Etisalat Comes Under Indian Security Hammer

etisalat-db-telecomThe Home Ministry of India has raised a red flag over Etisalat DB Telecom’s links with Pakistan and Afghanistan, reported Indian Media.

CNN-IBN has reportedly accessed Home Ministry documents which raise government’s concerns over Etisalat DB Telecom operations in India due to its links with Pakistan and Afghanistan.


Ministry has disallowed the company’s request for bringing in additional foreign investment.

Headquartered in Mumbai India, Etisalat DB is a a joint venture between Etisalat and DB Realty – the company was renamed from Swan Telecom to Etisalat DB in June 2009 when Etisalat of UAE had bought majority stakes in the company.

Etisalat DB has been awarded the Unified Services Access License in 15 circles including Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu (including Chennai), Uttar Pradesh (East), Uttar Pradesh (West), Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

Etisalat has its presence in Pakistan through 26 percent controlling stakes in PTCL.

India has repeatedly hurdled global telecom companies, having operations in Pakistan at any scale, to operate in India. It is feared that Indian Home Ministry may further tighten the grip over the company.

Previous examples of Indian government’s clash with telecom operators include:

  • It is quite better in the interest of Pakistan and the employees of the ptcl and also other telecom companies operating in Pakistan that Etisalat should Quit the ptcl which it took over in a very fraudulent way.

    If Etisalat is interested to do the buisiness then in stead of occupying the ptcl in a crook way, it should bring in this country the investment for new telecom set up like rest of the companies operating here .

    Indians have the courage and gutts to raise the eye brows in the best interest of thier national security and circumvent such threats while Pakistanies have no such guts or courage to speak in favour of the self respect , honour and over all the security of the country.

    Also , Supreme court must take the noticve of the fraudulent deal of the PTCL privitization and roll it back like Pakistan steal mills.

  • Dear All,

    It is true that it was the biggest financail scandal in the history of Pakistan, the Privitization of ptcl and it is never in the interest of this country.
    Etisalat which is actually from UAE is mostly dominated by the Indians there in UAE so now to think about the secure communication in Pakistan is quite late and even useless.
    Indians have a must domination and control in Etisalat UAE. and the Pakistanies who are working there in Etisalat in UAe are not offered great slots or secure jobs.

    So it is good in the interest of the country that Etisalat should enter in this country’s tele market as an enterant with its own invesment and set up in stead of taking over the ptcl.

    May Allah protect my country from the attacks and insurgencies by the enemies who spare no chance or oportunity or shape to get over upon the very important ans strategic assets of this country.

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