India to Deploy Mobile Towers with-in 500 Meters of Border

Spillover signals from Indian operators were already impacting the Pakistani networks, however, the situation may get sever with this recent decision of Indian department of Telecommunication, according to which: All Indian operators can now install mobile towers with-in 500 meters of the border.

It merits mentioning here that signal strength of GSM mobile towers cover 8-25 Kilometers of areal distance.

Earlier, Indian operators were not allowed to install with-in 10 kilometers of the border.

This looks a deliberate move from India to leave its GSM tail long inside the Pakistani territory, which will deteriorate the signal spill-over issue at various parts of the border line, mainly the in AJK, Sialkot, Kasur, Sahiwal, Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur near the Indian border.

Both the countries have accused each other in past over the signal spill-over, however, as per media reports both the countries were planning to sit and talk to resolve the GSM signal spillover in border areas.

India’s this move of installing towers so close to border will hamper any such efforts being made to resolve the signal spillover issue.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I think Pak Govt. should take action on this, and will take immediate and practical steps for stopping such kind of usage within Pakistan. Hope for good.

  • Well Installing Jammers with maximum power is not a big deal for Pakitan which can distroy the communication to 10-15 Kms in India. But again I would say its a madness & nothing else. Just a pure numbskullness. Yar ager dono countries ne larna hi hai to theek tara se lar lo…. ye kia tamasha he k “Mei thappar marun ga…. Mei be marun ga,…. Mei goli mar sakta hun,….. Mei Missile mar skata hun.” Ajeeb tamasha he…

    • so mr asad you suggest to put thousands of dollars on mobile jammers….


      • Do you know what mobile jammers actually are??? These are actuall GSM BTS’s with no channels allocted for call processing. Only the sectors of BTS facing Indian border will be configured for acting as Jammer & not all the three sectors…..

  • This isnt a big issue unless India can use the overlapping signals to hack in to the data of pakistani networks :) this sounds just a propostorous as a hollywood movie plot :D

    Also importan to note here is the fact that we have 5 cellular companies whose singals already overlap each other and which do not affect any subscriber at all :)! Signals from Indian carriers would do nothing to local cellular operators. SIMS are already tuned to auto operator select and new signals will just show up as just another network, which obviously doesnt hurt anyone.

    and jammers arent a big issue either, you can simply find signal absorbing antennas these days which are not expensive at all.

  • Brothers, Do not worry just throw a missile to destroy the tower. What a problem.

  • amazing, thats what the blogs have negative aspects, ppls have no knowledge about issue and still comenting and giving tips. Had indian deployed the towers. How much population they have nearby borders? Why cellular companies will invest for hundred of users?comon guys, lets start thinking productive.

  • I am writing this out of my experience. If you happen to visit the area around Lahore , Kasur and beyond (near the border) and set your mobile to find Cellular networks you will find no more than two or three Pakistani operators due to restrictions, but at least five Indian networks. This is about 2 years back. So now if they install towers at 500m, then expect these signals to cover Lahore, Kasur and adjoining cities. Similar situation can be found in Kashmir if they install towers that close to the LOC.

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