Mobilink Goes Offline in North [Updated]

Reportedly, Mobilink network is offline in North region at least, due to an infrastructure outage in company’s main network hub in Islamabad.

All Mobilink numbers in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and other cities in North region are showing no activity (SMS/Calls/GPRS), at any level.

Twitter feeds are claiming that Mobilink’s MSC 5 in Islamabad caught fire today evening, however, we couldn’t confirm this from Mobilink – as their numbers are not responding. fire

It merits mentioning here that Mobilink lost its NOC in Islamabad, just recently when fire erupted in the building on one Sunday. This would be second time that Mobilink’s office has caught fire, that too on Sunday.

Just to let you know, all MSCs, Offices, BTSes, and other telco buildings are always insured.

We will update this post as we get more information on this.


We are told that DSL services from Link Dot Net are down in North region as well.


We can confirm the fire incident at one of Mobilink’s office in Islamabad, which is said to be the main hub or technically called main switching center of Mobilink.

No human loss reported so far, apparently due to Sunday’s holiday. Staff available on site told ProPakistani that complete restoration of network can take from 12 to 48 hours at least.

This major damage in Islamabad’s MSC, has impacted Mobilink’s network through out the country.


Mobilink’s Network is (partially) back, and so is Link Dot Net.


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  • I love it when you pinpoint the actual. What I measure from your article is that the technical structure that Mobilink has is getting old and since getting new structure is very costly, it is better to get rid of it “naturally” and get new structrue from the money that they get from insurance. Very clever.

    I just pry that were no human casulaties.

    • Wrong!. There was “NEW” equipment in the site with “OLD”. unfortunately for YOU no equipment was damaged. All old equipment is now working :), insurance claims do not cover airtime losses and subscriber perception. Most of the “OLD” equipment is bought by most african operators in parts or as whole. So no, your claim is incorrect and not very clever!

  • Geo news reported about Mobilink fire incident, company officials said that the system will be soon restored. Lets see how soon :)

  • I do not know about the Islamabad or the north region but I can confirm that from 3pm it is not working in Karachi. I have travelled to DHA and Clifton. Met with family members and others too but not a single mobile is working.

  • Just went to the MSC. There were fire brigades there. They didnt let people go in there. Everyone was outside. Multiple sources said the fire was due to some UPS Batteries.

  • I am getting no network access error upon manualy selecting the network and ofcours no signal no network in peshawar,i thot at 1st i got problem with my sim but then came 2 know abt the problem.

  • This problem will remain in next few days also. Because the Media Gateway site in isalamabad I-10 Sector is burning on fire due to unknown reason. Now they are trying to switch the network load on other Media Gate Way. But this will f*** the network too badly in Islamabad/RawalPindi.

  • I am in karachi and I my mobilink number is not working since morning, whats the problem in karachi??

  • some “indigos” are working fine here in KHI, but 99% of my mobi contacts are hanging..
    they are RESHAPING COMMUNICATION starting from Piegon.. :)

  • what happend was that during batteries replacement in DC room, a rack fell and fire broke our due to short circuit, well in short i dont thin it will take 2-3 days to bring system backonline, may be basic system but it will take much more longer. above all they dont have any dr site infact no telco has any DR site in pak :), just sms and calls other than corporate accounts is causing moilink approx 90 lac an hour

        • Yes it stands for “Disaster Recovery” site, which is actually Back-up or redundant site & it should take over functionality automatically within seconds in case of any disaster at Primary site. DR site should be located at geographicaly separate place from Primary site to avoid any common disaster at both sites. However both sites should be synchronized to each other.

        • yes, you got it right. DR stands for disaster recovery.

          @Khanman: Telenor is the 1st Telco and it is in the process of developing a DR site, near LHR :)

          • telenor also has a replicating site near charsadda .. telenor has a replicating and DR site for everything

  • All the 3 fires broke on sunday, is it a co-incidence ? whats the inside story, and insurance money doesn’t stand true as they are making more money an hour than the insurance claims.

  • I am travelling on motorway from islamabad to lahore, one of my friends travelling with me is using mobilink. Service was down till bhera. Its working after that.

  • another fire :| again on Sunday…whatever the case it is surely not good for the customers…and then the company!

  • All Mobilink customers port to Telenor Pakistan’s Largest Cellular Network with Edge/GPRS. Mobilink is now bad network in Pakistan. Its time that u all port to Telenor.Because Telenor Pakistan has the new and latest Network and in 2011 Telenor’s go 3G.

