Mobilink Jazz ‘Kitna Hai Jazba’ Contest

Image 001Marking the beginning of the cricket mania that is set to engulf fans all over the country today onwards, Mobilink Jazz is geared to revive faith and winning spirit we all need – a little faith can go a long way in motivating Pakistan’s cricket team. To kick start the revolution and have some youthful fun, Jazz brings the thrilling contest titled Kitna Hai Jazba?

Express your cricket fervor and show our team that you believe in them by simply joining the ‘Jazz Jazba’ fan-page on Facebook, count the number of times ‘Such Jazba’ appears in the inspirational Official “Jazba” Song launched by Mobilink Jazz (video also available on Jazz Jazba website and the Simply Mobilink channel on YouTube)

Answer the simple question – How many times, ‘Such Jazba’ is sung in the official Jazba song? and enter a chance to Win fabulous prizes including

  • A return ticket to Sri Lanka;
  • Posters autographed by Shahid Afridi
  • Your very own Official “Jazba” T-Shirt

Log on to Facebook and “Like” the “Jazz Jazba” page for more details and batado kay “Kitna Hai Jazba?”

    • You have this thing called Mobiphobia where you are blinded by every other campaign of Mobilink and think of it as the best where the reality is stinking in the opposite direction. Secondly girls aren’t into cricket, get a Barbie.

      • umm… what a sexist comment..
        Its cricket!! Who doesn’t love cricket?
        You may go purchase a barbie to get over your insecurities.

        And as for Mobilink, it is offering a contest, where one could win prizes. If you do not wish to participate, do not leave unnecessary and bogus comments.

  • oooonn it!! ;)
    man this song has grown up on me so much i tend to lose focus every time i start counting the word jazba heh.. anyyyyways, aa jao bhaiyon muqaabla sakht haaaaiii

  • Well thats certainly an offensive and sexist comment by bilal here. Its almost like the offer hit a sore spot…
    as for the post…An easy to do task i say and if only our vision wasnt limited by the obvious, we cud actually realize the depth of this whole “jazba” concept to empower the youth and spark jazba in them for a positive change…Hats off to Mobilink for not blindly minting money but actually giving back to the society for a positive change…

  • ooo heated discussion on the table..
    well bilal, i think i will side with sameen on this. it was pretty sexist of you to say that. or maybe it’s just your (bilal’s) strategy to demotivate everybody from participating so that you can win the prizes. hmmm pretty smart you be! ;)
    anywayyysss.. can anybody please tell me when are the results going to be announced??

  • bohat hi bekar song hai yeh ………
    jitna jazba tha pakistan main wo ……….
    pori com ne dek liya hai match fix tha aur
    pakistan ko harna tha mat likha karain esay
    songs plssssssss

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