PAC Freezes Shahzada Alam’s Assets, Puts on ECL

Public Accounts Committee has directed to put name of former Chairman Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) Shahzada Alam on Exit control List, freeze all his assets in Pakistan and to conduct detailed audit for his specific duration in PTA, said Geo TV.

Report said that members of the PAC met chairman committee Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan during the sitting of the Public Accounts Committee to review the audit objections of the Cabinet Division for the year 2007-08.

Number of audit paras in connection with the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA), were presented before the committee, following which the chairman committee expressed his deep concerns.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Chairman PAC took the serious notice over the issue of illegal appointments, moving against the merit. He directed PTA officials to revise and to improve the rules and regulation in this regard to restrict the further out of merit appointments in the authority.

Over the issue of number of cases related to PTA, Chairman Committee directed the officials concerned to have the advice from the auditor general of Pakistan and to present a detailed report before the committee with in time period of 30 days.

On issues related to the purchases by the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) during the timer period of former Chairman Pakistan Telecom Authority, Shahzada Alam the Committee expressed its dissatisfaction and directed to impose ban on all such deals.

Daily Jang has reported that during Shahzada Alam’s tenure, authority spent Rs. 60 million on purchases for cars only.

It also decided to put the name of former chairman PTA Shahzada Alam on ECL to restrict any attempt from his side top escape abroad unless the issues were settled down.

Daily Times said that audit officials informed the committee that PTA had a Rs 702 million surplus in FY 2007-08 but did not deposit the required amount in the Federal Consolidated Fund.

It was informed that Rs 2.3 billion had been plundered by telecom officials. Illegal appointments and promotions in the sector also came under discussion. The committee directed the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) chairman to recover the embezzled money as soon as possible.

  • This is very normal … when the guys is in power … he can do whatever he wants … n when he leaves … hes accused of corruption …


  • Only incompetent auditors of Auditor General’s office could find such silly cases of “corruption”.

    Ask those who were on the giving side and you would find our about the franchises, sponsored family shopping trips to europe etc and what not.

    Audit the expenses of the cellular operators to find out what they have been sponosring from ayyashi events in the presidency and elsewhere

    and all we found out is some missing laptops, one car and an exercize machine. Stupid Munshis!

  • Shahzada Alam is a clever guy and has positioned him very well in the establishment so that his looted money cannot be touched.Reportedly his house which is located in Posh Golf Road Rawalpindi, very close to the Army house; is like a white house; all done with the looted money from the tax payers and Poor people of pakistan.

    Early on he was very close in the drinking cirlce of Parvez Musharraf and hence he retained PTA Post for the longest period of time and looted money like there is no tomorrow.

    He has very shrewdly married off his son to the daughter of a powerful Corps Commander. That has given him the added protection from any arrest or fraud investigation of PAC or any other body in pakistan. As it has always happened that no one can touch the near and dear ones of the powerful people in pakistan.

    I pray to Allah that someone can get some of this 2.3 billion money back (if not all) and help the poor flood affected Pakistanis dying of hunger and desease. According to Oxfam, 600 children are dying in Pakistan every day in flood camps.

    • @Ayesha
      Inter-marriages between children of various Army officials is not a matter of shrewdness; BTW Shahzada Alam is also a retd Maj Gen.
      Actual point of concern is that,
      “When will we able to catch corrupt people when they’re in chair”

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