    • Yes. Technically speaking, Warid has the best, most reliable & most expensive Network of Pakistan. Only point of failure is its lack of fake advertisments like Ufone which has actually the cheapest network of miserable QoS.

  • BIG BIG Loss for Mobilink ….

    No network coverage in Islamabad Rawalpindi…

    I am looking future , Mobilink will be vanished

    Telenor and Ufone are on top ov the market….

    • mobilink is not a reliable network. why always problems occurred in mobilink? Yes, future is Telenor and Ufone.

  • still it having problem
    And i can’t understand why these people are so careless such a bigger company can’t care for their stuffs n thugs

  • Will Mobilink compensate us customers for breach in promise of connectivity? They get our signs on contract stating the promise of connectivity from us when we are getting thier SIM. I need advice from anyone knowledgeable of consumer rights in Pakistan.

  • No body can resist natural disasters. but mobilink should have had a DR site (Disaster recovery site).

    Though mobilink might recover THEIR loss from vendor who was working on site where problem occured BUT Mobilink should also send an appology note to all its customers through MEDIA.

    Afterall, mobilink is not that bad like people saying above.
    This is just a place where people share comments BUT as you can see people started to do marketing here :D

  • Arrogance can some time lay you down.
    Mobilink should learn from this and should give compensation to all the affectees

    I have heard Mobilink own staff members cells are working…

    Can anyone share the facts how many corporate and prepaid users affected because of this.

    Its time to move away from Mobilink because they had no DR plan. Don’t know what there executives sitting there are doing…

    • Technically speaking, Warid has the best, most reliable & most expensive Network of Pakistan. Only point of failure is its lack of fake advertisments like Ufone which actually has the cheapest network & miserable QoS & which they successfully prove to be the best through advertisments.

      P.S: I am not from Warid at all & have nothing to do with its advertisment as stated above by an errogant mobilink fan or whatever.

    • You should not believe whatever you hear in the paan-shop around the corner. All north network equipments were shut-down. There was no coverage even for EMPLOYEES. Had there been any way to choose between subscriber types all corporate customers would have been given the priority. Sadly this option was not present.

    • HAHA, I find it funny when i go through such comments. Dear MSC was burnt, it doesnt check wether its a number of some employee or a regular customer…

    • Well im using a postpaid corporate package from Mobilink and it so happens that my phone got back on track quite early in the day today. its just absurd to suggest that the employees would have it back online…with the whole norht region down, how can that possibly even happen?:S

  • while the incident is rather unfortunate, i think we should cut the comapny a little slack here…they did manage to restore all service in a rather short while. Such accidents tend to happen. I myself was rather irritated by the happening but it could have happened to any one.

  • My Blackberry got out of service around 5 yeterday but now its working. Slight connectivity issues but data is working. I have been told that if you restart blackberry then service will be fine i did and it worked. so all those with blackberry try restarting the phone. maybe it will help you too.

  • Im glad its back on track…considering the loss, they did rather well in coping with it all…one would think its rather inappropriate pointing fingers as such..lets not forget others telcos have faced the same some time or the other…

  • Funny thing is that while the outage tv channels were still showing mobilink Jazba ads. Ideally all promotional ads should have been suspended and an explanatory announcement should have been made to avoid any further dis-satisfaction. Then again its just my opinion.

  • This is quite bad news, As per comments i wana tell the Ufone do have a Dr developed in PK for such events.

    • FYI ” I WANA TELL THE UFONE HAVE THE DR DEPLOYED ONLY FOR THE IT EQUIPMENT”, which however could not be made functional in last year fire incident:)

  • We are sending different comments on this forum. Tell me one thing which company wants to lose its business. I think this is natural disasters and we should understand their position as well.

    I agree with all of you that Mobilink should have proper back up plan and now they should improve their SOPs. Regarding compensation, i agree with you guys. Anyways now i am receiving mails on my blackberry…..

      • I agree with you. The mail point is what lesson they learned after this incident. I think they should improve their internal procedure and proper back up.

  • Mobilink is truly May-be-link.
    Such pathetic!
    Such a big operator should have had a backup.
    Downtime of more than an hour is not acceptable.
    This will hurt Mobilink’s reputation as a reliable operator.

    • Well accidents are bound to happen…ufone too suffered network outage a while back…what matters is that how quick they get it all back on track…get the network back up and THAT has been done pretty quick by mobilink…

  • The incidents happening on Sunday is not just a coincidence, this is due to the fact that most of the maintenence work is done on Sundays to be outside business hours.

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