Warid Glow Free GPRS [Hack]

Warid’s Glow Free GPRS hack is on the rise these days, many well-known forums have made image guided and video lessons to teach you how to activate this hack and how to use the GPRS for free to connect PC internet, some individuals also released modded versions of many java apps.

What Free GPRS Hack?

All you need is a Warid sim with zero balance and with Glow package activated on it. You can either use the default apn or can change it to blank or “warid”, turn off any proxy, and you are good to go.

This hack works with proxy websites so in order to browse you first need to connect to a proxy site.

Open your Mobile default browser and type

http://glow.pk.concealme.com/ or http://glow.pk.t9space.com, you can also join other proxy sites with glow.pk to get it working, This will take you to the proxy site where you can enter any website’s address and can browse for free.

You can also edit regular java apps like opera mini, bolt, and Ucweb etc to work with this hack.


  • Try using this hack only when your balance is zero.
  • This hack will not work if you have any bundle sms package activated.
  • Using the proxy sites/modded applications can result in theft of your private data/ passwords, so use it at your own risk.

Why these hacks do came out?

There is a common perception that evil geniuses who always try to find backdoors and flaws in systems find these hacks, on the other hand, some people think that the companies themselves spread these hacks.

Some may think that why would these companies do this, and answer can be that as you know GPRS/Edge culture is still not popular in Pakistan, because of costs and lack of knowledge. Therefore, when one finds it free, obviously, he/she is going to use it, then they tell it to their friends, creating awareness for the service.

Moreover, this also helps in testing network load, strengths, and weakness of the system when there is network congestion.

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  • well i know this isnt the right place to post but why hasnt this site informed about the package plan of msgs are no longer on net and off net ??

  • yes, propakistani should give us these type of tips and tricks.this is only information and nothing bad in it,,….

  • Some may think that why would these companies do this…………
    what a senseless assumption. If the companies wanted to create awareness they could launched PROPER free Internet schemes, not advertise it through hacks.


  • Sounds like something illegal. I don’t think anyone should promote something like this on a website like PorPak because it’s like you’re promoting theft.

  • This Just info Not promoting my dear…!
    After Very long time i seen site like ProPakistan
    there is lot of websites called there self serving pakistan & urdu but what we get they charging provide hack tutorials & manymore…!

  • Why these hacks do came out?

    Services are planned by the planning dept. and a lot of testing is done before the launch. But still there are loopholes left and evil genius people get to it. After the launch people of the network quality department are going through web blogs to detect any fault and success. As soon one is detected straight away fixed….

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