Sardar Aseff Ali Designated as IT and Telecom Minister

Sardar_Asif-Ahmad_AliSardar Aseff Ahmed Ali has been designated as Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication, reported Telecom Recorder.

Earlier, Sardar Latif Khan Khosa was deputed as Minister In-charge of the federal ministry, who retained the portfolio for brief period of five months amid serious tussles with the bureaucracy of the ministry.

He continued to serve as Advisor of MoITT for couple of months after he was removed as minister in-charge by PM on serious allegation of corruption and mismanagement against him.

Assef Ahmed served the country as Federal Education Minister earlier, however, he has been handed over the charge of MoITT subsequently his ministry has been declared as provincial subject and dissolved at federal level.

In his tenure, Sardar Assef Ahmed had been under fire as minister on the issue of fake degrees. He continued to challenge the functions and mandate of Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Standing Committee of National Assembly on Education Affairs for their action against fake degree holding MNAs and MPS.

For further reading: Telecom Recorder, Wikipedia

  • Why Government of Pakisan! only appoint old folks for IT ministry level.

    We have tons of great personalities in IT along great leadership! Why IT core professionals not considered fit for Ministry!

  • Doesn’t matter he is good or not but he is too old. I wonder if he even knows how to use computer.

  • Totally agree we should apoint relevant people like Musharraf had Razzak Dawood for Trade ministry, Dr. Ata ur Rehman for IT, Shoukat Aziz for Finance.

    Only relevant people shoudl take on the jobs. We need a visionary IT minster who can take Pakistan to next level to compete with India, BD, China, Singapore etc.

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