Official: PTCL Doubles DSL Broadband Speed

Its official now that PTCL has doubled its broadband data rate speed and upgraded all its existing 2 Mbps customers to 4 Mbps data rate on the same tariff and all existing 4 Mbps customers have been upgraded to 6 Mbps data service at the same tariff.

In addition a new 8Mbps package has also been introduced. PTCL will have the following data rates for all its broadband existing and new customers with effect from July 15th  2010.

  • 1 Mbps at Rs 1199
  • 4 Mbps at Rs 1999
  • 6 Mbps at Rs 4999
  • 8 Mbps at Rs 6999

The existing 2 Mbps package will no more exist and all existing 2Mbps customers have already been upgraded to 4 Mbps package on the same tariff.

We are also hearing the rumors that Link Dot Net is also planning to double its speed, however, no confirmations yet.

  • I have been using LDN since it started and pretty satisfied with. I saw the news in newspaper today. Good news, hope LDN does it soon as well.

    • I was thinking of switching to PTCL but I just spoke to LDN customer service and they confirmed that they will be doubling the bandwidth soon.. COOL :P .. Can’t wait to have my 4MB doubled to 8M ..

    • Yes I also cannot switch to PTCL just for that speed, I know how PTCL worst service is better to use dial up or worldcall wireless than using PTCL DSL.

  • i thought it as a rumor but a great stand by ptcl. PTCL should reduce the rate not upgrading the package. one thing missing in this package is upgrade for 1MB??

    still thanks to PTCL. Now looking at linkdotnet

  • Well, their customer service is like hell service, whenever we call to them, we have to listen their cheapest music and advertisement for at least 30 minute, this is insanity. What the hell with the 1 MB connections?? Aren`t they going to convert in 2 MB or not….
    Cheap tricks, they still have Copper wire, IPv4 and cheap Chinese modem… They should first revolutionize their service and security… 3rd class DNS they have..

  • I dont understand why the 1mb users are not getting double speed. Student package of 1mb should also be doubled.

  • I applied to them for DSL 16 days back in RWP Citi exchange and till date nothing has happened despite contacting there Sr. Manager.

    Useless company with useless commitments and zero customer support. Totally a waist of money IMV as per my recent experience with them.

    LDN, Wi-Tribe, Nayatel and Micronet are far much better than PTCL. I am canceling my order with them now.

    • Asad, if you applied via Westridge exchange, then forget it.
      Every broadband provider is fed up of them.

    • I also got my ptcl connection from westrige exchange….it took about 3-4 monthes to get my connection….after i got my connection…I applied for dsl…it also took about 2 months…jb mene unhen kaha k mene boht pehle complain kerwae ha dsl ki tu unhun ne kaha k apki wire dsl support nae kerahee or koi joints han…jb k meri wire bilkul nae thi or koi joints nae thay…ye sirf ek bahana tha.kun k jb wo mere gher ai he nae…or wire check he nae..tu unhen kese pata chala k meri wire ma joint ha….phr mene boht complain kerware..internet per bhi kerwae…..or phr jaker lga…westrige walay boht der lagatay han…mene tu unhen ptcl disconnect kerne ka keh diya tha…phr unhun ne aisa bahanay marna shuru ker diye….

  • Policy must be implemented equally on all packages …. PTCL service and customer support is not good and disconnection process is just [zalaalat] i am satisfied with my LDN

  • good offer. but no upgradation for 1 mb users. i think most of the users are using 1mb connection

    • Salam o alicum guys
      Why are you so frustrated of PTCL.
      They are offering such a wonderful things that you cant imagine.
      I am using 4mbps shared connection which is now 6mbps and i never feel bad as if you think and i have reached the download speed of 700kb/s even before this increase.
      If you search the background then you will come to know that how much better we are as compared to a lot of countries who have still 256kbps as Broadband and you are thinking that this mega speed is low..
      then you people must go to Europe and pay in dollars to get 1gbps speed.
      we should just thank PTCL and should use this opportunity for some creative thing not only for entertainment.

  • no upgrade for 1MB user? They should treat equally. it sounds like they are forcing 1MB user to must switch to other packages otherwise Allah ka sukar ada karain k un ko 1MB se 512KB per nai kia ….)

    • yes i agree they only forcing imb user to switch.

      ager aisa hota ha tu inki company ko bohet profit hota ha.

      lakin is say ziyada profit jab hota jab ye imb ko increase kartay

  • mairay ghar pay 1mb ka connection hai aur speed 2mb ati thi ab mujhay umeed hai wo wapas 1mb ho jai gi keon k 2mb wala chakr he khatam kar dia ptcl nay! but aik chance ye b hai k wo 4mb ho jeay then it will be treat for me!

