MB package, the amount is Rs.1199/- but when they send u the bill including the line rent for the landline, it sum up to 1400/- and they charge u W.H tax. Whereas W.H tax is only applicable if your voice call bill exceeds 1000/-.
    So this is not only illegal but also I dont think they will deposit that tax to the govt.
    But at places where they have the optical fibre there is no other ISP is allowed to provide connection hence they are exploiting the situation. PTA should take action on this.

  • WEll ptcl is all doing to its customers an ill treatment what it has already been doing with its employees.

    At the present niether customer nor the empoloyees are happy with bluffing ptcl.

    Customers have the option to switch over to some other network but the employees who are mentally fed up and tortured by the ptcl management financially and mentally , they are finding hard to quit the ptcl.

    The arab management is happy for they are enjoying best in this country, all kind of stuff is available to them to enjoy , they are least bothered about the employee and the customer.

    every luxuary is availablke to them ranging from luxurious life in the place like sareena hotel and locomotion in chartered planes and expensive cars , wine and beauty and youth etc etc , so why they had to worry about the telecom buisiness now.

    The arabs are busy in such evil and sinful deeds that one cannot openly write about that.

    So they are enjoying the ____ and _____ and nothing is in thier mind regarding the betterment of the employee or the customer.

    [Comment Edited]

  • This is again a conspiracy by Americans and IMF to reduce Internet Usage in Pakistan. We don’t know but America and IMF are behind all this inflation of price in Pakistan

  • These Charges are baseless. I think Ptcl should revisit their strategy to snatch money from end consumers

  • I applied for the DSL link 10 days back for RWP Citi Exchange and amazingly it is not yet installed by them till date. And on call to their senior executive for installation issue he says don’t worry we have 100Ks plus customer base and this that… :O which IMV couldn’t solved my problem if I am paying Rs.500 and still they give useless comments and no service.

    I wish they could improve a bit on customer services…and come down to the surface from the top mountain.

    • Well Mahmood shb ,

      itis very sad that even today ptcl did not give up its habbits of the past in which the customer was badly treated for the installation of the PSTN number which was a great blessing in those days like about ten years ago.

      At the call centers , the people there are of no good moral character, mostly the motorious and ill charactered operatores who have actually no capability to deal with the customers in the proper way becuase most of her , have no idea about the ptclor about the nature of her job.

      they are just there to create thier own personal customers with whom they spent the moment of isolation and provide maximum joy and pleasure for the sake of hand some money . and the best customers of these call centers operators are thier own bosses .
      The bosses who feel no hasitation or shame of any kind to be roaming with more then one lady keeping the wife at home in complete darkness.

      So imagine when the notorious and evil charactered employees of my ptcl call centers are happy with their nature of job while getting every financial and bodily pleasure of thier opposite gender , then why they need to give thier attention to the customer . Her job is secure the ptcl call center as she has seen her boss exposed and open in the enjoyable moments of issolation and privacy.

      The call centre is a source of traficing and suplying beautiful stuff to the customers all arround even the ptcl top management which include the Arabs are not the exception. They are crazy about the new one coming to the age.

  • Who needs their total crap “dabba” modem PTCL force to provide their customer.

    In past a PTCL officer was known for taking bribe in deal of purchasing Huwei CDMA handset which were total crap, same might be case with these modems. That

  • I would not like to repeat how painful it was when I had to call rude staff of my exachange and had to bear unacceptable attitude of SDO of Gangal Exchange in Rawalpindi. They gave me connection in 6 months but they confirmed availibility after 2 days of my application.

    So PTCL lost at least 12000 that I could have paid in those 6 months, same is the case with thousand of other people where their employees do politics more and work less in offices. Such people don’t deserve these seats when very educated and talented youth of Pakistan is jobless and getting frustrated.

  • TO
    The Chairman PTCL
    I am one of the old aged person of Pakistan. My present age is 70 years old and I am also a stuent of MSc Pakistan Studies of AIOU ie ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY Islamabad .I have taken this admission for the purpose of the checking of educational system of Pakistan for researching on this most im,portant topic for the purpose of submiting a report to the govt of pakistan alongwith valuable proposal and suggestions for the improving of educational system in Pakistan. My registeration No is 05-PJM-2155 and my ROLL NO is AD 589020.
    ==================================== R/Sir,
    my question to concerned officers of PTCL is that whether i am entitled to get student concession for getting DSL PHONE CONNECTION of (iMB 1299/-PACKET). I hope you wil kindly inform me about this important matter. Thanking you in anticipation
    your most sincerely
    Press Essay Writer
    House No-5, Street No-10, Iqbal Town Rawalpindi-46300

  • To
    The Chairman PTCL


    A two months ago, I had submitted my application through internet for the new phone connection but the same application is still lying in pending in the concerned office of PTCL while your representat had told me the following day that my connecion would be installed witin 24 hours.
    I shall be grateful if you kindly check the latest status of my application,
    Thanking you in anticipation

    PRESS ESSAY WRITER & Social Worker
    House No-5m Street No 10,
    IQBAL TOWN , Khana Kak RAWALPINDI-46300R
    [email protected]

    your i

  • TO
    The Chairman PTCL Islamabad

    It is noted that the working Efficiency of your PTCL department is very very poor and unsatisfactory because this department dont future to complianced the application/complaints /lettersetc immediatly and it is the main reason that the public complaints are not being redressed promptly.WHY ?
    This logic of adopting a deaf ear and throwing away all application in the RADI BASKET is not understood to me. I am saying this that my three Nos of applications of complaints are still in pending in your PTCL OFFICE.
    2)- Application of Restoration of V.Fone Connection

    If you want to check this position, kindly post one application in the fake address in fake name to PTCL Department, You will soon the said fact that the working staff of your PTCL is actually is not compliancing any letter
    It is requested that first of all,kindly set right the working position of your ptcl staff and kindly improve the working position of your PTCL Department otherwise the position of PTCL.

    I hope you will take the necessary action in this regard.
    Thanking you in anticipation

    Khana Kak,Rawalpindi-46300

  • The Chairman PTCL

    Subject ; Illegal Transfer of Telephone No. 051- 4472954-9

    My previous complaint # 180,197, 208 & 228 refers.

    1. Mr. Abid Shehzad , hired my house in 2005 and applied Telephone connection for which I have given permission to him with the ownership papers and telephone number 4472954-9 installed on 29/1/2008 in my house in the name of Abid Shehzad. Abid Shehzad vacate my house on 26 August 2011 He has not paid all utility bills pertaining to him. Today I have received telephone bill of telephone No 4472954 and I ring on that number and it seems that the said number has been illegal shifted on his new living accommodation with the co-operation of your corrupt staff and the bill for this has not been deposited since last two months. His living accommodation is not in my knowledge.

    2. Please investigate from your staff as to why they have shifted the said number without my permission as the ownership papers and permission was granted by me.

    3. With immediate effect I hereby withdrawn my permission and owner ship papers. Please issue orders for disconnect the said number and intimate me immediately.
    No action has been taken and another bill with area of previous 3 months balance has been received today on 19 Nov 11. G.M PTCL is requested to issue orders to close this phone # immediately and disciplinary action against crupt PTCL employees may also please be taken.

    Yours sincerely

    Naseer Ahmed Abbasi
    CINC 37405-0224759-3
    House No. 526/9, Street –4
    Babur Colony, KRL Road Dhoke Gangal Opposite KRL Offices
    P.O. Fazaia colony Rawalpindi Tele : 051-4476024,0333-5362895
    Date : 24/11/2011

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