Ibrahim Shahid Sets O Level World Record

Ibrahim-Shahid-23-As-640x480Ibrahim Shahid, a student of Beaconhouse School System, Boys Branch, Margallah Campus has stunned the world by scoring 23 A’s in Cambridge O Level exams to set a new world record in the history, reported Express Tribune today.

Story was produced on Express 24×7 and Geo News as well.

Paper and TV said that Ibrahim Shahid sat for 24 subjects and scored 23 A’s .

Ibrahim Shahid attributed his success to his parents and teachers, said Express Tribune.

Ibrahim Shahid recalled an incident where his teacher in Australia had written him off, stating that he would “never excel”.

BeaconHouse School System Margalla campus Islamabad’s official facebook fan page announced Ibrahim Shahid’s success as following:

Earlier, Ali Moeen Nawazish, also a Pakistani student, had set a world record by securing 23 As in A level Cambridge exams.

  • Irtza Shahan

    but I read that it was 18 A’s not 23 .

  • ahsan

    just bs he got a* and a ‘s meaning a’s and b’s of when i gave o level . a study period of 1 month is more than enough to secure an a grade 90% in o levels . this is no big deal =)

    • imran

      acha jee,

      to aap nay kion nahin leyiye. aap par kia Ban laga howa tha,

    • Umair

      Ahhh, sour grapes!

      If that’s easy why is the first time anyone did it? If it’s that easy why don’t you do it too? I and all Pakistan will be happy to see you achieve this “Easy” objective.

      • ahsan

        Well i actually want to get done with my studies as soon as possible i simply am not an idiot to waste my time giving 24 subjects in o level . i gave the regular 9 subjects and got A [90%] in all of them =)

        • bilal

          @ AHSAN

          • ahsan

            while it is true that i do not want to take many risks with my future but my take is also not that limited and restrained .All i am trying is to take my energy and resources and put them in a better place rather than just giving many O level exams to gain publicity ! and waste my time along with it . I would never judge anyone on the “grades” he/she has gotten as they tend to misguide you . if this guy really has good skills i would advice him not to waste time to childish things like this and rather go on to more advanced studies and do something really big =)

            • Irtza Shahan

              Sir He didn’t wasted any time he gave all the subjects in a regular tym span in which Simple O level is done with subjects . he didn’t took 10 years to complete his O level :)

        • imran

          ahsan i would say look what you are saying, you took 90% in just 9 subjects and even then you are not even sprinkled at national or divisional level of pakistan.

          He took 15 more subject than you and he break the record all over the world.

          who knows you there many of you people stand in the ground. but this is the only ONE who stood in the whole of to raise our flag of Pakistan.

          dear i am not discouraging you but i am discouraging your thoughts which will give you nothing but the depriveness.

          i hope your got my point.

          • Ahsan

            Exactly what i said , if i would ever want publicity i would want it for something really big . That said i’d like to hear what subjects he gave and in how many sitting and what is his age now …. maybe after knowing these i could give him some credit :S but as i said above i wouldn’t judge anyone on their “grades” aah it’s best summed by einstien

            ” Proud men hate Pride , in others :D”

            • Irtza Shahan

              1stly can you prove that you got 9 A’s ? And His age is just 17 . And As far as I know he did it in three years . Just lyk You got 9 A’s in 3 yrs ! or you got all of them in one yr ? And surely grades don’t say much but these are not just grades it’s his achievement that shows his passion and commitment .

              • Ahsan

                prove? lol ok add me at [email protected] ill share you a pic of my results i gave my o level’s when i was just about to be 15 and now when i am about to be 17 ill be giving my a level this june . and just so that i may know . who the heck does o level in 3 freakin years?

                • Irtza Shahan

                  Jnab pic don’t say’s anything . Can you share your marksheet\result ? And O level is done in minimum two or 3 yrs .
                  You can start ur O level after 8th class i.e usually at the age of 14 or 15 ! and 2 to 3 further years will be taken for the completion of O level . How can you do all that just at the age of 15 ? And in My city Sialkot all the schools e.g BSS(Beaconhouse) TCS( City skool) APC(Army public college)and my own school CSS(Classic School System)offers O level in three years only . And do you even know what O level means ?

                  • Ahsan

                    3 years eh ? well I’m in multan and atleast my school i.e La Salle ,does it in 2 years :O

                    do i know what o level means ? i’m afraid you are on the wrong thought track if you think i dont :S

                    • Wardah

                      This is remarkable! What were the subjects?

  • Ahmed

    He should be given “Parhako of the Decade” prize..Bravo kiddo..cheeta hai cheeta..well done..meri taraf sy Rs.10000 ka prize (udhar raha ;) )

    Wasay apna koi Pakistani bhai kuch acha krta hai to apni promotion sy zaida khushi hoti hai..

    By the way who was that teacher in Australia who said he will never excel ? He should be shown Ibrahim’s result…meri to teachers sy tabhi kabhi nahe bani :p

  • SalmanAbbas007

    Pakistan Zindabaaad :D

  • Great My Brother! Insha Allah we’ll be in developing countries in near future.

  • Rabia Khan

    Congrats Ibraheem..!
    Well said, “every child is special and everyone has their own capabilities.”
    A example to others.
    Keep it Up.. :)

    • imran

      thankyou rabia.

      je taime

  • Khalid

    Congrats Ibraheem

  • Abbas Raza

    Congrats Ibrhaim. Well done. Keep it up.

  • congrates

  • imkhalid

    no thing new, he’s a rich kid

  • shaaani

    nothing big, rich kids can do it bcoz they dont hav got any problems to mixed with

    • Irtza Shahan

      C’mon till how long you will satisfy yourselves by saying things lyk dis that he is rich and thats why he was able to do this and you can’t do dis ?

      Brother 3 years back Lahore board me F.Sc me 2nd position lene wala larka part tym rickshaw driver tha . And for your kind info F.Sc is tougher then O level . Agar ek itna gareeb bnda jo ghar ka kharcha chalane keliye Rickshaw chalata tha wo Board me position le skta hy to kya aap Ibraheem ka record nai torr skte ?
      to Im saying k don’t blame the circumstances and “Do the best with what you have and where you are”

    • imran

      shaani get riched from your thoughts if you can’t be riched from pocket.

      • Hussain

        Imran good advice for your own self.

  • Tahir Mueen


  • Maniha Aamir Barry

    Amazing Ibrahim MashaAllah =D congrats

  • caveman

    you need a girlfriend

    • imran

      very good, cavemen you don’t want us to go ahead.

      yaar dua nahin day saktay to baddua to na doo

  • Well done Mr Ibrahim Shahid.
    All Pakistanis are proud of YOU.

  • Congrats man… we are all proud of you…..

  • I completely not bothered about his grades. he is boring.

  • haroon “goonner”

    well done bro!!

    i hope i break your world record!!!


  • Tipu sultan.

    Congratulations for your Brilliant result. Nice to meet you.Wish,you will carry on your progress.Best of luck.

  • i would inshallah break the record of ibrahim shahid……………….pray for me…so at i could do this…nxt year