Violence at Iqra University in Quake 3 [Game]

Load your shotguns and get ready to blast your enemies because today, I’m going to showcase a project related to game development by Muhammad Saad, a BSCS graduate from Iqra University. iqra

A computer game enthusiast, he decided to do something he loved and at the same time rather unique for his final project, a game level for the massively popular Quake 3.

It took 10-11 months of hard work, and the result reflects that.

Interesting thing about the project is that the whole level is based on Saad’s university campus. So students of Iqra University, Islamabad Campus, will feel right at home playing this level.

Just choose the Iqra death arena in Quake 3 and you’re geared to go. Here’s a video of the game level:

Multiple tools were used in this project, here’s a quick rundown for the people interested in knowing exactly what goes in to produce a game level.

  • C++ (Engine Language): (For minor modifications to the level)
  • GtkRadiant 1.5: (Map terrain designer tool provided by game developers)
  • Q3map2 Compiler: (Map compiler & renderer)
  • BSPC Compiler: (Bot compiler & optimizer)
  • Q3 shaders: (Custom textures, animated screens, basically its what’s required for the dynamic stuff in the game)
  • Photoshop CS5 + Paint.Net: (Textures Editors)
  • Sound & Skin Packs: (Some custom mods + tweaks)
  • 3Ds Max 2010 – Import .md3 Scripts  (For importing 3d max models to Q3 understandable models as .md3 format)

Saad was able to impress the animation house “Xdynamix” with his game level project, and was offered a job. Currently, his work responsibilities include Lighting, Texture and Rendering.

This just goes to show the potential of our youth. Every other day we see projects and work done that reflects the intellectual level that our students are at. There’s a string need for initiatives to keep these talented individuals in Pakistan and not export them to other countries, where they may go seeking greener pastures.

There’s no doubt that we’re a supremely talented nation, what’s needed is the nurturing of that talent so that we can compete and excel at the international stage.

Talal is the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]