    • mjhe 2 months howay han dsl lagway howay…in 2 months ma meri downloading speed 200kbps arahee thi…or pichle 2 haftun se 100-150kbps arahee ha..

      wakae yar boht injustice ha 1mb walun k sath…isma student b boht ziada han

  • This is strange and weird. 1MB (the most common package) is not being upgraded? I guess they want us to roll out Rs.800 more per month and want us to get the 4MB package.

  • Come on guys , Its clearly mentioned in the press release by PTCL Officials that there will be no upgrade to 1 Mbps package, in addition to this , there will be no 2 Mbps package on the network from now on !

    Only 1 Mbps , 4 mbps , 6 Mbps and 8 Mbps packages will be available !

  • i have LDN dslmain nay call ki wo ldn walay kahtain han k hum apnay pakg upgrt nahe kar rahay kya bakwas ha yar:( m so sick ot it

  • my 2mbps package is still working at the same speed while on the ptcl website it says that all existing customers are already upgraded….

  • As PTCL is an almost complete monopoly, they can do as they please. First, they limited the student package to only 1 Mbps. Then these packages came. It all seems to be preplanned since then.

    So from these, the most cost-effective package is the 4 Mbps for Rs. 2000/month. Here is some simple package-wise calculation of rate per Mbps:

    1 Mbps : Rs. 1200/Mbps (Rs. 840/Mbps for student package)
    4 Mbps : Rs. 500/Mbps
    6 Mbps : Rs. 833/Mbps
    8 Mbps : Rs. 875/Mbps

    So the 4 Mbps package is the most cost-effective one by a big margin. If one wants an 8 Mbps connection, it would be much much more cheaper to get 2 phone lines and a 4 Mbps connection on each line (even if you include line rent of the extra phone line). That way it would cost around Rs. 4,200 total, a difference of around 2,800 !

    Note: To simplify comparisons, above prices did not include the ~20% tax, but the cost ratio among packages would be the same in either case.

  • I have 2mb ptcl dsl
    its very tricky if you test in e.g.
    it will show you like 3.4mb
    but when you download something
    it will stay below 200kb/sec

    this could be like burstable service to 4mb or maybe very intelligent enough like if network resources are available only then one can get 4mb

    i will test more let see

    • Well brother TARIQ – with the there is an ISSUE … the ISSUE is that it’s HOSTED on the local CDN’s or ISP’s like Wateen / WiTribe / PTCL .. as the backbone is being handled by PTCL so the speedtest code shows you the optimum downstream that’s why it’s always suggested to click on US / UK / JAPAN for checking your downstream … it would give rather an accurate figure !

    • you are all right…
      Actually we check the using Pakistani server in islamabad or lahore which are totally under control of PTCL and they can offer 8 Mbps maximum as a limit of DSL..
      but if we go out of Pakistan for downloading then it remains near 2 Mbps or above depending upon availability of resources which are very costly and are fully available only to DXX (dedicated business lines) but some times we get the highest speed of 400 – 600 kb/s but it is rare and usually it remains near 200-250kb/s.

  • abay 1mb (normal Package) walon ke kia galti hai jab 4mb 2000 ke hai toh 2 mb 1000 ke honi chiye. katam 1 mb karna chiye tha toh 2mb kardia bewakoof log

  • aur next year phir se upgrade ohga connection ya ye final upgrade tha ab future mein nahin hoga upgrade? btw package and prices dono sahe nahin hain
    ye hona chiye tha

    1mb = 500/=
    2mb = 1000/=
    4mb = 2000/=
    6mb = 4000/=
    8mb = 6000/=

    agar ye packages and prices rakhte toh kuch sense banta aur next year dobara upgrade kar dete kiyon ke 8mb ke 7000 is very expensive

  • why 1mb consumer suffer,

    ptcl shayed ye nahi janta majorty of consumer 1mb package use karat ha becouse of its economical rate.

    ager ye 1mb ko double up kartay tu shayed inkay consumer or ziyada increase hotay.

    lakin ye totaly stupid idea ha ka jo majorty saarif ha onko nazer andazz kiya gaya.

    • where are you living..
      We have reached at the top of the DSL speed 8 Mbps is the limit of telephone lines data rate and further speed can only achieved by using optic fiber of Wimax..

