Zong Becomes the Fastest Growing Network in the Country

Zong has become the fastest growing network of Pakistan as it has recorded 500 percent growth in terms of number of cell sites during the last three years. The Company now has 5,612 cell sites out of which a massive 4,500 have been set up since 2007.

In April 2008, Zong joined the Telecom industry in Pakistan as the smallest operator. It took ZONG two years and the fastest rollout in the history of the industry to setup a network which its competitors had taken more than a decade to set up. ZONG now covers 10,000 cities, towns and villages across Pakistan.

“It has been more than 2 years since the launch of ZONG during which we have made monumental progress,” said Salman Wassay, Head of Marketing, ZONG. “In all areas of our operations, we have upped the ante and set new benchmarks for the industry,” added Wassay.

ZONG’s reach now stretches from the mountain tops of Ishkoman in Gilgit-Baltistan to the rocky plains of Buleda in Balochistan to the midst of mega cities. It has chosen to work with some of the top companies like Ericsson, Huawei, Alcatel Lucent and ZTE to provide top-of-the-line infrastructure for its services.

ZONG has so far invested US $1.66 billion in Pakistan and has plans to further invest $300 million in 2010 which is the largest investment by any telecom operator in the current year. The Company continues to invest heavily in the construction of GSM networks, support systems and transmission facilities, and for the development of new technologies and new businesses. China Mobile – the parent company of ZONG – pursues continuous innovation in the provision of services, business, technology and management and has sustained a leadership position in the telecom industry.

  • can u please tell me about edge network of zong?
They just increase cell sites?
We dont just want coverage
we want data services
i hope salman wasay could read this

  • Zong bukwass ha bilkul…….sb aik jese han…bus zong bat ko ziada gol mol ker deta ha…sb k rates ek he han…chahay ye jitni offers den….her package k pechay ek beri kahani chupi hoti ha…..jb us kahani ka pata chal jata ha tu pata chalta ha k sub aik han….

  • but still zong call center employees are getting salaries that they were taking in december 2008

    • probably you are not doing a good job – you always complain yet you still work for them !! what would you like them to do – give you more money for less work ?

  • it amazes me that we are still talking about coverage – i think zong just felt they needed to place an artical to let everyone know that they are still business

  • Zong is excellent compare to ufone,Mobilink,Telenor and equal to Warid in quality of call services.

    i switched to Warid when it launched, but quickly switched to Zong through MPN when warid became expensive for their call rate.

    Zong & Warid are the best gsm service providers.

  • No my dear Zong actually offers good offers.
    I have sims of all conections but have only 3 cell phones.
    In one i am using Ufone for sms.
    In second i am using zong to call my relatives in U.K, U.S.A etc.
    In third i am using Zong to call my friends or relatives in pakistan.

    • why dont u just use one zong sim for all?! That would be convinent. u can get best sms pkgs (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly) and u cn call intl and local numbers at best rates too.

  • My friend work in Zong,He told me next month Zong upgrade cell sites to 3G.He also told me Telenor already upgrade sites to 3G.

  • my friend told me about this post . so i m here to comment. although zong is expanding alot. but still not a single benefit is given to its employees.an important fact is ZONG IS NUMBER 1 COMPANY IN EMPLOYEES RESIGNATION BECAUSE OF UNSATISFACTORY CONDITIONS.

  • If you want to work for a chinese company expect Chinese working conditions! It’s not like people are being forced to work for zong! If people were good enough they would have been picked up by the better companies like ufone, mobilink and the rest

  • whatever the case is with employees, i am telling you Zong is the future of Pakistan since they have best and easy to understand packages for a common man. VASes, GPRS are way ahead of awareness of a common pakistani user, so if you have to compete come up with easy packages.

  • if zong was the best operator and had the best packges how come did it lose so many subscribers in last few months….the reason was that zong sucks it only came up with adds criticising othr operators and was a new operator so ppl went to give it a shot that how it is and afta using it services came to know it sucks and dats y its cusotmer base suddednly went down….and still 3g isnt licensed in pakistan how some they switch to 3g…if i would have been the case mobilink would hav switched to 3g coz he is still the market leader, the big boss of the game….

  • Zong is the best in Pakistan it’s future is good u not only think about rates also check how much job Zong creat in Pakistan every one also know that Zong from china and china is the only strong frnd of Pakistan china support fully Pakistan in all matters so we respect our friend

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum zong officer sir ap sey request hey k ap 3G Fastest internet shaya krien piyarey bhai ap ka bahut shokar guzar hon ga ALLAH.HAFIZ

  • Zong the best network for LBC cities but not for Peshawar.q k Zong 37 cities main 7 rs/24 hours wala offer free unlimited calls k liye chalata hai magar Peshawar k liye nahe hamaray sath ye zolam hai yahan q nahe hai?

  • i have listened the ideas and thought of every men but i want to say that if a user of mobile is OK that he fells every network is OK .It depends upon every users i think that different people have different thoughts

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