Zong’s M9 Receives Extraordinary Response

M9 LZong received an astounding response to their brand new package “M9”.

The service gives its subscribers the flexibility to design their own package. M9 is offering wide range of M9 plans allowing its user to pick one of them with as low as 0.90 paisa/minute.

Be it a voice savvy user, a text fanatic or someone with combination usage, each M9 plan offers unique benefits to its subscribers. These benefits are refreshed every month along with free minutes which the users receive everyday based on their last day’s usage.

Because of this, M9 customers need not to wait for promotions like putting their SIMs back and getting mere and conditional free minutes or balance.

Internet users are the main invitees for this package as they will be able to choose their call rates, free benefits, product bundles, voice & VAS add-ons with just one click. Web, WAP & USSD menu will be used to select the right package as per need.

“We have approached the local market; segmenting down to the low income users and ensuring that the packages we promote provide the most benefit to our subscribers said Salman Wassay, Head of Marketing, ZONG”. M9 brings a link between the needs and affordability of the masses who are already burdened with daily expenses of survival, he further added.

Existing customers of other packages of ZONG will be allowed to migrate to M9 package as well. Users of other operators will be able to switch to ZONG by dialing 0314-3334455 only. Telecom specialists suggest that the freedom to choose one’s own plan is the reason behind the success of M9 as the market is becoming more segmented day by day and users are now keener on getting services which are customized according to their needs.

In few days facebook fan page of the brand has garnered more than 17,000 fans. The official website of M9 has also received more than 10,00,000 hits in less than 10 days.

ZONG, an international brand of China Mobile, which entered Pakistan’s telecom industry a few years back, has spread its coverage across the country. It is interesting to note that Zong has the largest subscriber base of data/ mobile internet customers compared to any other cellular operator in the country.