Babar Awan Becomes Minister-In charge for IT and Telecom

babar_Awan01_608-1-640x480In a latest development today, Dr. Babar Awan was given the minister-ship of Telecom and It Ministry, told us sources in the IT ministry.

Dr. Babar Awan today visited the Ministry to take charge and to get familiar with the heads of Organizations under MoIT and staff, added our sources.

In addition to Minister-In charge of Telecom and IT Ministry, Dr. Awan will retain headship of law Ministry.

Ministry of IT and Telecom was minister-less since February 2011 when Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, Prime Minister Pakistan had dissolved the federal cabinet.

Earlier, Sardar Assef Ahmed was made Minister for the MoITT in December 2010, however, he had to move out in February 2011 when federal cabinet was dissolved.

Appointment of Dr. Babar Awan is made at a time when ministry has remained back to back minister-less or secretary less for almost three years. His appointment is particularly important as USF is going to begin its operations after a halt of 11 months. Dispute between Chairman PTA and Member Finance of PTA is going to be riddle to solve for Dr. Awan.

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  • Imran

    chalo bhy IT aur Telecom industry bhi gayee.. Yaha bhi corruption shru hogi… Zardari tum koi ministry nahi chorna corruption sai paak.

  • La Hole Wala Quwat…………….. IT & Telecom industry apni Fateha perh lay …!

    • SalmanAbbas007

      Jiaaaaay Bhutttooooooo :p


    MoITT for three months before he cabinet was dissolved.

    Please correct spelling. I think its “the” rather than “he”.

  • Anonymous

    haha what a joke :) IT and Telecom FTW and on their own from now on.

  • Hassan

    Oh my God have petty on us

  • Shahid Saleem

    Maybe we should go into farming, it looks like a more attractive business now.

    I don’t think this government will be reelected.

  • Farhan

    What a shame…couldn’t they find anyone more corrupt???

  • imran

    Kawwa chala huns ki chaal apni bhi bhool gia

    ha ha ha

    guys don’t be depressed,

    actually babar was very hopeful to be Governor of Punjab that why he putting statement against PML (N). But Alas! Lateef khosa was so suitable candidate to be assassinated sorry elected for as Governor Punjab.

    And My friends it is mendatroy by the Zooordari sahab to become Minister IT before becoming Governor Punjab.

    I hope aap samajh to gaiy hi hoongay…. ;)

    • Shahid Saleem

      Minor correction: governers aren’t elected but are appointed.

      • imran


  • AsadGh

    Lo g Telecom is doomed. 6 adad galiyan from me & my 2 friends…. Baqi khud samajh lein k hum kia kehna chahte they

  • RealFace

    This is really a BULSHIT, the person who cannot handle the simple ministry of Law from last 3 years will now handle the critical ministry of IT & Telecom althrough even he does not have any IT skills :(

    May Bless your country ………… (Aameen)

  • Kashif

    Allah save us and forgive us, we must did something that wrong to be punished by this government.

  • Copper

    Firstly, he is not a Dr. Please edit. IT survived Khosa and Asif Ahmed Ali, so hope for good.

  • SalmanAbbas007


    [Comment Edited]

  • Muhammad Hammad

    i wouldn’t be surprise if it was given to FIRDOS ASHIQ AWAN lolzzz…

    How can u expect that IT industry could grow in these conditions…

  • – Mobile Prices

    We are luck to have been blessed by such a Minister =p

  • zee

    bandar kia janay adrak ka sawaad :p
    ab IT b gayi kam sy :D

  • Saad Durrani

    Sari duniya mein sirf Babar Awan reh gaya tha IT sambhalnay ke liye.

    This means something is up. They are going towards censorship.

  • Smarty boy

    ab moit kai toilets main balackberry maangai jaayen gai!
    Tauba Astaghfaar!

  • hahahahaha lagta ha punjab me or punjab hukamat k package band hone walle hein..

    Jiye Bhutoo baki naroo chuttoo ;P lol

  • Ali

    This is just an indicator as to what can happen with the industry which is earning maximum and contributing maximum to Government Funds. You never know, there may be more surprises for this this nation by ruling elite. Let us pray and beg forgiveness of our sins ! Surely, it is the result of our “mis-deeds”. Remember the old saying

  • MU

    lagta hai IT walon ka amaal achay nahi….

  • Ahmed

    Correct me if I am, Am I reading that Online PhD “Dr” Mr. Maulana Baber Awan (as he is also claimed by some newspapers as having great knowledge of Islamic teaching) is now Minister of IT as well when he by his profession is a lawyer ? On the other hand Khursheed Shah is Minister of Religious Affairs ?

    There shouldn’t a criteria for such posts? If these are purely Management and planning positions do these friends of President have those skills? When even to hire a clerk there is a criteria, why not for a Minister ? Fruits of Democracy ?

  • c0d3r
  • ali

    Ina Lillah he wa ina Ilhe rajeoon .. Gae IT Industry

  • Jabran

    WHAT. THE. HELL. No wonder we use P.P.P. sound for creating awareness against hazards..

  • We should do what we can do for the IT & Telecom industries and let them not do what are their -ive plans.

  • Hassan

    This guy no nothing about IT.

  • Zeno

    Is ________ me hona chahiye..JOKES _____ marne ke ilawa ____ kuch nahi aata…..______ 3 saal se…kan pak gye

    [Comment Edited]

  • Zeno

    Chief Minister of Balochistan says : ” Begerat Begerat hota hai CHOTA ho ya BARA “

  • Mer Gya Saaala

    Lo kar lo gal. Phitay Mun Pa da da dinta tha. Mirasi takker gya IT nuon. O Marain; Ehee chwal re gai cigee maran noon Zardari saab. Koi nahi khair manao IT walayo