Huawei Denies its Settlement Reports with Warid

Huawei has denied recent media reports by re-affirming its commitment to pursue its case against Warid Telecom through Pakistan High Court, said a statement issued by Huawei today.

Statement said that recent media reports regarding its settlement with Warid are not true.


Huawei had earlier approached Lahore High Court by filling three petitions against Warid for non payment of dues. Afterward it was rumored that both the companies had resolved the deadlock on most of the monetary issues in a high level meeting held in Beijing.

It is interesting to note that there is no ‘Pakistan High Court’ in the country, as mentioned in Huawei’s recent most statement.

Statement further said that Warid had initiated a dialogue with Huawei to explore resolution through settlement of the issue, as it was uncovered by media reports, however through today’s statement the company has said that no agreement has been reached so far.

Huawei threw a threat to Warid by alarming that it may discontinue the services in case of non-payment by Warid.

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  • Huawai so cheap in doing such things as at intl level a 100m claim is not a big deal where industry is of over 99879 trillion Dollors

    • Well it sounds like you have lots of money, you give it too them. Just so you understand the sum here! It is USD 100,000,000 or Rs 8,400,000,000.

      Maybe the Chinese will cut a deal to to let Zong buy it’s share in warid

      • Stake would be very Insignificant for USD 100M.
        Singtel bought 30% shares @ USD 768M. At that price they would get 4% shares for USD 100M. Even if we consider that Warid’s profile is not that strong now… how much they would get? May be twice…?
        On the other hand, even if its less than 5%, it might be significant for Zong considering there subscriber base… ;-)
        Bottom line… above hypothesis is just for fun… its not going to happen since shares are not settled that way against any pending payment of vendors. At least not through courts. :-)

  • Mr Trust you are in ZONG , Icha Mila company ? or Huawei ?

    You are funny and intresting by the way and i just noted down your childish comments :)

  • Warid has made payments to all of its vendors (no one is complaining), I am sure the total equipment purchased from Ericsson is of more value than of Huawei’s.

    & Warid with subs base of 16+m and they got strong shareholders with over 1 billion dollar equity injection.

    Based on above, i strongly beleive that problem is with Huawei that is why Warid is not releasing its payment.

  • Mr AA

    Where do you get your information, how can you make these statements knowing absolutely nothing and simply having hot air in your head called a brain.

    My friend Warid is in debt, a lot of debt.

    What other reason would Huawei have. Warid are just looting and need to be kicked into touch.

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