How to Report to Google, if Someone is Copying Your Content?

copy-pasteWe have repeatedly discussed the fact that Pakistani webmasters have major attribution problem. They feel shy or otherwise disgraced to attribute a blogger for his/her legitimate work.

Resultantly, copying content has grown beyond the control in Pakistan. As online media is surging in terms of visibility, benefits and revenues, the magnitude of new websites appearing on Pakistan horizon has crossed the estimates.

Unfortunately, most of these websites are content lifters or aggregators. They keep reproducing your content without any credit, or link back. Print Media is not left behind in this race too.

From real life example, it is just like if a you have a shop and another shopkeeper steps-in and start looting your goods. He then re-sale those goods at his own price. Other way around copy/pasting business had high returns, without any investment/efforts involved.

Don’t let the copiers lift your content! Deal with them very strictly. Lifters may start getting higher rank over your keywords, this gonna be a nightmare for you with dropping traffic and many other horrific consequences.

How to Report to Google about Copyright Violation:

Okay, now if you are one of such annoyed bloggers, whose content is being lifted openly and shamelessly, try following trick:

Step 1: Go to Google’s Online DMCA complaint page here:

Step 2: Fill the form with all required information.

Step 3: You are done. Wait for few days or couple of weeks at most and Google will surely take action against the website.

Possible Outcomes:

  • Google may discard your complaint, given you had not enough information or proof for copyright violation. So make your case strong by giving at least 6/7 copied links. Write all possible details
  • Google may ban adsense account of copier
  • Google may ban copier’s website for search engine and so on.

Content Reproduction on News/Blog Aggregates with Consent:

News/Blog Aggregators are reproducing my content with my consent, should I be worried of keyword ranking for my website: well this is a debatable topic. Micheal Gray has written this useful post, in which he compares the pros and cons of aggregations. Summary of this article is as following:

  • Never let anyone republish 100% of your content
  • Try to get a link back to your main site and individual post in every article
  • Give permission to syndicate only a snippet of the post
  • Sometimes getting visibility is more important than getting credit
  • Sometimes getting a link from a higher powered site is more important than getting credit
  • Syndicated content can be powerful tool for ORM projects

So based on individual case and situation you can decide on news/blog aggregators. About content lifters, don’t spare them.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Are there site owners who do not allow copying their material/content even with “link backs” and still taking action against aggregators ?

  • Amir,

    How Ironic!

    What about the content that is copy pasted with NO attribution on Pro Pakistani?

    In the past I have seen whole articles copy pasted from the net on Pro Pakistani.

    Some of your authors steal lines from others and don’t attribute. Pictures are not attributed also.

  • Aamir brother you also do copy past on your blog and I have seen too many post that was copy pasted directly from BBC, CNN etc, not full but 1 single line if you copy from them they can also report your blog :D

  • The word used to describe this copy/paste is called as “plagiarism”. Something I learned while writing my first ever term paper in university. Since then I have been really careful about this issue. We in Pakistan lack awareness on the issue. Giving credit to the original author or source actually adds more credibility to your work, something we have failed miserably in understanding. If you do not give credit, you should change the word structure so that it looks different. And about pictures well, it is all copy/paste from Google pics. People simply do not know about websites that offer pictures for free.

  • Admin, can you please help me? One website owner is copy pasting my material even not giving a single link back credit. I have sent the above mentioned form to google. But i feel so disgusted …….. :(
    you can mail me at [email protected]…… Hope a response from your side…

  • I have a site that I created for my church, well my Pastor or someone contacted Google to report as copy of another site the secretary was working on “guess who persuade the Pastor”. Mine was professional, beautiful and was hoping for Pastor to use it, because the secretary has no knowledge of webdesign and her work look unprofessional, this lady always want to run the show at the church not letting others members to work, besides that I notice that she and her husband have made discriminatory comments base on my national origins and has express those comments to other church members on a Sunday service in a defamatory way, but I am afraid to tell Pastor because he believe in her more that Christ.

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