‘Rise of Jazba’ Song by Mobilink is Just What We Need Right Now! [L.T.E]

So many people in our country have hopes high and passion on full tide with the onset of world cup season. We are all praying that our cricket team comes back victorious and so far our team looks good.

I saw the new Ali Zafar’s song “Rise of Jazba” which I believe is Mobilink’s new youth brand, ‘Jazba’ World Cup 2011 cricket song.

In my opinion, the song is so patriotic and so full hope and glory and that it truly invokes the passion within each and every Pakistani to overcome hopelessness and despair, have faith in oneself, our heroes and our motherland and strive for a better tomorrow.

I have heard this song about a hundred times by now, watched it on TV and searched it on YouTube and honestly every time I have watched this song, it has shaken me from inside. The video is so nicely done with green color and ‘Pakistan ki mitti ki value’ and our cricket team and the young people full of patriotism and Jazba that it is simply awe-inspiring.

Remember the good old days when we had legendary patriotic songs like ‘Jazba Junoon Tou Himmat Na Har’ by Junoon and ‘Hum Hain Pakistani’ by Vital Signs. This song ‘Yeh Mera Jazba Hai Yeh Such Jazba’ sung by Ali Zafar is going to be Inshallah our victory song.

One thing that is noticeable is that in this song Mobilink is not merely preaching victory but is trying to rekindle the passion in our nation for a  game that most of us have given up on and also promoting love of the motherland which lent heroes of the past the courage to achieve the unachievable. It doesn’t look like other ‘typical sponsored’ videos that are only bragging about themselves, it doesn’t come across as a parade for company publicity but conveys a true message of passion and patriotism very effectively.

To me, the song video has a deeper, greater, more substantial message of self believe faith in the people and pride in one’s motherland. It encourages us to dream; dream for a purpose, for new heights of success.

There is this quote by Nelson Mandela that I particularly like and I quote, “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”. This applies especially to our cricket team in present circumstances. It’s high time they put their personal interests on the back burner (at least for now) and play for the millions of fans and for their nation who believe in them and more importantly for the Glory of Pakistan.

Hats off to Mobilink for this great endeavor and a lot of good luck and prayers for our cricket team. Pakistan Zindabad!

Khaula Muzammi

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