PTCL Offers Volumetric IP Bandwidth for Large Businesses

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) Carrier Services & Wholesale (CS&W) wing has announced for its carrier and whole sale customers the most flexible Volumetric IP Bandwidth Service.

PTCL Volumetric IP Bandwidth service on volumetric usage billing offers flexibility to carriers to manage and control their service requirement and billing with prioritized IP bandwidth provisioning.

IP Bandwidth available on Ethernet interfaces, flexibility to control the IP bandwidth utilization by the customer, improved quality of service carrier, transparency with 24×7 on-line access of usage data for carrier customers are some of the features of this service.

EVP Jamshed Masood, Wholesale & Carrier Serivce PTCL stated,

“Understanding the pressing needs of technology oriented era, PTCL has introduced a number of initiatives that are beneficial to our carrier services and wholesale partnerships.

We are pleased to introduce this service and PTCL, being a leader in the industry is committed to offer innovative business opportunities for growth and success of the industry in general and its partners specifically.” He further stated that, “We have many futuristic ideas and offers for our valued customers which we intend to introduce periodically in the near future”.

SEVP Business Development Hamid Farooq while introducing the Volumetric IP Bandwidth service stated that Carrier Services &Wholesale (CS&W) wing is a one window facility in PTCL that addresses carrier and wholesale customers infrastructure and service requirements. He further stated that, for the inter-operator segment PTCL’s endeavor has been to improve customer satisfaction by faster fulfillment and implementation of the services and offering innovative solutions.

    • I dont understand how it will improve the image of Pakistanis.

      But here i would like to appreciate PTCL and no doubt PTCL is a leader.

      Currently PTCL is using its coppar network with is not so much reliable for fast internet connectivity. I think PTCL should think at this area as well.

      • ptcl dont have time or money to improve the quality of their current services, their phone internet service sucks big time they do not know how to even maintain 1 or 2 Mb connection and normal phone line consumers yet they are trying to launch new services.
        and worse then that every time any personal try to launch complain about DSL they dsl people always blame the phone line department and the phone department blame on DSl guys. And we still think PTCL is going to give us revolution in technology, God knows who the hell is going to use their this service and LTE service…

  • PTCL is Arab Company now. This will Inshallah improve the image of Etisalat and UAE. Allah praise our rulers Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Ali Nahyan. We are your humble servants.

    • I think they only own 28% of shares, rest mostly owned by Government or local investors.

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