Mobilink Sponsors Ali Zafar’s Jhoom


Ali Zafar, the renowned singer, song writer, actor, painter, also known as the Prince of Pop and the brand ambassador of Mobilink Jazz is releasing much awaited sufi album “Jhoom” today.

In his latest album, Ali explores his mystical side by touching upon Sufi and Semi-classical music.

Mobilink Jazz has sponsored Ali Zafar’s Joom and is carrying special promotional activities on its official facebook page. Along with, Mobilink has created a special page dedicated for the Jhoom:

According to Ali Zafar, Jhoom is a sufi album. He believes that Jhoom will take his music to another level.

“It’s different from anything I have ever done before. I think today’s music survives only for a month, and I believe that music should be timeless. I want to be remembered for my music.”, notes Ali Zafar

Our friends at KoomMuzone are following Ali Zafar’s Jhoom very keenly. You can grab all updates on Jhoom from this link

Download Jhoom Tones

You can download Caller Ring Back Tones for Jhoom Album with following codes

  • Jhoom: 143308
  • Allah Hu: 143774
  • Dastan e Ishq: 143775
  • Dastan e Ishq (Dhol Version): 143776
  • Jaan e man: 143777
  • Jab say dekha tujh ko: 143778
  • Janey na: 143779
  • Jee dhoondta hai: 143780
  • Jhoom R&B: 143781
  • Koi umeed: 143782
  • Nahin Ray Nahin: 143783
  • Yar Dhadi: 143784

Download Instructions

  • Dial 230, Select Language, Press 3 and enter the code.
  • Price: Rs 3.99 + tax / min, Rs 15 + tax / month

    • Lyrics are great and so it the video+music, but his voice really doesn’t suite this song. Should’ve have asked someone else to sing it and should’ve taken credit for writing/directing/composing it instead.

  • Mobilink shud focus on what is important to the customers, that is SERVICE ! when will mobilink learn that new songs will not bring new customers !

  • I like what Ali Zafar says ‘ music should be timeless not just survive for a month.
    Great song!
    Recently i heard Rise of Jazba, that too was a great song!
    Great going Ali!

    • When Ali Zafar doesn’t survive for a month after release of a new album how can a song be timeless? Ali can be funny at times.

  • I really liked the song and their Such Valentine package. Calls go free after 2 minutes for today =D. Works for me !

  • it’s amazing how mobilink has liaised with a national star singer. it was high time these talented singers get support from these telecommunication giants as it gives these celebrities the opportunity to reach out to a bigger audience cost effectively. thumbs up to the liaison-ship!
    i’ve always been a big fan of ali zafar, though i think i like the rise of jazba song better! heh..

  • great song. i love it. when i was listening this song i was crying.i am really touch with this song.i had never listen this type of classical song and best of luck to all Pakistanis for world cup 2011.i am a great fan of cricket & both the songs of Ali Zafar related to WORLD CUP 2011.

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