Zong’s M9 Receives Extraordinary Response

M9 LZong received an astounding response to their brand new package “M9”.

The service gives its subscribers the flexibility to design their own package. M9 is offering wide range of M9 plans allowing its user to pick one of them with as low as 0.90 paisa/minute.

Be it a voice savvy user, a text fanatic or someone with combination usage, each M9 plan offers unique benefits to its subscribers. These benefits are refreshed every month along with free minutes which the users receive everyday based on their last day’s usage.

Because of this, M9 customers need not to wait for promotions like putting their SIMs back and getting mere and conditional free minutes or balance.

Internet users are the main invitees for this package as they will be able to choose their call rates, free benefits, product bundles, voice & VAS add-ons with just one click. Web, WAP & USSD menu will be used to select the right package as per need.

“We have approached the local market; segmenting down to the low income users and ensuring that the packages we promote provide the most benefit to our subscribers said Salman Wassay, Head of Marketing, ZONG”. M9 brings a link between the needs and affordability of the masses who are already burdened with daily expenses of survival, he further added.

Existing customers of other packages of ZONG will be allowed to migrate to M9 package as well. Users of other operators will be able to switch to ZONG by dialing 0314-3334455 only. Telecom specialists suggest that the freedom to choose one’s own plan is the reason behind the success of M9 as the market is becoming more segmented day by day and users are now keener on getting services which are customized according to their needs.

In few days facebook fan page of the brand has garnered more than 17,000 fans. The official website of M9 has also received more than 10,00,000 hits in less than 10 days.

ZONG, an international brand of China Mobile, which entered Pakistan’s telecom industry a few years back, has spread its coverage across the country. It is interesting to note that Zong has the largest subscriber base of data/ mobile internet customers compared to any other cellular operator in the country.

  • Is propakistani paid for this? Because you can’t lie for no reason, as there is no flexibility of making your own package as claimed but just choose from a few crappy packages. Totally useless.

  • I’m pretty amazed that the Zong marketing is counting the website hits!!
    I myself generated more than 2000 hits while just playing with that crap counter they have placed on M9 website….yea yea i know what your thinking, at that time i had enough time to do that useless activity :p
    And guess what…if you keep clicking the refresh button like crazy, counter jumps from 1 – 50 in 1 hit :D
    Trust me and if you cant then try it :)

    • Is it necessary that therez only and only you sitting there refreshing or visiting the site?
      The counter doesn’t count how many refreshes/clicks you generated (specifically you) but as a whole. There may be 50 users at that time..?
      1.18 Fans a Minute on Facebook is something…

      • hahaaaaha…dude be realistic…this is M9 not Google that 50 or so users/sec are hitting it and i dont think so Zong has offered free atta and cheeni that people are getting mad. I’m talking about clicking web browser refresh button, reading count and refreshing again…and 50 above jump
        I’m myself a developer and these free hit counter codes are available all over the internet but they require little tweaking before you can get accurate results from them….which has not been done in case of M9

  • I don’t think you have realized the potential of telecom services in Pakistan. People are interested in new packages/services, if this wasn’t the case there wouldn’t have been around a 100 million SIMs Issued. People were interested and their marketing.. Even my mom likes their Ads whoz around 50 or so.
    You are blaming a foreign huge corporate entity for faking their hit count?? Are you serious? OR you think the developers of their site are Dumb and incompetent?
    And are they also faking their Fan count on Facebook? 17,500 fans. 1.2 fans a minute. Who else can do this? Wake up man they even have 550 followers on twitter.
    20,000 Subscriptions a day. They are adding 1 subscriber to their network every 4 seconds. And you are doubting 50 hits a sec?

      • Dear Rameez…i’m also a big fan of zong’s NEW ads…nice concept but yes i’ve doubts that unfortunately a “foreign huge corporate entity” is faking their hit count. At around 3 o’clock night i see no reason for such huge traffic.(wish i had screen cam active at that time)
        Also being a student of marketing in past i’m aware of these tactics..first leaked ads and now over rated hits…com’on bring something new friend.

        20,000 subscribers!!! Amazing but also quote the ratio of subscribers vs retention. Its common for people to jump and try new things but again as per your marketing strategy(faking and leaking) i can raise doubts on this figure as well…kidding :D
        And facebook…bring some more man…my own page(not the Causes one) has more than 2500 fans and for a “foreign huge corporate entity” 17,500 fans is peanuts even if in 10 days.
        50 hits/sec at night time and just 17,500 fans in 10days??? awwww something is wrong here…. :D

        • @DK:
          Forget all this, we can be talking and trying to convince each other for I don’t Know How Long… But here’s one serious question, OK!
          Like me you like M9’s ads too, right? I also like the girl in the ad that drops everything, do you like her too? :p hahaha! Just Kidding! :D
          If I assume for a moment that they were faking their hit count. Than they are one hell of a dumb people thinking that people will judge the quality or success of their product by how many hits it’s website got. It’s not a a flash based game or Throw Shoes at Bush type thing.
          The number they should rely on and boast about is what everyone knows describes a Telco’s market penetration, Number Of Subscribers. OR as you like to say it “How many have they been able to fool in 10 days” :P

          • p.s. You are not the only one increasing the hit count of websites at 3:00 AM. I am one of these creatures too :p

            • Totally totally agree with you that the success of a product is not the number of its ads viewed but its the actual number of product that is sold/used…but my friend my purpose for this entire communication was just to present my opinion which i feel is right and that is when a company of this scale makes a claim of xxxxxxxxxxx(billions of trillions) visits then it becomes its responsibility to provide correct info to its readers. I don’t know what the authenticity of data provided in this article is at which both of us are commenting but the end result is if what i’m saying is right then Zongians are not just deceiving us but also deceiving themselves.
              By the way we are looking stupids here fighting over mere website visits figure so no more discussion on that from me :D haaaaaannnn if you have any details of that ipad girl in Zong ad then do share :D oh and i have another point of discussion for you…dont you think that ad girl is advertising Apple more than Zong in that add??? :D

              • Yaar I know her because of the state of Democracy at our home. If you are watching News at 9, you will have to watch HUM or Masala TV Afterwards :P Or if you watch HUM/Masala from 8-9:30 you are free to watch another channel afterwards. Usually it’s the first case coz of my Dad.
                This Girl used to host a Cooking show that was aired around 10PM on Masala TV.
                Moral: Democracy helps you know people of the opposite gender better :P :D
                About the iPad thing you are right. My CZN got one from his company. He visited our house once and had it. When we saw the Add my mom said (see, my mum was with me, ‘democracy’ :p) Yeh wo “ABCD” wali cheez nahi hai? I said haan wahi hai. So you are right here.
                Secondly the iPad looks so cool in the Ad, while in actual it isn’t :p

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