  • one word for this announcement, RUBBISH

    it doesn’t make sense at all, what was the need of removing 2mb? why not remove 1mb or slash the prices of it damn you ptcl you have proved that you will always remain the one biggest culprit in telecom industry who will always try to control and cap what public demands, yeah take out suck out as much juice as you can from people’s pocket darn what was the need of bringing 6mb dammit :S thats lame isn’t it? shouldn’t it be like 2 > 4 > 8 & then 16 like it happens all over the world but trust me guys next year they gonna introduce nothing or even if they did it’ll be not more then 10mb. Their pathetic network ain’t that strong to even support 8mb phew

  • Ok so here is the thing –

    I had PTCL 2MBPS Package and they made it cheaper so I shifted on that .. but guess what THEY SCREWED ME OVER after a month telling me sorry that package has ended you been shifted back to 1 MBPS … Well guess what If this time it happens that PTCL screws me and don’t give me an optimum speed as well as keep the package alive until i am using it .. I would be filing a Class Action Law Suite against PTCL in LHC … I hate these mofo’s trying to RIP people off ! …

  • their 90% users who are 1Mbps users wont get any benefit out of this . If you see hiring and safarish in PTCL you wont be surprised much to see who actually comes up with such packages.

  • For Increasing the Broadband penetration rate in Pakistan, PTCL should follow the pricing mentioned by Khan. I totally agree with him.

  • I guess your are talking about student package on 2mb package which has been discontinued , Student Package only on 1mb package at the moment!

  • First of all, this up-gradation make a sense to ptcl only

    1mb —– same as before (now angry)
    2mb —– now 4 mb doubled. (extra happy)
    4mb —– now 6 mb half double (must be happy
    8mb —– most of the compines will try this packege

    so if the tried to upgrade 1st pacekge, u know they could have to buy almost 75% extra bandwidth from internet companies, and profit could not have build up a penny. But customers could be so happy. now they will buy only 25 % extra bandwidth and profit would be better.

    i will call it the best trick of 2010 from PTCL

    it is also a shame for them coz most of us can afford only 1000 rs for internet, so they did not think about customers. they thought about profit.

  • This’ll help make competition even better!

    BTW, I suggest everyone try out Nayatel. Very good service, great packages, mazaydaar reliability and did I mention they offer great service?

  • Hello,

    PTCL want to make money from forcing customers having 1MB connection to convert to 4MB that is called Market Strategy. Live where you are or pay extra money!

    3G license is the ONLY way through which ultimate consumers shall benefit. I think PTA should answer that how much bribe/extortion he is receiving because of delaying 3G license? This matter should be reported to Mr.Kamran whose email is [email protected].

    I strongly request all Pakistanis to file complaint on PTCL WEBSITE about why PTCL 1MB package is not upgraded?

  • bro unho ne bohat soch samaj k ye step liya hai.

    2mb pkg khatam kerney pe gor farmao.

    wo chahtey hain k 1 mb walay upgrade karain,or koi reason nai.

    or jahan tak quality ki bat hai,ptcl sucks!!
    im using 1mb for 1199PKR aur average speed 56-60 hoti hai..WTH ?

  • 7000 PKR for 8mb lol thats US $85. u know Sweden mein $80 mein 1Gbps ka net mil jata hai lol. thats why they called Sweden “Land of the Internet”.

    • you are absolutely right…
      it will cause the students to download more and more torrents and they will waste their time instead of study.
      if you think seriously then 1 Mbps is enough for students for study but if they want some thing extra in the name of study then it is not fair.
      they should wait until they earn some money after completing their study and should get more faster packages to enjoy…

      Ha Ha Ha

  • The reason PTCL didn’t upgarde 1 mb is because if they upgrade majority of new users will still buy the cheaper 2mb. PTCL will have the same earning. But what they are selling now is 1,4,6 and 8 mb. The difference between 1mb and 4mb is huge. A LOT of new users are going to go for 4mb because although the money is double, the speed is four times (If they upgrade 1mb to 2mb then people will get double money double speed offer. Same old offer. Same old money for PTCL). I don’t think PTCL will update 1mb to 2mb any soon because they are gonna earn A LOT from this offer.

  • This is quite unfair and unjustic with the customers having 1MB Broadband paying Rs.1199.00. They are not getting their speed to be double. Whereas those having 2MB paying Rs.1999.00 will be getting their speed double at the existing rate.
    It seems to be 2MB Broadband speed has been vanish at all.
    Could we request the PTCL to justify with 1MB Broadband users?

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