Awais Malik Resigns from ZONG Joining MTN Group

Awais Malik, Director Marketing Segments, Strategy, Products & International Business, ZONG

Awais Malik, Director Marketing Segments, Strategy, Products & International Business, ZONG has resigned from his post and is joining one of the contributory of  the MTN Group as Head of Consumer Business. MTN Group is a South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African and Middle Eastern countries.

Awais Malik is an experienced professional with over ten years of experience in the telecommunications industry in Pakistan. He possesses special knowledge in products, strategy development, execution and management.

As Director Marketing Segments, Strategy, Products & International Business at ZONG he was responsible for creating and managing ZONG’s overall marketing and pricing strategy in order to increase customer acquisition / retention and revenue.

An MBA in Marketing from the University of Management & Technology, Lahore, Awais Malik joined ZONG in January 2008 as Head of Marketing Segments, VAS & International Business. Prior to joining ZONG he was Head of VAS & Product Development (Marketing) at Mobilink GSM Pakistan where he served for nearly seven years with distinction.

source: Telecom Recorder

  • he is an excellent professional, though hope that zong may not make any harm to their current good reputation.

  • There are no more good good posts on propakistani (attn: Aamir Atta), we usually see news in advertisements or in papers, soon I am expecting news like “Arif Blade thinking to join mobilink” “Chaudry Bashir offered better position in Zong”.

    Unfortunately this isn’t a Telecom News nor an IT news, most of us don’t even know this gentleman.

  • I have heard a lot about him. He is great leader, who fights for his team. He is a very dedicated and energatic person.

  • Asalam U Alaikum
    Thanks For Updating
    Your Brother
    Jawad Zubair Shaikh

  • See here is the thing – instead of celebrating this guys success (and I don’t know him)for working in the industry for so many years and today he has an opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading telecom operators – you guys all make a fuss in typical Pakistani fashion of pulling this guy down into the mediocrity you all exist in! instead of celebrating one of our own rising up you all want to shit on his head. Get real people, do you only want to be known as terrorists living in a failed state all our lives or as a source of intelligent hard working people, who aspire to more than just sitting behind their computer looking for girls telephone numbers (you know who you are) !!

    • I m a professional (Engineering Manager) & worked in five countries but for a very short time in Pakistan. Let me tell you what I feel.

      Our society, our governments, armed forces, media and even an individual can’t bear criticisim. We fear failure of state, government, institutions and God know what else. But in fact in every society/country everything/everyone is criticized without any fear of anything falling.

      We don’t have democratic norms, these aren’t in our blood (sorry if this is offensive for anyone) we feel infenior thinking we are known as terrorist nation while those who made them are world’s so called civilized nations.

      And I never understood “typical Pakistani thinking” as these things exist in every culture/society. This isn’t just Pakistani brand. So please come out of this.

  • Faisal is a great guy thats why working on the same position for last 5 years :p. i have worked with Faisal and he deserves only a hard kick in the A…

    Must have been treated right! :P

  • Wooh! After reading some comment, I want to share my relatively positive experience with Awais.

    With amaana, we struggled with Telcos for almost 2 years. We actually found Awais and his team to be the most receptive, helpful, listening and coaching. They guided us and provided as much help as we expected being such a small start-up in a huge industry of mobile payments. From MOU to technical integrations, short code provisioning to meeting with Banks on our behalf – they were always there for us.

    I am actually quiet upset he has left Pakistan, as Pakistan needs talented people and we continue to lose them and the process just accelerates with every bullet and .

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